Roundup Time: Harrison Bergeron-NOT a How-To Book

Roundup Time: Harrison Bergeron-NOT a How-To Book

Roundup Time: Harrison Bergeron-NOT a How-To Book

Leftists aren’t just about 1984 as a template for running the world, we are now galloping toward mediocrity as the only goal worth pursing. Kurt Vonnegut is spinning in his grave.

Wonder what high-achieving Asian lost their spot at Harvard for the posterboy of mediocrity?

Rest assured, David, rational people every where are happy with your decision.

Prince Harry the Disappointment really just wants your love

Time and again, just more proof that money, titles and a life filled with every advantage doesn’t guarantee character

Prince Harry showed he’s prepared to ditch parts of his culture and has inherited his mum’s people skills in a recent interview where he compared his Royal life to that of a caged animal in a zoo, a communications expert has said. (snip)

In the episode Harry drops his Ts and picks up Americanisms in order to “fit in” and be “culturally respectful”, speech expert Emma Serlin told FEMAIL. (snip)

“This softening of his own accent is really his psychology at play… He has a strong desire to be liked and to connect.”

As most Americans find a British accent delightful, someone should clue Harry in — it isn’t the accent that makes you annoying.

What time is it? Seems a lot like 1939.

To disagree with the Left was to be subject to the charge of RAAAAACIST!. To now defy the Left agenda in defending-yourself-while-being-an-oppressor is proof positive of supremacy.

When MSNBC host Joy Reid asked her guest for an explanation of the Israeli-Gaza conflict, the Palestinian expert replied, “Jewish supremacy.” Yet Reid offered no pushback during the closing segment of Friday’s edition of “The ReidOut.”

It’s not enough that this so-called expert, Rula Jebreal, visiting professor at the University of Miami, took time to spew the usual blood libels against Israel but also tried to link PM Bibi Netanyahu to the Democrat’s Reichstag narrative of Jan 6.

What you are seeing, Joy, is what [we’ve seen] here in America with these white supremacists under Jim Crow. … We’ve seen this force, whether in January 6. We’ve seen this kind of politics when they put kids in cages in the United States. We’ve seen this before. And the most heartbreaking thing, Joy, [is] that the United States subsidized this ethno-nationalist project of exclusion and purity. We subsidized the atrocities that are taking place.

Hey, Rula, time to leave …


Diana Moon Glampers is in charge of California Education system

In the name of equity of outcome, California isn’t just about destroying opportunities for kids gifted in math, now the University of California system has dropped all pretense at objective admission standards cuz “merit is hard”

The University of California has agreed to drop SAT and ACT scores from its admissions and scholarship process, marking a distinct shift away from the decades-long high school tradition.

An announcement came Friday in the form of a legal settlement with students, as first reported by the Chronicle. The UC Board of Regents had first been considering the move early last year. UC Berkeley’s chancellor even spoke out in November 2019 against the exam requirement, saying the tests “really contribute to the inequities of our system.”

Yep, as far as the UC system is concerned, too many wipypo and Asians. Gotta find someway of kicking them to the curb.


Animals can be douches, too

Trash panda, meet Karma. Karma, trash panda.

Well, we wanted this roundup to wind up with a bit of levity. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, pardners.

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  • Joanie Gee says:

    What a journalistic smorgasbord!

  • GWB says:

    it isn’t the accent that makes you annoying.
    Nailed it!

    is what [we’ve seen] here in America with these white supremacists under Jim Crow.
    Honey, you were born in 1973. In Israel. You ain’t never known Jim Crow, honey. You wouldn’t know Jim Crow if he came and sat on your head.

    this ethno-nationalist project of exclusion and purity
    Funny, there’s more Arabic/Palestinian Israelis than there are Jewish anything in the Middle East. I guess the Jews just aren’t that good at the “exclusion” thing.

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