Roundup Time: Happy Anniversary 15 Days to Flatten The Curve!

Roundup Time: Happy Anniversary 15 Days to Flatten The Curve!

Roundup Time: Happy Anniversary 15 Days to Flatten The Curve!

Where were you one year ago this happy day? Picking up kids from school for the last time? Wondering how you’d work from home? Being laid-off? Locking the front doors of your business?

And here we are one year later with the Wuhan Lab Lung Rot and its alleged cousins as an ongoing excuse of threatened Lockdowns are new normal!


Newsom and Friends not happy over recall, launch smear campaign

For the past year, Newsom has exercised emergency powers to rule as a potentate. From schools across California still closed, rising crime, crumbling infrastructure, to graft to cronies, none of Newsom’s malfeasance counts. Nope. Newsom channels Hillary and blames a Vast Rightwing Conspiracy

A crap ton of soccer moms, restaurant owners, out-of-work-cuz-AB5 Democrat freelancers, hairstylists, and other #RecallNewsom petition signers of all melanin levels are not going to be impressed by being called Neo-Nazis or dupes.

Alex Vindman not happy, pines for the fjords of the USSR

Still suffering from Stage 4 TDS, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (Retired – thank God), decides that the First Amendment is really not that great an idea if it allows people who disagree with him to actually exist and have a voice.

The First Amendment gravely limits the available tools to seek accountability for the right-wing media. Policymakers cannot, after all, tell media organizations what to say.

I can almost hear the sob of disappointment from him …

there are ways to dismantle the right-wing ecosystem of disinformation, an ecosystem that does not begin with insurrection (sic) but with more mundane lies.

Vindman’s promotes the idea that suing everyone from FoxNews to bloggers must be vigorously pursued to deradicalize people who ever question the Left and its always truthful organs — like WaPo.

Sheldon Whitehouse wants Garland Merrick to go after Judge Kavanaugh

How happy will people like Blasey-fraud and other woman liars be to being exposed and having people start wondering again why they were never held legally liable for their perjuries?

President Trump once said that the Left “aren’t after me, they’re after you.”

The Left proves it every day.

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