Roundup Time: Don’t Get Cocky, Leftists Won’t Retreat

Roundup Time: Don’t Get Cocky, Leftists Won’t Retreat

Roundup Time: Don’t Get Cocky, Leftists Won’t Retreat

We regularly bring to your attention the bad behavior of the portside of American politics. Even with Bideninflation roaring, Florida taking giant steps towards sanity and Elon Musk buying Twitter, turning the tide of decades of Progressive dominance is not assured.

And let’s face it. Leftism operates akin to a religious cult and they will do just about anything to protect it. Don’t get cocky about their defeat.

Woke Amazon employees plot against Matt Walsh

The histrionics are off the chart at a company that got its start as a bookseller. Now workers at the mega-court are (and have been for some time) looking for ways to block or ban anti-woke books.

The book is actually great … It is the story of a little boy whose parents and other adults take his fantasy life way too far, harming him in the process. There is nothing about suicide or bullying in it.



Wherein Paul Krugman plays a broken clock

Well, only right once a day … not twice …

In an Instagram video shared by @millennial_republicans, a masked man in a Costco was holding up pepper spray towards unmasked employees demanding they stay away from him.

We’ve seen earlier that Leftists are fighting like crazy to keep mask mandates, not for the science but for the power. Which is why the Biden admin is appealing the ruling and its sycophants in the media are attacking the federal judge who ruled against mandates. This is far from over.



FBI long history of going rogue for political reasons

Between FBI perjury to gain FISA warrants against Trump associates to the FBI created and run plot against Whitmer, the almost complete media disinterest in these partisan operations against citizens should be a wake up call to all that the mission to keeping the Left in power runs deep in D.C.

It’s not clear which FBI bosses were demoted or lost their jobs over these deadly failures. A ballpark figure is probably zero. Under Christopher Wray, who denied that the FBI spied on Trump, the FBI regards anyone less than worshipful of the Biden Junta as a domestic terrorist. As it turns, the FBI and DOJ were in the tank for Biden in 2020.

“The FBI and Department of Justice,” Rep. Darrell Issa reveals, “were actually feeding Twitter false information saying there was going to be misinformation about Hunter Biden and a laptop coming out, when in fact, switching gears, for two years they had had the real McCoy and knew they had it.”

Read the whole thing. We have much to worry about concerning what the FBI has planned for the mid-terms.



Schumer wants all your money

If you believe the Bidenflation may cause the Democrats to reconsider their prodigious spending and slow down the currency printing machines in D.C. and Texas, we have a great deal for you on bridges in New York. That pustule on the posterior of the body politic, Chuck Schumer, says the only solution to inflation is …

…. drum roll please …


During a press conference, a reporter asked Schumer whether Democrats plan to use the budget reconciliation process to pass legislation (without Republican support) to address the ongoing economic crisis.

“Reconciliation is very, very important,” Schumer responded. “If you want to get rid of inflation, the only way to do it is to undo a lot of the Trump tax cuts and raise rates.

Bad enough that Biden’s roll back of Trump administration’s policies lit the fire of inflation, Chucky wants to pour gasoline on it. You will suffer at the pump, at the grocery store and on April 15th.

What a guy!



The Left isn’t going to let go of their power without a fight and, when cornered, they fight. Unfortunately, the usual establishment Republican response is to do nothing out of some sort of faux-moralism about “being above the fray”.

However, to paraphrase Lincoln, we need men (and women) who fight. The mid-terms are by no means a lock-in for Leftwing losses. And 2024 is wide open as the Left looks to disqualify, discredit and destroy any strong conservative candidate who presents a threat.

So keep up with Leftist shenanigans, share them with those you know and always remember …


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  • Of course the Left will fight to retain its hegemony and its bastions. The question is whether we in the Right will fight, or whether we’ll hold up our hands in surrender and cringe away from the coming confrontations like the cowards we’ve so often been. Our record, to be blunt, is not encouraging.

  • GWB says:

    Leftism operates akin to a religious cult
    No, it IS religion. And, yes, a cultish one.

    I love that the mask Karen’s solution to someone not wearing a mask is to get even closer to them and get in their face/shove them
    Understand that pepper spray is considered a deadly weapon in most places, when used in an offensive manner. And this was an offensive manner. He was not drawing it to defend himself from a real threat, in the eyes of the law. And, in the eyes of that law, in those places, the employee would have been justified in drawing a firearm and shooting the man dead.
    (Pepper spray is considered a deadly weapon because when you use it in an offensive manner you can incapacitate the other person, enabling you to pursue a further battery that could kill them. That maskhole legally committed assault with a deadly weapon.)

    not for the science but for the power
    This guy didn’t do it for the power, though. He was literally (though irrationally) in fear. Which the ‘experts’ induced to accrue their power.

    We have much to worry about concerning … the FBI
    FBI delenda est.

    “Reconciliation is very, very important,”
    It’s also un-Constitutional. It should eliminated.
    And then a clear constitutional amendment should be moved forward that never allows it again. (I won’t type out my proposal on legislation and budgets and such, here.)

    So keep up with Leftist shenanigans
    And make sure you understand it is a religion. Treat it as such. Refuse to allow it to be a test for office. Evangelize against it. Understand lots of people are NOT evil, power-hungry monsters, but instead deluded, ignorant, members of the religion because they were indoctrinated into it by the public schools and the culture (and the news – the prophets of Progressivism). They are non-critical thinkers who are simply accepting received wisdom from “on high”. (But, yes, the priests and the political leaders need to be … dealt with more harshly.)

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