Roundup Time: Dolezal 2.0, Maolings on Campus, Etc.

Roundup Time: Dolezal 2.0, Maolings on Campus, Etc.

Roundup Time: Dolezal 2.0, Maolings on Campus, Etc.

As we are now within 60 days of election, it looks like the last 3.5 years of coup attempts against President Trump are starting to look like powderpuff football. The histrionic Left isn’t just aiming to take power, but aiming to take you out.

If I can choose my sex, why not my race?

You remember Rachel Dolezal, right? The female of pallor who dined for years as an honored academic and minority leader due to self-tanning lotion and frequent perms? Another trans-racial member of Anger studies academia has, upon discovery, tossed herself on a pyre of faux self-recrimination.

The white George Washington University associate professor who has admitted to pretending to be black her entire career allegedly only outed herself after other scholars started questioning her background last week.

Despite assuming various black identities over the years, Jessica Krug revealed in a Medium blog post on Thursday she is actually white and that she has been deceiving her friends and colleagues.

Of course, as black Jessica she not only received special attention and accolades but got the melanin-privilege card to be racist

Her current neighbor, Anna Anderson, told the that Krug would call her ‘white trash’ and tell Anderson she was ‘gentrifying’ the neighborhood by going running.

Following a dispute over their bikes Anderson said Krug asked her: ‘Do you know what the police do to black people like me?’

Here’s a thought. Maybe if we rejected this obsession with melanin and using it as a substitute for personal responsibility and a cheat for fame, people like Krug, Dolezal, et al, would just be pathetic curiosities.

Racism for you, racism for you, racism for everybody! Maolings online …

Cultural Revolution struggle sessions are getting creepier by the day. How confident will you be of any lawyer you hire if you see a diploma from Northwestern U hanging on the wall?

At an online town hall meeting at Northwestern University held recently, attendees began by denouncing themselves as racist.

“I’m Jim Speta. And I am a racist,” Speta, the interim dean of Northwestern University Law School, said in the meeting chat thread.

“My name is Emily Mullin. I am a racist and a gatekeeper of white supremacy. I will work to be better,” another attendee wrote.

Maolings condemn Chinese homonym

Another entry into the “Tell me again why I would send my child to college?” sweepstakes.

During a recent online class, Greg Patton, who is an “expert in communication, interpersonal and leadership effectiveness,” according to his faculty bio, explained the usage of a Chinese filler word for “that,” comparing it to the usage of “like,” “um,” and other American filler words.

The Chinese filler word is “nega”. So you know what happened next, right?

I don’t know what’s more pathetic — the emotionally-crippled students freaked out by a foreign language homonym or the invertebrate masochists running USC who couldn’t wait to strip down and hand the students the cat-o-nine-tails.

Sacramento Democrats punish Republicans with house arrest. Literally

Yes, I know this is Mad King Newsom’s California, but even this is beyond the pale.

Last week, the Republican Caucus, but one, was told to self-quarantine, without a formal investigation, when a member of our caucus tested positive for the coronavirus after a regular weekly lunch meeting, where all but one of us was present, even though I was cautious about social distancing.

On Monday, I received a letter telling me the quarantine would conclude on September 8th and I could return to work on the 9th. It gave no explanation as to how this was determined. That I tested negative was inconsequential.

On a very creepy note, Sen. John Moorlach voluntarily tested for Wuhan Bat Lab Virus on 8/27. The testing facility didn’t get back to him, mind you. He heard his results from the CA Senate nurse.

And while Moorlach does not now meet any quarantine requirement per CDC rules, CA Democrats make their own up as they go …

Late last night, after I had gone to bed, I received an email from Dr. Erica Pan, the Acting Public Health Officer for the California Department of Public Health, informing me that I was to continue staying in my Sacramento residence through September 8th.

“Violation of or failure to comply with this order may constitute a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment, fine, or both.”

Yesterday, Friday Sept 4, was the last day of the 2020 legislative system and Moorlach is forbidden to go home for another week.

This is what the Left does with power – they can claim racism or climate change or covid. Stalinistas, Maolings, Fidel-fellators. Excuses or labels don’t matter. The naked exercise of power. That’s all that matters for them.

More or less of this will hinge on Nov 3rd. I guarantee that.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!

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  • GWB says:

    who is an “expert in communication
    Evidently not enough of one to counter the mal-communication of one of his students.
    Of course, ignorance is always harder to counter than to indulge.

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic
    How about the professor who knuckled under and didn’t stand up to this outrage?

    The naked exercise of power. That’s all that matters for them.
    Glad more people are finally waking up to that.

  • NTSOG says:

    English words that are acceptable in one country may not be in another English-speaking country. I learned that quite quickly when teaching primary PE in a rural school in Virginia. There was a large Mennonite population and my use of Australian vernacular, particularly the use of ‘hell’ and ‘damn’ earned me a polite reprimand from the Principal and I moderated my language because I was a visitor to the USA. Today, however, it is apparent that the ‘educated’ students one finds in universities are so ignorant of cultural and language differences outside their own cartoon-life bubbles that they react with violent umbrage at the first hint of difference and are completely unable to think and consider the notion that there are other ‘realities than their own..

  • cthulhu says:

    A few years back, I had dealings with an auditor for a public accounting company whose family name was “Nigro”. Nice guy, very professional, quite knowledgeable. I’m like, “how do you pronounce that?” and “interesting name — do you know any history for it?”

    Turns out, he did — it’s an old Sicilian name and probably refers to the family trait of having a head of dense black hair (which he had).

    People have gone way past the paved road and are out in the boondocks over this stuff.

  • Doc says:

    Teaching English in China had its funny points. A friend was using “why would you call the police” and a student uh-uh-uh-ing with “nege nege nege” … and came up with “stole my bicycle”.

    Also not uncommon for black foreign teachers to have amusing stories about the first time they encountered this. “What did you call me?!?” I must say, my friend Toby – 6’6″ and British – probably told it best. Cross-cultural and cross-racial interpretation of body language and facial expressions can be difficult.

    I also can’t emphasize enough how conscious the Chinese are of skin tone. Explaining the concept of getting a tan – on purpose – to Chinese girls obsessed with being as light as possible was a challenge.

  • EES says:

    “ The white George Washington University associate professor who has admitted to pretending to be black her entire career allegedly only outed herself after other scholars started questioning her background last week.”
    I don’t know this person, but being from Kansas City, the fact that she is too piques my interest about what lead to them questioning her background… because my daughter, who moved to Portland when she was barely 20, told me last night that she knows Jessica from there also. That was back in the day, so to speak, and apparently Jessica was an abusive liar then too. I asked if she was pretending to be black at that time. My daughter said, no, she told me she was an Israeli spy.
    So I’m thinking maybe she isn’t actually a real professor either.

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