Trump Scoop By The Atlantic – Real Or Hit Job?

Trump Scoop By The Atlantic – Real Or Hit Job?

Trump Scoop By The Atlantic – Real Or Hit Job?

A story broke late yesterday from The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, which alleges that President Trump referred to dead troops buried in France as “losers.”

Let’s look at the facts, and then make a decision on whether or not this allegation can be backed up. Lay aside your visceral reactions, and if we can dispassionately view the evidence of this claim, then the truth may become clear.

Claim #1: The Atlantic alleges that President Trump did not want to go to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris when he was there in 2018. They acknowledge that the official explanation had to do with bad weather. This was a big story at the time, as many wanted to know at the time why the president did not go to the cemetery. The contemporary reports of the time – including an email from the White House, and the much-lauded-by-the-left John Bolton memoir – note that the weather was the culprit. Bolton himself – not exactly Trump’s biggest cheerleader anymore – even went ON THE RECORD to confirm this.

The reasonable conclusion, given the contemporaneous evidence, is that the weather was the overriding reason that President Trump did not go to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in 2018.

Claim #2: The Atlantic says that President Trump verbally disparaged the servicemembers who were buried at the cemetery, calling them “losers” and “suckers.” For this evidence, they produce “multiple” unnamed sources. Why are they not going on the record? Well, Jeffrey Goldberg says… wait for it… they don’t want any mean tweets.

Journalists who really want this story to be true are acknowledging that the anonymous sources are a problem, and yet Jeffrey Goldberg should get a pass because he’s so upstandingly fair. Let’s not even consider that The Atlantic didn’t have to massively overhaul a fake news story just this last July, or that Goldberg himself caved to a writers’ revolt when they didn’t want Kevin Williamson writing with them.

Given the “unnamed” sources aspect, countered with sources who WERE willing to go on the record, this story cannot be given credibility until someone with enough balls to stand up to mean tweets is willing to put themselves out there.

Claim #3: President Trump disparaged John McCain. This seems to be a case of mixing in a truth so that the lies will be a little easier to swallow. It is no secret that President Trump and John McCain had plenty of personal animosity, which did not seem to end with the senator’s death. To drag out this story in order to lend more credence to Trump’s alleged other statements about dead and living servicemembers is disingenuous at best.

While the claim that Trump and McCain feuded publicly is true, that one example cannot prove the entire premise.

It is fair to say that the facts as we currently have them do not support The Atlantic‘s story – especially given Goldberg’s rather pathetic excuse for not getting his sources on the record. That’s an automatic F in journalism school. But in the age of Orange Man Bad, anything goes if it makes Trump look bad.

The other part of this that stinks? It looks like Team Biden was ready for this story to drop. The Biden campaign got some tried and true Democrat supporters with military credentials to be ready to talk about how much they loathe Donald Trump. My, that happened fast. Almost as if this was preplanned.

They even had an ad ready to roll via the VoteVets group.

How did this very pro-Democrats, very anti-Trump PAC know to have this ad ready, complete with quotes from The Atlantic piece, within hours of the article’s publication? They claim that they started production “an hour after” the story was published. And they just happened to have all these Gold Star families on speed dial for quick video clips, along with images of their loved lost ones, to condemn Donald Trump – one of which looks to have been filmed indoors, with quite a lot of daylight. Consider that The Atlantic piece, per the VoteVets video, was published at 5:32 pm Eastern Time. Now, sunlight is still a possibility if they started an hour after the piece dropped, and depending on the time zones involved, there could still have been plenty of daylight. VoteVets tweeted out their ad at 3:04 am Eastern Time. So I will leave it to each person’s judgement if this ad was slapped together at a moment’s notice and rushed out, or not.

Meanwhile, Biden is getting softballs from the media. Now that the shiny new object has been found, the media are allowed to avoid reporting on Biden’s Kenosha visit disaster. Hey Grandpa Joe, please tell us how bad the Orange Man is, please.

So, dear readers, I leave this decision to you. Look at the evidence, who went on the record, who did not, and how the media is reacting. Was this story real? Or was this a coordinated hit job? It’s your call.

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  • Cameron says:

    They’re getting desperate. Their chosen one has nothing to offer other than “She’s not Trump.” So rather than try to explain what is different, they use stuff like this.

    “Anonymous sources” should NEVER be trusted. Especially if it makes your side look good.

    • Turk says:

      How many times has the orange POS said “people are saying” without ever giving the names of thise people? The only person saying it is him and he is lying. The sources have been confirmed by various media outlets. I understand why they don’t want their name used, why expose yourself to the visceral attacks by the orange POS and the death threats frim his brown shirts? Especially if they are still working in the Whitehouse.

    • Mary says:

      Total hit job just like they have been doing since he came down the escalator.

  • Sarcasticat says:

    Pretty sure Trump, unlike Obama, knows hold to hold an umbrella. Atlantic story is utter BS.

  • rbj1 says:

    There was someone who took a helicopter in bad weather this year: Kobe Bryant. It’s one thing for a retired athlete, or even the head of government for another country. But not for the leader of the free world.

    Plus they didn’t want POTUS two hours away from Air Force One.

    • LP says:

      That, and when they start off with mussing his hair combined with when an adversary, Bolten, stands by the truth “on the record,” that must be taken into account as well. If it were a court trial, that in itself would give the testimony a higher level of credence because it came from an adversarial person.

  • Ace O'Dale says:

    DNC trial balloon to see if it might be possible to drive a wedge between Trump and the military.

    Not gonna fly.

    • Emmanuel l Ross says:

      Why did the sources keep this information to themselves all this time and come forward 2 months before the election? It seems kind of fishy.

  • NTSOG says:

    Who was it who said ‘Repeat a Lie Often Enough and It Becomes the Truth’?

    It may have been Lenin or Goebbels, but, it’s the sort of smear that I would expect from the increasingly desperate and morally bankrupt socialist Democrats.

    • Rob says:

      A completely coordinated and fabricated effort to try and hurt Trump with one of the most loyal components of his base. I don’t think it fooled a single person. if Democrats could be honest for 10 seconds they tell you it sounds like bullshit too

  • Lloyd says:

    Hit Job….Fairly well-organized, with obvious intention. Unnamed sources are fake sources…Lies are lies. Many suffering from TDS, however, will accept this as gospel…and, spread the word! Shaneful !

  • DEEBEE says:

    As I saw the faux almost anger at a unconfirmed Atlantic mess — whose only purpose was to give life to John McCain insult — it reminded me of Harrison Ford’s “clear and present danger” an angry president making a huge mistake. Would love to see a Trump making this into an ad of Biden’s lack of temperament to be POTUS

  • Linda Fox says:

    I shared the link to this on FB. Bravo to you for a stellar job of journalism – including the ‘instant ad’ part.

  • Matthew W says:

    “Claim #3: President Trump disparaged John McCain.”

    GOOD !!!
    He well should

  • James Graham says:

    Congratulations lefties.

    You’ve destroyed the Atlantic’s reputation.

  • Tanya says:

    I wonder why in this Slavery are racial equality curfuffle everywhere, why aren’t they talking about Kamala Harris family history of slave ownership?

    • Dan Carey says:

      Why aren’t they talking about the fact that the Trump family fortune is based on the string of whorehouses that his GF ran during the Alasks gold rush?

      • Scott says:

        Probably because that was roughly 100 years ago, and President Trump had nothing to do with it… It’d be more applicable to talk about how the Kennedy fortune came from bootlegging during Prohibition, or how Joe Sr. was a racist that idolized the Nazi’s… Or maybe the graft and influence of the Clintons, and how people that cross them end up dead mysteriously.. or maybe even Hunter Biden, how he ended up with his dead brothers wife, just until he could get a stripper pregnant, and then be a deadbeat dad, and try to get out of paying support, all while collecting a ridiculous salary for a position that he was totally unqualified for, and only got because of his dads influence??? OOh, and should we mention that his corrupt and senile father is now running for President??? Please Dan, you’re playing checkers against Chess masters.. Go back to your moms basement would ya?

  • Brian Brandt says:

    Paraphrasing Rush from his show – If this were true it could have not remained secret in the two years since the time of the incident. Trump’s enemies could not have contained themselves.

  • Thomas Amann says:

    Well , I thought this and any story of this type that come out between now and election day are part of the Democrats all out “no holds barred “attempt to defeat the republicans not Trump. I am sick to death of the democrats and their minions . Why don’t they show some guts and Pull a Coup de atet which is what they are doing except in a no guts kind of way . The part that gets me , is how stupid the American citizen has become .There wouldn’t be such hatred for Trump if people had any Idea how things function in government . But they do not so they hate the man who is trying to set things back on course and they love the ones trying to destroy the country to line their own pockets and give them unbridled power .

  • Fred Griggs says:

    I believe the President.

    • Dan Carey says:

      .. because he always tells the truth? C’mon.

      • Scott says:

        He’s at least as truthful as Joe Biden… OOh, wait…. Of course there was obama with t”he most transparent administration in history”… ok, never mind, how about Clinton? He did not have sex with that woman…ok, bad examples… I know, LBJ.. all he did was say “Pass this legislation and we’ll have these niggers voting democrat for the next 100 years”…. You leftists REALLY shouldn’t play “who’s the bigger bag of shit”, You’ll ALWAYS win!

        On a side note, I haven’t heard of the dems being this pissed off at a president since Lincoln freed their slaves!

  • Oldcrow1 says:

    I have been thinking, votevets is a PAC and it appears to me that they coordinated with the Biden campaign, the Atlantic and others, is that not a violation of federal election law? It needs to be investigated.

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  • Frank J. Derfler says:

    Everyone should be aware that “The Atlantic” is (since last November) “controlled: by Laurene Jobs — the widow of Steve Jobs. She represents the hi Tech Intellectual Elite. The Atlantic article, together with a “Poll” and a few other leaked stories is a planned and coordinated “Dirty Trick” aimed at influencing the votes of our US Military overseas. US Military overseas JUST started absentee voting and this “old” story comes out. Get it now.? A complete pre-planned and well coordinated attack on our military voting process.

  • A Landmesser says:

    When was the last time you saw the demorats honor a veteran, a firema, a policeman killed in the line of duty? When have you last seen them take a knee for the sacrifice these men make? When have you seen them honor the heroes cast in bronze rather than pull them down? When have you seen a Lefturd salute the flag rather than burn it?

    When have you seen a Lefturd wear a Tshirt with Washington’s likeness rather than Che.

    The progressives are the scum of society. They offer nothing but hatred, envy, mendacity and discord.

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  • […] operative and activist, Breibart’s story has a ring of truth to it — unlike certain Atlantic smear jobs from last […]

  • […] and activist, Breibart’s story has a ring of truth to it — unlike certain Atlantic smear jobs from last […]

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