Roundup Time: Do Not Trust Democrats. Dems Are …

Roundup Time: Do Not Trust Democrats. Dems Are …

Roundup Time: Do Not Trust Democrats. Dems Are …

What America has had in both government and culture is a high trust society. Most Americans go about their daily lives not expecting to be cheated at every transaction, to be assaulted on the street or to be stopped by state agents to be shook down for bribes. And the behavior of Democrats over the last five years and especially over the last couple of months, guarantee any remnants of that trust will be hunted down, beaten with clubs and have gasoline poured over it and lit on fire.


As FICUS Biden pursues making the nation look like California, it is wise to point out how much Woke Cali is now a third-world country where coddling criminals has been baked-in by Democrats like former governor Jerry Brown, who outright lied to get voters to pass pro-criminal legislation like Propositions 46 and 57.

Remember Prop 57, the early release of felons voters approved? Last week the CA state Supreme Court made quite a decision. It ruled, unanimously, that Proposition 57, a proposition that allowed for early parole for sexual predators, didn’t live up to the hype.

Governor Brown claimed sexual predators would not be allowed parole. We argued we thought it would. Turns out, we were right.

CDCR regulations excluding sex offenders (other than those convicted of sex offenses classified as violent felonies, such as forcible rape and lewd acts on children under 14) from eligibility for early release are now invalid.

Those inmates are indeed now eligible for early parole under the provisions of Proposition 57.

The Court held the initiative didn’t provide CDCR ability to exclude from eligibility any class of inmates not excluded by the Prop.

In the absence of any other definition in the measure, the phrase “nonviolent felony offense” means any felony not enumerated in the “violent felony” definition in Penal Code section 667.5(c).
Therefore, any inmate convicted of a crime that is not listed in Penal Code section 667.5(c) is eligible for early release.

Combine Democrats-who-lie with a population trying to be more woke-than-thou and you get District Attorneys who refuse to prosecute and criminals who are released regardless of the violence they’ve done. And now, that is to include sex offenders.

How fast do we build the gulags, comrade?

Wow, I’ve lived long enough to see the return of Soviet psychiatry and watch it being promoted by a publication ostensibly called “Scientific American.”

The ‘Shared Psychosis’ of Donald Trump and His Loyalists —
Forensic psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee explains the outgoing president’s pathological appeal and how to wean people from it

It reads about what you expect from a shameless Leftist who can’t help but pimp her own books every other comment and can’t wait to actively intervene against President Trump and every one of his supporters.

There is truth to the observation that many, if not most, psychologists and psychiatrists pursue the career due to the recognition of their own mental illness. Bandy Lee is example number one.

Anyone trust Hollywood?

If one class of people ranks second only to Beltway politicians as anointed as part of the Ruling Class, it is our Hollywood elites. So why should we be surprised that after their lectures about lockdowns and mask wearing to the hoi polloi, they’d feel entitled to cut into the front of the line for the vaccine?

Numerous high-flying executives and dealmakers have been cycling through private physicians and concierge services to receive one of the two established COVID-19 vaccines on the market. (snip)

Beverly Hills-based Dr. Robert Huizenga confirmed to Variety that his practice has been offered in excess of $10,000 by individuals, including members of the entertainment industry, desperate to get vaccinated.

“We’ve been offered bribes. We see people taking planes to every location. We’ve seen people try to transiently get into the healthcare profession or on staff at nursing homes, so they qualify for an early vaccine,” said the physician,

Shut up, peasant.

Californicating Trust – the Gift of Gavin

Mad King Newsom is finally worried about the revolting peasants and has tossed a bone in their direction.

California officials lifted regional coronavirus stay-at-home orders across the state on Monday, a change that could allow restaurants and businesses in many counties to reopen outdoor dining and other services.
All counties will return to the colored tier system that assigns local risk levels based on case numbers and rates of positive test results for coronavirus infections.

And it is not that Gavin is about to give up. Along with his Democrat brethren, he just believes all you little people are just incapable of democracy.

Newsom has also consistently blamed the public for his own failures, saying “Don’t be selfish,” “It is our behaviors that are leading to these numbers,” and “some have developed a little amnesia.”


Trust yourself, read everything and trust your own judgement — and that includes embracing the responsibility that you may have to revisit your judgement based on new information. However, just like we must learn to read Totalitarianism, we must now also make mistrust of Democrats our default position.

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  • John in Indy says:

    Thanks for linking to According to Hoyt.
    A good blog with intelligent and articulate commenters.
    Comments moderated to exclude trolls and idiots.
    John in Indy

  • John Wilson says:

    Dang, that list is depressing. The Gulag portion is just bust out CRAZY! Scientific American has fallen low.

  • Edward Lunny says:

    Libs are fascist terrorists in word, deed, and belief. Treat them accordingly.

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