Rise of the Millennial Jr. Anti-Sex League

Rise of the Millennial Jr. Anti-Sex League

Rise of the Millennial Jr. Anti-Sex League

What kind of America is on the horizon? For an increasing number of single, childless females, it’s one of embracing BigGovernment as Daddy and hostility towards traditional families.

It’s not that this has gone unnoticed. But for the last few years, people pointing it out have been met with the usual Leftwing dismissal —

This isn’t happening you hysterical rightwingers and it’s a good thing it is happening.

What can’t be ignored is the data coming from in-depth analysis of the demographics coming out of the mid-terms: The Rise of the Single Woke (and Young, Democratic) Female.

The rise of SWFs – a twist on the personal ad abbreviation for single white female – is one of the great untold stories of American politics. Distinct from divorced women or widows, these largely Gen Z and Millennial voters share a sense of collective identity and progressive ideology that sets them apart from older women. More likely to live in urban centers and to support progressive policies, they are a driving force in the Democratic party’s and the nation’s shift to the left.

Never before in the history of Western civilization have women had more choice to pursue their interests on their terms and yet the beneficiaries of the principles of opportunity and merit been so unhappy, so shrill, and so demanding in their perceived oppression.

As the RCI article provides, women are out-pacing men in college attendance and degrees earned along with huge gains in corporate and government careers. In the meantime, academia shifted so woke that the men left – students and professors alike – are targeted as inherent misogynists and possessors of toxic masculinity.

In the social realm, being single and childless has moved from mere choice to a political identity that also appears to obligate the woman to attack anyone making other choices. We’ve touched on the backlash directed at women who choose to take a break from, or even permanently leave, corporate life to raise their own children

Self-proclaimed “flaming liberal and feminist” Lisa Miller is about to have her feminist card yanked away. And it’s all because she had the nerve to write in New York Magazine about how more feminists are choosing to be housewives, drawing the ire of femisogynists everywhere. Because Miller dared to point out that more women are choosing to be stay-at-home mothers in recent years than in the past few decades.

Jezebel sneered at the possibility that there could be any validity at all to this:

That was ten years ago. And it certainly hasn’t gotten any better (9/2/2022)

NYSlimes claims “maternal instinct” is a myth
Attention, pregnant people everywhere! Being a breeder is hard work and all that pain and disappointment you surely feel is the fault of a conspiracy of myths fed to you by …

… wait for it …

… The Patriarchy™!!!

In Orwell’s novel, 1984, the Junior Anti-Sex League was not about intercourse, per se, but about sex being part of human emotional bonding between a man and a woman. The Party was jealous of any loyalty that was not directed at them. The character of Julia, of course, wears her sash, mouths the slogans, marches and talks about the energy towards the Party’s goals that would be wasted by sex. Then she goes right out and has it.

But even in Julia’s “anti-sex/sex” rebellion, she was still doing the Party’s bidding. She was having intercourse but never engaging in love. Love changed loyalties. And that’s when the Party stepped in.

The Pew Research Center notes that since 1960, single-person households in the United States have grown from 13% to 27% (2019). Many, particularly women, are not all that keen on finding a partner. Pew recently found that “men are far more likely than women to be on the dating market: 61% of single men say they are currently looking for a relationship or dates, compared with 38% of single women.”

There’s clearly far less stigma attached to being single and unpartnered. Single women today have many impressive role models of unattached, childless women who have succeeded on their own – like Taylor Swift and much of the U.S. women’s soccer team. This phenomenon is not confined to the United States. Marriage and birthrates have fallen in much of the world, including Europe and Japan. Writing in Britain’s Guardian newspaper, columnist Emma John observed that, “Singleness is no longer to be sneered at. Never marrying or taking a long-term partner is increasingly seen as a valid choice.”

It isn’t seen as much a valid choice as the preferred one. With the Taylor Swifting of young women, the newest members of the anti-sex league will tell you how much they enjoy hook-ups or polyamorous relationships. They will proudly shout their abortions. Sex is a commodity, a recreation or just the inspiration for another chart-climbing pop song.

And yet this highly vocal demand to RESPECT myah choices hasn’t hidden the jealousy these women have towards traditional families. And that jealousy explains their voting patterns for even more BigSugarDaddy goodies and control. Look at all the “rights” they demand — from free college to free tampons. Meanwhile they adamantly oppose any policies that are pro-family — from parental rights to school choice. It is no accident that the current pushback against woke indoctrination in schools has been spearheaded by parents.

Women are losing sex-based rights right at the same time the Left depends on the captured loyalty of Single Woke Females. Will the Queering of society slow the growth of this anti-family voting block?

Important questions we cannot afford to ignore.

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  • NTSOG says:

    “Many, particularly women, are not all that keen on finding a partner …”

    Frankly I believe any sensible young man would do well to avoid these Single Woke Females like the plague. They appear to be extremely self-centred, but also very angry and likely to become more angry as they find out that they cannot have it all as time and other people pass them by.

  • — Never before in the history of Western civilization have women had more choice to pursue their interests on their terms and yet the beneficiaries of the principles of opportunity and merit been so unhappy, so shrill, and so demanding in their perceived oppression. —

    That’s the consequence of refusing to face reality plus being told repeatedly that you’re “oppressed” and “being denied opportunity.”

    The reality is the extraordinary latitude both women AND men have to choose a life course and pursue it to the best of their ability. But women (unlike men) have been fed a diet of lies, which we may summarize as the gospel of “You can have it all.”

    No you can’t. Life is short, and we are finite. A woman must choose certain options fairly early in her life, in particular whether she wants to be a mother. That’s just biology. She must also accept that the day will never contain more than twenty-four hours — men don’t get more than that, either — and so combining motherhood and careerism will stress her as her ancestors never were. Finally, there are consequences to every decision, including such decisions as sexual profligacy. That particular life choice is among the most pernicious and devastating of all…but the harridans encouraging young women to indulge themselves won’t tell them that. Having dismissed the counsel of their elders, they must learn it through experience.

    Reality doesn’t indulge our preferences. It’s indifferent to our preconceptions. And it’s deaf to anyone’s protests of “oppression.” Believing a pack of lies has the same effect on women as on men.

  • American Human says:

    Lets say one is an SWF. The day will come when she is 70 years old. No one will know who she is, no one will help take care of her, no one will notice when she dies.

  • David Davies says:

    Eventually these women will weed themselves out of the gene pool. The future will belong to the fruitful mothers who love babies.

    Darwin is not mocked.

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