Riots In Lod Israel Resemble U.S. Riots

Riots In Lod Israel Resemble U.S. Riots

Riots In Lod Israel Resemble U.S. Riots

Riots in Lod, Israel have been going on since yesterday. Which should be of interest here in the U.S. Why? Because how the riots are being handled very strongly resemble the riots the ones we’ve seen for over a year in this country.

What have we seen in the United States since last May? Portland’s downtown on fire multiple times, businesses vandalized, and people attacked. Minneapolis imploded after George Floyd was killed. Business looted and burned, people attacked, and more. Kenosha saw people killed, entire car dealerships set on fire, and businesses destroyed. A good cop, David Dorn, was killed in St. Louis. Washington D.C. had business vandalized, a historic church nearly set on fire, and people injured. All in the name of Black Lives Matter or some such crap. 

People lost jobs because of the violence. People lost their businesses because of the violence. None of them will recover from this. 

What does this have to do with Israel? Specifically what does this have to do with the city of Lod? The mob riots. 

Oh my, where have we seen cars burning over this last year? Kenosha and Minneapolis come to mind. The destruction of the Torah is hideously unacceptable and understandably is angering the Jewish population in Lod and elsewhere. It was a blatant attack.

Smashed windows, a burnt out security post, rocks and rubble strewn around some streets, and still smoldering rubbish bins began to paint a fuller picture, and then a classroom in the Maoz yeshiva reduced to a burnt-out ruin told of the full violence of Monday night’s riot.


Fires were set, stones were thrown, vehicles attacked, and at one point an Israeli flag erected by the municipality was torn town and replaced with the Palestinian flag.

The Mayor of Lod asked for help from the Israeli government as the situation worsened. 

“Citing local media, The Times of Israel reported that three synagogues and numerous shops have been set on fire in Lod, and dozens of cars have been set alight.

Some residents are reportedly avoiding using public shelters during rocket sirens, out of fear they could be attacked by mobs.

Netanyahu has declared the state of emergency in Lod after the meeting between top security and legal officials. This is the first use of emergency powers over an Arab community in Israel since the end of the military administration over the Arabs of Israel in 1966.

Think about that for a long minute. A state of emergency has been declared in a city within Israel for the FIRST time since 1966. That should tell you how bad the situation really is. It’s bad. Very very bad. So bad that, amazingly, Prime Minister Netanyahu showed up to aid in shutting down the mob. 

Meanwhile across Israel it is just as bad. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses the situation across Israel and specifically in Gaza.

While there are some differences, the mob riots in Lod and elsewhere across Israel bear significantly strong resemblances to what has taken place across the United States since last May. 

What should also set the alarm bells ringing is this.

How unexpected that there are marches in the U.S. in solidarity with Palestine with super nice professional signs!  

Here’s my point with all of this. The mob riots in Israel, aside from the Hamas attacks, very strongly resemble everything that has taken place here in the United States for over a year now. 

One would think this is a coincidence…until you factor in all the lovely supposedly unexpected marches on behalf of Palestine that took place across the U.S. last night. 

Here’s where the difference is between the U.S. and Israel. The government officials in the United States ordered our police to stand down and let the violence, destruction, and looting take place. Israel won’t let that stand. If that means  protestors are injured? So be it. Israeli police don’t play games and they sure as hell don’t stand down in front of the mob. 

Israel has prevailed against mobs for centuries. Israel will continue to prevail because that country knows that you never EVER cave to the mob. The United States needs to learn that lesson. 

Feature Photo Credit: Civilian bus blown up, Israeli Defense Forces via Twitter, cropped and modified

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