Rep. Rashida Tlaib-Impeach Trump Because He Was A CEO

Rep. Rashida Tlaib-Impeach Trump Because He Was A CEO

Rep. Rashida Tlaib-Impeach Trump Because He Was A CEO

Repainting a room in the house today, I thought I may have breathed in too many paint fumes. I could have sworn that I heard Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) indicate that President Donald Trump needed to be impeached so that no other CEO would get the idea to run for President. Come on now, nobody but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka Chiquita Khruschchev is that kind of ugly stoopid, right? Oh no, mes freres. Rashida Tlaib is that kind of ugly stoopid.

Since her remarks were live, I couldn’t find any transcript, but Rep. Doug Collins was on America’s Newsroom with Sandra Smith and Bill Hemmer and the CEO comment was in the video package. Both Collins and Hemmer even make note of it. The video evidence:

“This is not going to be the last CEO that runs for President?” Are you freaking kidding me? What’s the matter, Rashida, you jelly? Can’t you build anything, Rashida? Negotiating skills in the negative range?

I know that Tlaib has a bee up her buttocks because Trump handed the reins of his companies over to his sons and didn’t totally divest himself. Umm, dear girl, that would have taken a long time. If you object to the fact that he might make a “Benjamin” or two off of his Presidency, take a look around you. How do you think those government servants around you got rich?

In case you have been breathing paint fumes too, remember that the newly sworn in Representative Tlaib celebrated by announcing that “we’re going to impeach the m*th*rf*cker”. From

A video clip of new Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) dropping the f-bomb while calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment on Thursday evening quickly went viral.

Speaking at a MoveOn event in Washington, DC, just hours after being sworn in, Tlaib — the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress — said, “When your son looks at you and said ‘Mamma, look, you won — bullies don’t win.’ And I said, ‘Baby they don’t, because we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!’”

Way to talk to your child, Congresswoman. And, you, Madam, are a bully.

The Victory Girls Blog has been covering the three new Congresswomen who are dragging the Dems leftward. Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Occasional Cortex. The unholy troika of hatred. We’ll continue to write on them. You have to admit, well you don’t have to admit it, I will, I wish someone would shove them back in the kitchen to make sammiches.

Democrats have gone all Joseph Stalin on Donald Trump. They have the man and they’ll find the crime. The Dems don’t care who they have to smash and ruin to get rid of Trump. They are hell bent on impeaching Donald Trump. In that case, they have a fine fellow traveler in Rashida Tlaib.

I am going to go kill some brain cells with a paint fumes and scotch combination. Toodles.

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  • Drew458 says:

    “Chiquita Khruschchev” wins the internet for today !!

  • Lark says:

    “This is not going to be the last CEO that runs for President of the United States. This is not going to be the last person that tries to get away with this.”

    How DARE we elect somebody who represents us instead of our owners!

  • Mahon says:

    They never should have abolished spanking in the Fleet. But that’s Nancy Pelosi’s problem.

  • Lightray9a says:

    Rep. Tlaib is actually speaking the truth (for once!). Her, and the Washington establishment, NEVER want an outsider like Trump to run for office again. Trump has interrupted a cycle of government that feeds the establishment while the people they govern are forsaken.

    • GWB says:

      Absolutely right. It’s called a technocracy – an aristocracy based on some form of “merit”. You go to the right school, espouse the correct political dogma, work your way up kowtowing to the correct political brahmans, and you get to run the place for a while.

  • Paul from Decatur, says:

    A Constitutional Amendment to bar all who served in Congress from becoming President perhaps.

    • Johb says:

      Here comes a foreigner who wants to take down our president. What a joker. Deport that crazy woman. She has no place in our laws & constitutions…

  • Bevo Francis says:

    You can’t cure stupid.

  • […] blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Rashida Tlaib’s nutty impeachment […]

  • GWB says:

    Funny that Republicans have advocated a businessman for President for a long time. And the one they got is Trump. Heh.

  • Impeach Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for just being plain stupid. ‘We the people’ do not need her kind of politics and insane rhetoric to influence the running of our country. Furthermore what exactly does this idiot bring to the table that is of value, when has she ever been a successful CEO? I suggest to her…’don’t mock what you don’t know’.

  • Ulla Camp says:

    Isn’t some kind of education level that you have to get to before you can get a job in our government???
    After what this bunch of “freshmen” that we have gotten this time, it seems like we are scraping the bottom and coming up with a bunch of duds……
    I have a hard time believing that somebody SOoo STUPID can be paid that kind of salary for doing absolutely NOTHING for our country………

    • Catherine says:

      When will the American people stand up to these Idiots the left wing Dems are in serious trouble for not speaking against these stupid idiots in the party.What are they afraid of?
      Americans take charge since congress will not.

  • Sandra says:

    She needs to be the one impeached from office since she is in a Congress seat illegally.
    Tlaib does not belong in Congress for two reasons. First, she was not eligible to run in
    the district she ran in since she did not live there. Second, she has taken money for
    personal use that she had no right to use. That I think is theft or maybe embezzlement.

  • Scott says:

    She is the perfect example of what happens when you have uncontrolled immigration from third world shitholes… They are so used to having a corrupt government that controls everything they do, that when they get here, even though they fled from that type of a situation, they do everything they can to recreate it here. Never mind the diseases, and reprehensible behaviors / customs they also bring..

  • Walt says:

    Americans are really letting these Muslim Democrappers say bad things against the POTUS. They will be taught the hard way and they will be deported soon or end up in jail.

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