Refusal To Acknowledge White Socialism Is Blocking Universal Healthcare, Yes Really [VIDEO]

Refusal To Acknowledge White Socialism Is Blocking Universal Healthcare, Yes Really [VIDEO]

Refusal To Acknowledge White Socialism Is Blocking Universal Healthcare, Yes Really [VIDEO]

An interesting article crossed our paths recently. At first glance the title speaks to what we’ve all been dealing with concerning Obamacare.

Unspeakable Realities Block Universal Health Coverage In America

It certainly seemed ok. It seemed to address the fact that the Democrats just don’t understand why blue collar America, those pesky Deplorables, voted for Trump.

However, it was the fourth paragraph that caused the eyebrows to skyrocket.

When it seems like people are voting against their interests, I have probably failed to understand their interests. We cannot begin to understand Election 2016 until we acknowledge the power and reach of socialism for white people.

WTH??!! After picking my jaw up off the floor, I read it again. Sure enough the writer, a former GOP Precinct Committeeman! by the name of Chris Ladd, ascribes the unwillingness of white American voters to stay on the government dole as a rebellion against white socialism or something.

Evidently, if we have good jobs that means we are living in and contributing to a fabulously wonderful socialist welfare state called America.

You see, we are white socialists because …Taxpayers fund education, social security, daycare, transportation, and mortgages. Companies deduct employees health insurance costs resulting in transfer of funds from fed & state treasuries to the insured. Deducting mortgage interest on a home WE own from our taxes is costing our government about $70 billion a year. Tax credits and deductions instead of spending has created terrific social safety net, and ALL you need is a good government or corporate job to gain access to the all great and wonderful … SOCIALISM!!

Did you know we were living in a socialist utopia? I certainly didn’t! Three key quotes make Chris Ladd’s premise clear:

Socialism for white people is all-enveloping, benevolent, invisible, and insulated by the nasty, deceptive notion that we have earned our benefits by our own hand


White voters are not interested in democratic socialism. They want to restore their access to a more generous and dignified program of white socialism.


No one stated their intention to create a social welfare program for white people, specifically white men, but they didn’t need to. By handing control to employers at a time when virtually every good paying job was reserved for white men the program silently accomplished that goal.

I probably should’ve warned y’all that you would have to deal with an insane amount of jaw dropping, eye rolling, and head desk moments… Sorry!

Here’s the thing. This article was one of the most condescending pieces of crap I’ve ever read. For someone who was supposedly involved with the Republican Party as much as he was, he doesn’t have a clue about economics. The ONLY reason a government has money is because it takes it away from someone! Unfortunately many others don’t understand that either.

For example, there are some who think the Democrats should use this article to appeal to Americans (Deplorables mind you) who believe in hard work and no handouts. You see, if we can convince them, then they will FINALLY understand that universal healthcare is just like public education!! Once we do that, everyone will be thrilled to send the government more money so the government dole gravy train can merrily chug along!

I’ll wait while you find your eyeballs, recover from #HeadDesk collision, and reattach your jaw….

Hey Chris? Want to know what Socialism is? Hop a plane to Venezuela. Seriously, go. There you will find the following:

National disarmament and ammunition registration

Infanticide due to the fact that diapers are no longer affordable

Riots over food and protests against the goverment

And the latest:

Chris? You should really, I mean REALLY watch this video.

Vin Scully isn’t a fan of socialism either.

Chris, Insurance is not and never has been a right, nor should it be mandatory. It’s a BENEFIT. If people don’t WANT to pay to have insurance that’s fine. This Republic should not and MUST not be in the business of forcing something on Americans against their will. That is what you are advocating for and you are wrong.

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  • parker says:

    Nothing is more infuriating than a person telling me I don’t know what is best for me and mine. I like knowing there will be toilet paper to wipe my a$$. I don’t need no stinking toilet paper czar.

    In the USSR the peons would react to the latest atrocity with “If only Stalin knew.” These idiots keep believing that the perfection of humans is possible if only the right people were in charge. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result truly is insanity.

    • Nina says:

      Agreed. I still can’t quite wrap my head around fact that Chris Ladd somehow believes America has been socialist from the get go. Then again, I live on planet reality, he doesn’t. 😉

  • Gail Boer says:

    Chris Ladd is both a racist and an idiot. Only White People want jobs with benefits and a retirement plan? Is he out of his mind? My neighbors and friends from all ethnic groups and walks of life all are hard working folks who want to support their families. His reality is beyond distorted and just is painful to behold. In my reality in the Rust Belt people WANT to work. They don’t want to sit back and collect unemployment. Shaking my head.

  • Darleen Click says:

    Thanks for this, Nina. Fisking most welcome.

    I’d only add that when someone starts equating tax deductions (hey, I get to keep a few $$$ more of MY OWN EARNINGS cuz I have kids) with tax subsidies (taking $$ from Peter to pay Paul not to grow a crop) is either dishonest or a fool.

    “Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.” Ayn Rand

  • Joemambi says:

    “…anyway, 0 and 2.” Without skipping a beat. Vin’s the best.

  • GWB says:

    he doesn’t have a clue about economics

    Power Line’s “Week in pictures” had this last weekend:

    (In case that doesn’t work: )

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