Record Turnout and Lines Isn’t Voter Suppression

Record Turnout and Lines Isn’t Voter Suppression

Record Turnout and Lines Isn’t Voter Suppression

Record voter turn out in states with early voting is the basis for Democrats cries of “voter suppression!”. I guess the alternative narrative of “Trump creates record numbers of early voters” would really set them off! Their loose affiliation with facts is standard operating procedure for a party that feeds off divisive rhetoric. 

Across America there are, per Ballotpedia, 26 states open for early voting. Several states are posting record numbers of early voters. Notwithstanding Covid precautions, and first day burps, it’s been fairly smooth. Two states with big electoral baskets, Texas and Florida, are open and up for grabs. A handful of other smaller states are also experiencing higher than expected early voter numbers.

But of course, the Democrats complain that record voter turnout is actually voter suppression. Because you know, waiting a few hours in a line is voter suppression.

They really need to read a dictionary. Their misuse of words is more suspect than Hunter Biden on a government jet headed to China.

Here we see Claire McCaskill lamenting the long line in Gwinnett Co. GA. Note that the long line is comprised of people standing at “social distancing”, there’s a lag as the voting machines are wiped down between voters, and minor computer problems contribute to increase wait times. Dave Wasserman, House Editor for The Cook Political Report points out the gaping flaws in Claire’s fictional narrative.


Battleground Blitz

Of the “big” prize states, California and New York are a wash for Trump. But Florida (29 EC votes) and Texas (38 EC votes) are very much in play.

Texas has broken previous records for early voting. The Texas Tribune reports,

Voters in Harris County [Houston] shattered the record for in-person ballots cast on the first day of early voting, with more than 128,000 people voting, according to the county elections office. The previous record was set in 2016, when about 68,000 people cast votes there.

More than 25,000 ballots were cast in Travis County [Austin] by 4 p.m., said County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir, adding that she was “tickled pink” by the number of people who showed up to vote. Nearly 33,700 people in the county voted during the first day of early voting in 2016.

In some parts of the state, voters waited in lines of three hours or more. That’s expected, officials said, as new poll workers get accustomed to the process and eager voters show up in large numbers.

Despite the long lines, officials reported only isolated problems across the state.”

Read that last line again before reading Robert “call me Beto-boy” O’Rourke’s original tweet about wait times,

In fairness, he did update his tweet after the commissioners voted to extend voting to account for the delay. But the timeline is tight and it was very likely being addressed before he sent out his polarizing tweet. Delays have been isolated. Frankly it’s remarkable that so few problems have occurred, especially in places where polling locations have seen in excess of 200,000 people over the last two days.

Of course, no 2020 event is complete without the obligatory “Coronavirus-kill us” issue, and voting is no different. Tarrant Co. (Ft. Worth) had to close several polling stations because a worker tested positive for the Coronavirus. But as of 0930 they had reopened all but one location.

Harris Co. has an interactive map that updates with wait times and polling hours. And a novel “drive through” voting, where people never need to leave their cars.

Florida begins tabulation

Voters in Florida are turning out in large numbers, and the Democrats feel confident that those votes are for Biden. However Florida isn’t a sprint and over the next few weeks the mail in ballots will be tabulated. Mail in votes that are representative of a large military population, that may counter the Democrats wishful thinking. Republican voters in Florida are notorious for their massive Election Day turn out. I wonder if the Democrats will be concerned about long lines on Election Day?

Liberals ignore that green is the color to eases voting headaches

For a group that is presumably leading in early ballots cast (based on party affiliation votes, not verified votes), Democrats are very focused on what they imagine is people being denied their opportunity to vote. The numbers don’t support that assertion. And certainly not when looking at the areas with high voter turnout. But why let facts stop the narrative? Especially when they can add a dash of race baiting into the mix.

Walter Shaubformer Director of Office Government Ethics under Obama and Trump tweets,

People waited in line up to 11 hours to vote in parts of Georgia yesterday. That’s not a function of democracy. That’s a function of Republicans actively making it hard for people, especially those who don’t look like me, to vote. I waited in NO line and was out in 5 minutes.”

Ol’ Walter is a substantial man, who is a white Gen X’er that has lived an adult life of white collar jobs (predominately in government). Odds are good he lives in a suburb of Virginia comprised of single family homes and low density zoning. People generally vote near their homes, and if his neighborhood is like my Northern VA (NoVA) ‘burb… it’s low density and completely suburban. My non-white NoVA neighbors… in and out in a few minutes as well. It’s not his color that affords him expedient voting. It’s his money and choice of residence.

Tell me again how votes are being suppressed?

They aren’t.

Waiting a few hours to vote is frustrating, boring, and annoying. But it’s something everyone has done in the past. Disney parks routinely have 4 hour waits for new rides, the DMV or Social Security offices hold competitions for who can hold the most same customer birthdays in the waiting room – I have entered the DMV with a newborn and left with a licensed driver. My Social Security check may as well be distributed in the waiting room for all the time they take to call my ticket number. Point being, that inconvenience is in no way disenfranchisement or suppression. Exercising the right to vote is hours faster than a firearms background check, and I don’t see Democrats complaining about that delay.

Thanks Sarah Hoyt and welcome to our INSTAPUNDIT readers!

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • GWB says:

    Why do Americans have to wait in lines this long?
    Because people like you insist they have to stand 6 feet apart to prevent catching cooties from each other. The lines would be 1/3 as long if you didn’t do that.

  • Henry Green says:

    Agree completely. Democrats and their friends in the legacy media push to get their adherents to the polls and then claim that by showing up, these people are having their votes suppressed. This absurdity is right up there with Democrats’ new definition of “court packing”. According to the ones I heard interviewed Sunday, appointing judges to vacant seats now constitutes “court packing”. These examples constitute either ignorance or lying, but probably some of both.

    • GWB says:

      Well, technically it only equals “court packing” if you do a lot of those vacancies yourself. If you left a bunch lying around for the next guy to do, then it’s all fair and stuff.

  • A. Human says:

    “Why do Americans have to wait in lines this long?”
    If I may paraphrase this question: Why do Americans have to have people like Claire McCaskill represent them in elective office?

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  • Mary says:

    Why not vote on the weekend ie Saturday.

    • Mary says:

      Oops! I think I may have made a mistake, it IS Saturday over there. This reply is because I can not delete my initial post. Sorry.

  • John C. says:

    I went to get in line to vote yesterday morning an hour before the polling place in Georgia; I was maybe the twelfth person in line. When it opened, it took less than 10 minutes to register and vote. One of the poll workers said the line was a lot shorter than the first 3 days of Early Voting. When I left, the line outside was shorter than when I had gotten in line. I live in a majority-black area (my wife and I are just about the only white people in our subdivision); if anyone was trying to suppress anyone, I saw no signs of it.

  • Ampleforth says:

    The Democrats sense a loss, even a possible trouncing. Therefore, they have to discredit the election and its processes.

    In my little town, the early voting polling place is about a block from my office. When it first opens the lines are long because people line up early. After being open for an hour or maybe 90 minutes, voters can walk right into the building and vote — possibly with a short wait. I don’t know; I can’t see into the building.

    Also, we have had Chamber of Commerce weather, so people don’t mind standing on the sidewalk when it is sunny and 70 degrees.

    Vote. Vote early. Vote often. If you’re a Democrat, don’t bother. Stay in bed. Take unlimited hits off your bong. I don’t think I have to tell them to the last two things.

    • GWB says:

      they have to discredit
      Yes, it sets them up to scream after the initial counts show them losing, hoping for a judicial intervention. It’s also one reason they’re pushing all those polls showing Biden is ahead – so they can insist those votes must have been suppressed when those numbers don’t show up.

      The flip side of those polls is they can manufacture votes more easily, since it’s just obvious that Biden must have won.

      Vote early.
      No. Go on election day. Make sure the Dems don’t know how many votes to manufacture until it’s too late.

      Vote often.
      Uh, no.

      • John C. says:

        I always vote early; a friend of mine went to vote on Election Day a few cycles ago, and was told he had already voted in Early Voting, which was news to him. There are those who have tried to brush that off as an unlikely thing, but the sample size is small, and yet has a case of election fraud in it.

        • GWB says:

          And you insist that you be allowed to provisionally vote at that point and document a protest against your supposed early vote. Never let it slide.

  • I’ve noticed that the “Have a Plan” for voting is a major dog whistle (to use their favored language) for the left. As is the naked voting (WTF — ewww) campaign. I can’t help but wonder if the push for voting from the left would be as hard charging if the people voting were opposed to their social engineering platforms.

    I find humor in the fact that their presumption isn’t that people will actually listen to their ad nauseam ramblings, but that they presume their audience will vote how they are told. #groupthink at it’s most basic.

  • windbag says:

    Early voting (in NC) began yesterday. I waited about 30 minutes. That’s the second longest time I’ve waited. In 1996 we stood in line for 90 minutes. My wife went to vote today, but the line was too long and she’ll have to try again later.

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