Reality Bites: Like It or Not, Get Ready For a Donald Trump Nomination

Reality Bites: Like It or Not, Get Ready For a Donald Trump Nomination

Reality Bites: Like It or Not, Get Ready For a Donald Trump Nomination

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was our firewall between freedom and a tyrannical, over-reaching central government. He was an invaluable defender of our Constitution, fighting on behalf of all of us whether we recognize it or not. And despite their immediate protestations otherwise, those whom we handed full control of both houses of Congress in 2014 could once again cave to White House pressure and, quite possibly, confirm a liberal Obama Supreme Court nominee to replace the irreplaceable Justice Scalia. They’ve yet to do much of anything to halt Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, so why would they start now? Even in the face of the flaming hypocrisy of the Democrats. Oh, Joe, video is forever:

Photo credit: CharismaNews
Photo credit: CharismaNews

Nope. I have zero confidence that they’ll stop Obama now, either. In fact, they’ve handed him more power, and just about everything he wants, no strings attached, and are mostly to thank for the Donald Trump phenomenon. Which brings me to my point: Reality bites. And as distraught as this makes me, I think it’s time we have a paradigm shift and accept that Donald J. Trump will likely be the GOP’s nominee for POTUS. Why? Because the path forward for any of the other candidates is nearly non-existent, and paved in shallow rhetoric by an orange-haired demogogue. Ben Shapiro over at the Daily Wire explains why. In a nutshell:

  1. The math doesn’t add up.
  2. Major countrywide anti-Wall Street sentiment.
  3. Nationwide anti-establishment fever.
  4. Anger, anger, and more anger.
  5. And egos that won’t budge.

Blogger Matt Walsh sums up perfectly my position on the lunacy of the blind Trump support reminiscent of that of Obama’s 2007 Cult of Personality. Nevertheless, and as much as it pains me to say it, I think Shapiro, unfortunately, is correct.

Image credit: Inquisitr
Current Nevada GOP caucus polling. (Image credit: Inquisitr)

Today will yield yet another yuuuuge win for the new-and-shiny Donald Trump. This time via the Nevada caucus, of course, placing him well on his way to a likely insurmountable lead in the delegate count. And I predict Kasich and Carson will stay in, for whatever their reasoning, be it the delusion that one of them will be the eventual nominee, an ultimate pick for VP, or simply just for spite in Dr. Carson’s case. At least the “low energy” Jeb Bush had the common decency to do the right thing and bow out. The two of them should, as well, and let the best man win. Whomever that may be. But I’m betting their egos won’t allow it.

The stakes are enormous, and history-shaping: If we sincerely want to stop the Democrats from stacking the SCOTUS for a generation or more, ushering in an excelled erosion of our liberties, we cannot allow another Democrat to hold the White House come fall. Let’s face it, folks. Barring self-inflicted implosion, the only people that can stop Trump from becoming the next president are Hillary Clinton. And us. And I’m unwilling to cede my America to a woman who has no respect for her. Let alone us.

Curse of the Black Spot: This blogger, faced with choosing black-cursed nominee Donald Trump in the voting booth come November.

Photo credit: People
Photo credit: People

So. Here’s the ugly truth. Our two choices, barring a nuclear explosion by way of a CruBio coalition, are likely thus: A man who’s bluster and vulgarity rubs our last nerve raw, and who’s positions on just about all the issues vital to us conservatives change as frequently as the Northwest weather. Or a woman who blatantly placed national security, and the lives of our intelligence assets, at grave risk for the sake of laziness and, likely, personal profit. So, the question is: When the time comes, will we sit on our bums and allow a felon who has no regard for our security or the safety of our deep cover ops, and lies as easily as she breathes, to become the next Commander-in-Chief? Or will we hold our collective noses and vote for the guy who’s NOT under FBI investigation for violations of a subsection of the Espionage Act, and worse? I’m loath to admit it, but methinks it’s time to go nose-plug, and therapist, shopping.

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  • Wfjag says:

    I’ve already had to make this type of choice. After the first primary in Louisiana, in the run off for Governor were David Duke and Edwin Edwards. You pick the lesser evil.

    Between Hil-liar-y and The Donald, the choice is between one whose career is based on selling influence (the former), and one whose career is based on buying influence ( the latter).

    • Jodi says:

      Oh, she’s far worse than that, as I’ve lain out. At least the Donald has not exposed state secrets and risked the lives, or worse, of our intelligence assets. So, I’ll pull the lever for the guy who hasn’t potentially killed a deep cover op…or several. Albeit with the most sour face I can muster.

  • Pacific Patriot says:

    Thank you for stating the painfully obvious, and preparing for an unwanted outcone. I refuse to be a White Flag Voter, come November. Even at his worst, Trump is a thousand times better than Billary (note: a Vote for Hillary is a vote for her husband, too). It’s time for Republicans to do a personal exercise of making a list of pluses to go along their list of minuses. I know, it’s not easy, but it is possible. The Romney haters were very slow to show their support for him in the General Election. It cost Romney lots of much needed support, enthusiasm, time, money, and Voter turnout. The result?…the “fundamental transformation of America.” I fear a deja vu unless people see beyond the obvious negatives, and prepare to find something to like about Trump. I can offer some possibilities…

    Trump loves America, identifies her enemies, and has done nothing to harm this great nation. He doesn’t have a disdain for Prosperity, is with me on Illegal Immigration and Border Secutity, knows how to organize and manage more than a rinky dink community meeting on how to take down the prosperous. He knows how to employ people, knows how to make a dollar, and he knows that Leadership calls for delegation and the gathering of great minds to solve a problem. He respects our Veterans, dislikes unnecessary wars, and wants to strengthen our Military. He knows how to budget, knows how to cut losses, knows how to restructure and redirect a failing operation, learns from his mistakes, and probably most important to me…

    Although he changes with his finger to the wind, at least he CAN be swayed by public pressure, and influenced by public opinion, unlike any of our clowns, criminals, and Socialists, Communists, and Global Central Planner puppets to the Left. And…Trump’s first paycheck was not at the age of 40!

    • Jodi says:

      Well said, PP. I’m with him on several issues, and with Hillary on precisely none. She’s proven she belongs nowhere near our military or our intelligence community. She belongs in an orange jumpsuit. So thank you for being rational. Clearer heads must prevail.

  • JPW says:

    As a Cruz supporter who sees the writing on the wall, I commend your judgment and loyalty to conservatism. I’ll vote my guy 1 March instead of The Donald, but when it’s all said and done I get it. I’ll be voting The Donald instead of The Hildabeast.

  • Hank says:

    Let’s be honest, what more harm could Trump do to America that 8 years of Obama hasn’t done already, or for that matter, god forbid, Hillary or Bernie? Because, like it or not, that’s your choice.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Hillary would be far worse. Imagine being under the command of a woman who has no regard for your life. No. No. NO.

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