More Warped Millennial Perspective: ISIS is “Relatable”

More Warped Millennial Perspective: ISIS is “Relatable”

More Warped Millennial Perspective: ISIS is “Relatable”

Millennials are so quirky and so funny. I love some of their humorous musings and their attempts at being cutting-edge-tongue-and-cheek. Take this little snippet from the millennial-focused, .Mic:

Why yes, she said exactly what you thought she said. ISIS is “relatable“. WHY? Because they can not afford Red Bulls and Snickers Bars just like the poor millennials of today with low-paying jobs and the overwhelming responsibilities of being an adult. “The man” is keeping them down with the increasing prices of gas, food and taxes, taxes, taxes!

“As millennials we’re not that different from ISIS. We have rent, groceries and utilities,” says anchor-millennial, Nicole Pasquale. “We consider selling stuff to make extra cash.” And, darn it, those pesky TAXES just get in the way!

“We all started out thinking we could take over the world and then reality set in.”

The crazy is strong with this one, folks. For the sake of being cheeky, we have some 20-something year-old WOMAN rambling on about how a group of fundamentalist terrorists (who have no respect for women) are “relatable” because they are no longer able to afford Snickers Bars? And neither can millennials? One thing is for certain and I would tend to agree that some millennials and ISIS jihadis are in a parallel universe when it comes to having an overly-inflated self esteem and exposing this egomania via social media. The rest of us normal people in this world could give a flying flip what they think. We don’t-even though they are convinced that we do. Here’s reality for you, little millennial snowflakes: you are not witty. You are not the least bit funny. While you goof about “relating to ISIS” in a humorous attempt at social commentary, one of your peers is overseas right now defending your right to spout off with thoughtless banter comparing your generation to a group of terrorists who kill children, throw gay people off of buildings and behead individuals for looking at them the wrong way. If you feel a certain kinship with those types of people and sympathize with them, perhaps there should be no further opportunity for you here in this country. If you align their daily responsibilities (rent, food, childcare) with yours or other normal American families, you need a serious lesson in real-world perspective. If you think your life is hard with the responsibilities of bills, food and taxes, wait until you see what your beloved, cute-little-old-man “Savior Sanders” has up his sleeve should you decide to cast your vote for him. I guarantee you it isn’t a free Red Bull, discounted Snickers, lower taxes or enough to even buy the clue some of you most desperately need.

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