Racial Equity In Roads For Pete Buttigieg

Racial Equity In Roads For Pete Buttigieg

Racial Equity In Roads For Pete Buttigieg

These people make my hair hurt with their ideology and incompetence. By “these people”, I mean anyone even tangentially connected to the Creepy Joe Biden Regime. These people have an ideology that asserts everything in America is RACIST and the incompetence to absolutely bungle every single, bloody freaking thing they touch. Jennifer Granholm, Amy Klobuchar, LLoyd Austin, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. None of them could find their backsides with both hands tied behind their backs. Pete has taken a break from chest-feeding to launch his program to bring racial equity to American roadways. Yeah.

Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg had actually had racial equity for roads on 2024 Presidential Run Checklist last year, but he got caught up in the Supply Chain Crisis, which he, as you know, bungled. Right now, we have flight delays all over Hell and half of Georgia, and Pete has bungled that. Now we have the airlines with their flight delays. Airline employees at every level quit or retired during the pandemic (forced vax, anyone?) and you can’t grow pilots overnight. Little Pete is going to be watching airlines’ performances over this Fourth of July weekend before he takes government action. Pack your patience and you sleeping bag, folks. You are going to need both.

Petey B. has the perfect resume for a Dem politician. Marxist Dad, check. Harvard and Oxford, check. Military service, check. McKinsey consulting, check. Run for office, check. Petey was incompetent as Mayor of South Bend, check. Stop laughing. He was. His appointment as Secretary of Transportation was met with grief, because he was not qualified.

Booty-judge has got to have something on his resume for his 2024 Presidential Run. Play the race card, that’s the ticket. We need racial equity in our roads. Here’s Pete explaining how roads are racist:

Pete is shocked that people didn’t know our roads are RACIST. Bridges were built low so that buses couldn’t go under them and only Black and Puerto Rican people rode the buses. Robert Moses conceived many of those roadways and bridges that Pete is referencing. I spent a lot of time on them (The Hutchinson River Parkway and the Merritt Parkway) during the time I live in (ugh) Connecticut. Here is the refutation that the bridges were built low so buses couldn’t use them, from Bloomberg News:

And contrary to a claim in The Power Broker, Moses clearly meant buses to serve his “little Jones Beach” in the Rockaways—Jacob Riis Park. While oriented mainly toward motorists (the parking lot was once the largest in the world), it is simply not true that New Yorkers without cars were excluded. The original site plan included bus drop-off zones, and photographs from the era plainly show buses loading and unloading passengers. “Bus connections with the B.M.T. and I.R.T. in Brooklyn,” reported the Brooklyn Eagle when the vast seaside playground opened 80 years ago this summer, “make the park easily accessible to non-motorists.”

Booty-judge is going to bring racial equity to racist roads with a BILLION of your tax dollars because your tax dollars caused the problem. From the Post Millennial:

According to ABC News, “Under the Reconnecting Communities program, cities and states can now apply for the federal aid over five years to rectify harm caused by roadways that were built primarily through lower-income, Black communities after the 1950s creation of the interstate highway system.” The qualifying analysis for “harm” is unspecified but NPR reports that it revolves around if a group “feel racially harmed.”

The solutions to correct these feelings of “racial harm” are new rapid bus lines, bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, all of which are ubiquitous goals in the infrastructure package anyway.
Some new goals are the repurposing old rail lines and, most significantly, removing highways that are felt to be harmful. $195 million in grants will be awarded with $50 million to “planning studies” alone.
Finally a “thriving communities” plan will launch with the help of Housing and Urban Development Department ostensible to help communities thrive.
“This is a forward-looking vision,” Buttigieg said. “Our focus isn’t about assigning blame. It isn’t about getting caught up in guilt. It’s about fixing a problem. It’s about mending what has been broken, especially when the damage was done with taxpayer dollars.”

You see what Petey did there? He mixed Critical Race Theory and the Call for Reparations into a stew. Your racist tax dollars created racist roads and bridges in the past. Your current racist tax dollars must be used to repair the harm done. It’s all your racist fault.

“Reconnecting Communities” is another White Liberal Savior program bought with 2.2 TRILLION in money appropriated from your grandkids to pay for your ancestors’ sins. It’s perfect for Buttigieg and his ideology and incompetence.

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