Quote of the Day: No, Donald Trump is Not Going to Suddenly Become Presidential

Quote of the Day: No, Donald Trump is Not Going to Suddenly Become Presidential

Quote of the Day: No, Donald Trump is Not Going to Suddenly Become Presidential

Paul Manafort, along with most of Trump’s supporters, are eager to reassure us all that Trump’s crass routine is just an act. Really, once he gets into office, he’ll drop all of the petty taunts and insults, all of the sexism and misogyny, and suddenly become the picture of presidential authority. Anyone who believes this, of course, is delusional. Trump has always been a crass, crude, obnoxious blowhard; he always will be. And campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said as much on CNN.

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What you have is, as you know, Mr. Trump, when he goes to an event, he speaks to these massive crowds, and he wants to make sure that they understand what his message is. So his messaging in those large crowds is sometimes more tailor-made to that large crowd, and in a small audience, as you would anybody else, you have a different way that you speak to people in a smaller crowd. And I think that’s what Paul was trying to get across. So what you’ll see tomorrow from Mr. Trump is a detailed policy speech in Washington, and then we’ll go out to Indiana, and we’ll have a massive rally which Coach Bobby Knight is going to be joining us for. And it’s going to be a massive, raucous crowd, which is something that many people on this channel have had the opportunity to see, because you cover it so well usually. And so, again, what Paul is talking about is in those smaller meetings when Donald Trump is one-on-one with someone, and may not be having the same type of loud, verbose conversation because it’s a more private intimate setting. But the message is the same and Donald Trump will never change and the motto of this campaign has been and continues to be, let Mr. Trump be Mr. Trump.

For once in his life, Lewandowski is telling the truth. Donald Trump isn’t suddenly going to become presidential material. This isn’t a part. And while he might have finally grown an extra brain cell and figured out that all of the attacks and insults and anti-woman crap is hurting him, that doesn’t mean he’s actually changed. Just within the past few days, he attacked John Kasich for the way he eats and fighting Manafort’s efforts to reign him in. The bluster and insults may be appealing now, when it’s just a change of pace from the typical rehearsed politician, but when his only way of dealing with someone like Vladimir Putin is to make an obnoxious insult and then run away, it won’t be quite as refreshing. It’ll be a national embarrassment.

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