Clinton Blasts Trump’s “Scorched Earth Strategy” [VIDEO]

Clinton Blasts Trump’s “Scorched Earth Strategy” [VIDEO]

Clinton Blasts Trump’s “Scorched Earth Strategy” [VIDEO]

CBS News is reporting that Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s “scorched earth strategy” “desperate”. Democrat Presidential Candidate Clinton made the statement yesterday in Pueblo, Colorado.

In the article, CBS News’ Hannah Fraser-Chanpong asserts that Hillary Clinton “seemed to be trying to do the opposite”. Notice the qualifying words: “seemed” and “trying”.

“I am tired of all the divisions and the barriers,” she said at a rally at the state fairgrounds in Pueblo. “I want to bring people together across our party lines, across any lines that divide us. And not just people that vote for me — I want to be the president, yes, for Democrats, but also Republicans and Independents.”

Again, from the article:

In Pueblo, Clinton pointed out that she and her rival in the Democratic primary, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, tried to “stay out of all the meanness” and she repeated what is quickly becoming a rallying cry for Clinton’s supporters.

“When they go low, we go high,” Clinton said, quoting First Lady Michelle Obama, as she did in the second debate. The crowd said it along with her this time.

Words do matter. Words like “Basket of Deplorables” “Irredeemable”, and “Basement Dwelling”. Those are not negative. No, not at all. Hillary loves that high ground. “They go low, we go high.”

Hillary  Clinton in Pueblo, Colorado
Hillary Clinton in Pueblo, Colorado

Mrs. Clinton repeated her claim that “nobody makes it alone”. While that is essentially true, we all have teachers, parents, and mentors and use our Nation’s bridges and roads to get where we are going. Most of us learn to stand and walk on our own (if we are physically able) and most of us get our own lattes and work the remote.


And, most of us don’t need to be told when to smile when we are talking. Lachlan Markey put notes in Hillary’s prompter about when to smile.

Clinton may blast Trumps’ “scorched earth strategy”, but she is no stranger to hard ball politics and name calling. What is it now 25 days to go until this bizarre election is over. I’m still rooting for Sweet Meteor of Death.

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