Public Health Must Be a Major Focus in 2024

Public Health Must Be a Major Focus in 2024

Public Health Must Be a Major Focus in 2024

What are voters focusing on in the upcoming 2024 election? Forget MAGA types owning the libs, or Democrats owning the MAGA folks. Focus instead on public health, says Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University.

It’s truly a bipartisan issue, said Bhattacharya on “Real America’s Voice” on Wednesday evening. The professor of medicine told hosts John Solomon and Amanda Heard:

Prominent candidates have been criticizing public health, they have made it a major part of their platform.

I do think that in the upcoming presidential election, you’re going to see people on both sides of the political aisle–both on the Democratic side and on the Republican side–bring this up. 

Jay Bhattacharya is also encouraged by the recent court ruling against the federal government censoring social media speech.

An outspoken critic of the way the government handled the Covid pandemic, Bhattacharya also told The Spectator how the scientific bureaucracy failed the public:


Doctors Who Fought Public Health Authoritarians

Naturally, Bhattacharya is thrilled with the outcome of Missouri v. Biden, the court case which ruled against government censors. Especially because he, along with Aaron Kheriaty, MD, were plaintiffs in the case.

Matt Taibbi tweeted:

Huge credit for this ruling has to go to plaintiffs like @akheriaty and @DrJBhattacharya, who were willing to sign up for a long, unpleasant fight. 

While Kheriaty wrote at Substack and blasted the vast “censorship industrial complex:”

And it turns out that censorship was happening not just at the behest of public health agencies, like the CDC and the NIH, but the intelligence agencies were involved—the Department of Justice, FBI, the State Department, Department of Homeland Security. So the whole military intelligence industrial complex is tangled up in the censorship industrial complex.

If you’d like to read the very long list of the unelected members of the censorship complex, i.e., the defendants, Brownstone Institute has the list. It’s long, and has names you probably never heard of.


Bhattacharya Gives Props to Two Candidates

Dr. Bhattacharya has kept out of the current political hubbub, but he did point out two figures — one a Republican, the other a Democrat — who have been effective critics of public health. He told John Solomon and Amanda Heard:

You have people like Ron DeSantis on the Republican side or RFK Jr. on the Democratic side. So we will have this debate and I think it’s gonna be a healthy one.

DeSantis, in fact, created a public health integrity committee in Florida, which aims “to hold the federal government and Big Pharma accountable” for harms caused by the Covid vaccine. Two members of this committee include not only Bhattacharya, but also Dr. Martin Kuldorff, formerly of Harvard. Together with Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University in the UK they authored the Great Barrington Declaration.

public health martin kuldorff

Dr. Martin Kuldorff. Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0.

Then there’s the outspoken Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has captured the attention of many Americans. Writes Vinay Prasad, MD, medical professor at the University of California:

Because the media screwed up Covid19 policy & because of how they choose to cover him, RFK Jr’s influence is destined to grow.

Does Prasad agree with everything RFK Jr says about vaccines? No, not at all — especially when it comes to his comments on science. But Kennedy has denounced the corruption in Washington, DC, which has transfused national public health agencies. Most of these agencies are also beholden to giant corporations. Prasad notes: He’s the only person saying that. He is completely right.

And Donald Trump? He’s more invested in lying to Fox News’s Bret Baier about DeSantis’s Covid response in Florida.


Remember How Public Health Failed Us

I know, I know: Covid 19 is so 2020. We Americans want to put it behind us, a long nightmare which has ended. Covid is no longer on our minds, until we encounter someone in public who clings to their mask like a security blanket. Then we remember.

Nor do we pay much attention to signs in pharmacies encouraging us to get our 3rd? 4th? 5th? Covid boosters. After all, if you haven’t gotten a booster by now, you probably won’t get one. My doctor, in fact, doesn’t bug me at all when I tell her that I won’t get one. I think she gets it.

Instead we’re focused on things like cocaine in the White House, or the latest installment of the Hunter Biden saga. We comb “Libs of TikTok” at Twitter for woke wackos to ridicule. Lately the media has been pointing to UFO stories, of all things.

All this is low-hanging fruit. And while there are lots of issues upon which to focus, let’s not forget what public health and their wingmen in the censorship industrial complex have wrought. The suicides by teenagers locked in their homes. School children who have fallen behind in academics — with the most affected being children in poor neighborhoods. Businesses which have failed due to lockdowns, and adults who were unable to obtain crucial cancer screenings.

Never forget what they did to us all.


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