The Problem with Kamala Harris and #WomenUnshackled

The Problem with Kamala Harris and #WomenUnshackled

The Problem with Kamala Harris and #WomenUnshackled

While Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) slams Attorney General Jeff Sessions yesterday, Mother Jones is praising her for “going to jail so we don’t have to” and we have this from the Women Unshackled conference yesterday:

“We need to be smarter”? Apparently, Harris did not heed her own advice and anticipate the Tweet storm that would ensue after unleashing #WomenUnshackled:

The argument behind #WomenUnshackled is to “fix” the broken prison system for women. Harris argues that incarcerated women are deprived of basic hygiene, the lack of reproductive health support and that many women who are incarcerated have suffered some type of abuse in the course of their childhood. The simple argument remaining that Harris and her buddies like Elizabeth Warren fail to acknowledge is that there are women who are still like this in the prison system hoping to benefit from this initiative:

Women are incarcerated while pregnant, you say? Some women who are incarcerated are mothers? We must rethink criminal justice policy by a focus on “prevention first”?

There are many preventative measures that can be taken before women enter the prison system and not after the fact. For example, parenting classes that teach parents of at-risk children to break destructive patterns and teach them how to deal with setting appropriate boundaries and consequences. Right. We have to get some of these parents to actually attend. How about fixing a broken education system and early-intervention for at-risk families? Bingo. We have to get these families to actually participate in these programs. Some women who enter the prison system are pregnant and have other children? That’s funny, I was pregnant once-upon-a-time, too and I managed to stay out of prison. In fact, I know lots of women like me. You know why I stayed out of a cell? I got the riot act read to me at an early age and was taught to obey rules or else. I saw people I love die of drug overdoses and how a life of being on the street and drugs impacted their families. I was taught that there were consequences to my actions-as in, you don’t use protection, you might end up pregnant and if you do, you had better not go and do something that is against the law and get yourself thrown in the “pen” where you can complain about how unfair the system has been to you. Forgive me for not being sympathetic to the plight of prison women not having the right type of tampons.

“You have the power and we the people have the power!”-Kamala Harris, Women’s March 2017

See, ladies? You DO have the power to make better choices! Ms. Harris even said so. As for us here at Victory Girls, we are free of shackles and plan to remain that way in this beautiful country that we love. Yes, Kamala Harris, you are absolutely right. The collective “we”, as in women, need to be smarter.

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  • GWB says:

    It’s always about power. Springing a bunch of women from prison demonstrates feminist power.

  • Scott says:

    #womenunshackled? that piece of excrement ( I won’t insult women by calling her one) that microwaved a baby (think and let that sink in for a min) should only be unshackled just prior to being thrown into a pit of hungry wild dogs…. just saying..

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