Prisoner in Police Van With Freddie Gray: He ‘Was Intentionally Trying to Injure Himself’

Prisoner in Police Van With Freddie Gray: He ‘Was Intentionally Trying to Injure Himself’

Prisoner in Police Van With Freddie Gray: He ‘Was Intentionally Trying to Injure Himself’

During last night’s Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, she discussed the news from a just-released Washington Post article, citing a police document, that claims another prisoner inside the van with Freddie Gray, though out of eyeshot because the van is partitioned, told police he heard what he described as Mr. Gray “banging against the walls,” and that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself.”

You can read the entire Washington Post article here.

So far, no other claims have backed up the prisoner’s story, whose name is being withheld for safety reasons. But here’s what we do know:

Freddie Gray

  • Freddie Gray was arrested on April 12th.
  • Gray was not secured in the van with a safety belt or harness, as is new police policy.
  • The police van stopped three times on its way to the Western District station because Gray was reportedly “irate.”
  • Gray asked for medical help. It was delayed.
  • When the van arrived, Gray was found unconscious. He was transported from the police station to a nearby hospital for treatment, where it was determined his spinal cord was severely injured, and his wind pipe crushed.
  • Gray died April 19th.
  • Six officers, including a lieutenant and a sergeant, have been suspended.
  • Baltimore police will finish their investigation Friday, turn their results over to the Baltimore state’s attorney’s office, who will then decide whether or not to seek an indictment of the officers.
  • The report will not be made public.

This news is potentially explosive. And if it proves accurate, or simply provides enough doubt, what does it mean? For the city of Baltimore, heck, the nation: We can safely assume that Monday’s terrorizing of the city by THUGS will pale in comparison with what will follow. And for the growing numbers of protesters, peaceful and otherwise? Well, not much if you’re a lynch mob who’s willingly thrown our Constitutional rights to due process out the window. Because even if it is true, the Baltimore officers involved will be treated just like Darren Wilson in Ferguson, and will likely never work as cops there again. These days, if you’re a peace officer, and a black man dies while in your custody, you’re guilty no matter what. There is no assumption of innocence until proven otherwise. And the man who calls himself POTUS is the biggest offender of all at jumping to unproven conclusions.

Somewhere, Barack Obama is smiling.

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  • Merle says:

    Well, this should prove interesting!


  • Penny says:

    Oh Lord!!! Sharptongue has arrived….he’s already run interference for Madame Mayor, jostling reporters, so she could escape out a side door…she was supposed to give a press conference. Oh, you can bet that 0, Sharptongue, Mosley and Lynch are going to protect Madame Mayor’s butt. She screwed up royally, said things she should not have said, on video, but she’s a high mucky muck officer in the DNC–she’s the secretary of the national organization. It’s going to get really ugly….and the MoomBats in Seattle aren’t helping.

    We’ve had protest march since the 60’s, with the occasional riot, but, since 2008, the riots have gotten more frequent, and more violent. Ferguson made it all the way to the Super Bowl. Now, Baltimore has sequed to Philly, NYC, Seattle, God only knows where it will surface next. And, no one will accept any thing but that Gray was outright murdered by the police. If they find that he was slamming himself around in the truck, or if he was not following doctors’ orders after a serious neck operation–that was done through the front of his throat, they’re still going to riot & destroy just as much as if the police officers were convicted. We cannot win!!

    My feeling is that 0 has been working with Holder & Sharptongue all along to cause mass riots….building, insinuating, feeding them, so that 0 can call for national martial law. It’s seriously looking that way…the race card has been overused to the point that it’s like wet rag thrown on the floor…they’ve got to deep deeper.

    Blacks are 17.2% of the population, whites are 77.7%….even Hispanics bet the blacks in numbers, 17.1%, and growing with the illegals influx. Why are we so afraid?!? Is it the race card thing?!? Baraq Hussein 0?!? Or are the inner cities finally disinigrating from the decade after decade after decade of abuse and mismanagement by the a Democratic Party?!? Are the inner city plantations dissolving?!?

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