Portland: Not All Shoplifters Booked Into Jail

Portland: Not All Shoplifters Booked Into Jail

Portland: Not All Shoplifters Booked Into Jail

We go now to the City in Peril, Portland Oregon, where an article story for local affiliate, KGW8 informs readers that not all shoplifters in the metro area are booked into jail.

I know. Say it isn’t so. According to this, Multnomah County (of which Portlan is a part), prosecutes less than half of its misdemeanor theft cases referred by law enforcement, while Washington and Clackamas counties prosecute these cases at a considerably higher rate.

Washington and Clackamas county jails both allow police to book someone charged with a low-level theft offense like shoplifting. But in Multnomah County, and across the river in Clark County, those two jails do not book shoplifters except under special circumstances.”-Pat Dooris, Jamie Parfitt, KGW8

Why are they not booking these criminals? Well, because, the jail can’t be too crowded, you see. Some jails in the Portland Metro still have COVID restrictions. Can’t have over-crowding for the health concerns of those who work there and, of course, the criminals who are in these jails and booked on more serious offenses, like murder. What are the “special circumstances”? When Portland police are running some sort of special mission to “target” that type of crime, they say. How many of these cases are charged by the District Attorney?

Less than half.

Yeah. “Get out and support them” before they are forced to close up shop because they cannot keep up with the incessant theft in your lawless city, Ted.

Just last week, a fire in an RV parked at Southeast 3rd Avenue and Ash Street near the headquarters of the Salt & Straw ice cream shop caused the business to shut down after the fire brought down a transformer.

If we can’t make it safe, I can’t stay here,” Malek said. “It’s just not responsible of me to put my team in that position.”-Kim Malek, Founder of Salt & Straw


Frequent break-ins and shoplifting crimes have caused several Portland businesses to shutter their doors. This is simply not a viable business model for most. Over the past 18 months, Rains PDX has been broken into 15 times.

Our city is in peril. Small businesses (and large) cannot sustain doing business, in our city’s current state. We have no protection, or recourse, against the criminal behavior that goes unpunished. Do not be fooled into thinking that insurance companies cover losses. We have sustained 15 break-ins … we have not received any financial reimbursement since the 3rd.”-Marcy Landolfo, RAINS, PDX

Don’t worry. Ted Wheeler will get a task force right on all of it. Throwing criminals in jail is hazardous to their health. They may catch COVID. And, besides, doesn’t insurance pay for that?!

It’s not just clothing the crazy, drug-addled people on the streets of PDX are stealing. They’re stealing other stuff, too. And any season is stealing season in Portlandia:

Hell, they’re not even stealing little rain ponchos here and there. Some of them are stealing TRUCKLOADS of goods:

On Monday, KGW checked back on one 24-year-old shoplifting suspect who was caught by Portland police Nov. 9 after allegedly taking off in a stolen truck full of items stolen from Target. She lost control of the truck when police successfully deployed spike strips in her path, ultimately crashing and then trying to run away on foot.”-Pat Dooris, Jamie Parfitt, KGW8

The woman was arrested for violating parole on a previous arrest. Why was she stealing a truckload of goods from Le Target? Hold onto your hats-the answer will amaze you. She did it to buy fentanyl.

What does Multnomah County, DA, Mike Schmidt, have to say for himself?

Take responsibility for the justice system? Are you for real, Schmidt? The “old style of prosecution?” “Fundamental flaws?” How is your “new style” working out for you and the people of Portland, anyway? Rumor has it, even the liberal hippies have had enough.

“Taking responsibility” would have been be arresting the lawless rioters who took over the streets of Portland, booking individuals guilty of theft and charging them accordingly. If you’re the pro-criminal type of DA, you’d seek getting them help off of drugs, getting them the mental services they need if they are mentally unstable and giving them some sense of dignity. We know he and Ted Wheeler do not give a crap about well-being of the small business owners.

Sadly, that is all they know how to do in Portland and why it’s a murderous, unsafe, filthy pit. Posture. Might be time to kick that “posture” into “old school prosecution” before it’s too late.

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  • GWB says:

    We have no protection, or recourse, against the criminal behavior that goes unpunished.
    Actually, you do have recourse. A couple of them.
    First is to VOTE OUT all of the people not aggressively arresting and prosecuting the criminals.
    Second is to take care of it yourselves. You see, you’re supposed to be a citizen, not a subject. Revoke the authority of those failing to do what you pay them to do and re-center that authority on yourselves. That’s what free men do when their government fails.
    But, you won’t do the first, so you’ll never do the second. You don’t want the responsibility. You’d rather be a subject.

    Voters in jurisdictions across the nation have elected reform pro-criminal D.A.s
    FIFY. Also, this is the prime example of the people wanting to be subjects – in a Progressive theocracy, no less. They would rather virtue signal to get into Progressive heaven (will never happen) than live in a safe, prosperous, FREE community.

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