Politico: Biden’s Age Is Just A Mind Over Matter

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Politico: Biden’s Age Is Just A Mind Over Matter

Politico: Biden’s Age Is Just A Mind Over Matter

The writers at Politico are telling Americans to not worry at all about Joe Biden’s age with regard to a 2024 Presidential run. Mind over matter, they say.

Yale School of Management, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a long-standing trustee on The National Council of Aging, seems to think that Americans-Biden supporters and non-Biden supporters, alike, should not be at all concerned about age when it comes to leaders of our Free World.

Why, well, lots of scholarly research and articles, of course. Here we go again. I am a Yale professor and I have done years of research on this topic, so ergo, I am smarter than the average schmo American.

But surely, regardless of ideology or politics, few doubt that Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at age 82, is still at the top of her game, or believe that they could outfox 80-year-old Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. History is rife with instances of extraordinary individuals succeeding well into old age.”-Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Politico

Sonnefeld goes on to justify that Benjamin Franklin co-authored the Declaration of Independence at 70 and at 81, he negotiated an agreement to salvage the Constitutional Convention. Ahh, yes. THAT alone should make us patriots feel so much better about senile old coot, Joe Biden, running for another term in 2024.

Does it? No. Because to author the Declaration of Independence and salvage the Constitutional Convention, one Benjamin Franklin would still have had hits wits about him to do so. Joe Biden can barely string together a sentence on his good days and does not know which way to exit a podium after speaking. No comparison there, Politico.

Partisans and patriots can ask fair questions of character and competence. But age is a dangerously misleading disqualifier for key positions, be it in government or the boardroom.

I come to this conclusion based on years of scholarly research, historical studies, cultural examples and my own firsthand experience with aging top leaders. I have closely studied age and work — once called industrial gerontology — since the founding of the field decades ago. My studies as a Harvard Business School researcher in the 1970s contributed to the repeal of IBM’s then-mandatory retirement at age 55. My book, “The Hero’s Farewell: What Happens when CEOs Retire” provided the first empirical studies of leaders in late career…..”-Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Politico

Blah, blah, blah…my years of scholarly research because yeah, I’m so much more intellectually superior to you. Let’s throw in a shameless plug for the book I’ve authored in here, too.

We see you, Jeffrey. We also see Joe Biden, too. Regardless of how many “scholarly articles” and amount of “extensive research” you have done, things still don’t look so good for a Biden run in 2024. Pelosi and McConnell? Heck, let’s get rid of them, too! Good riddance.

Older workers tend to have greater sales skills and interpersonal savvy, with only modest declines in physical dexterity. Older managers took longer to make decisions, but they were better able to appreciate the value of new information.”-Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Politico

Greater “sales skills”? What is Pudding Joe trying to “sell” to Americans? It’s not like with inflation the way it is, most Americans could afford to buy what he is selling, anyway. He is selling division amongst our people and, sadly, this is free and some are scooping it right up like the free sample gluttons at Costco on a Tuesday afternoon. And interpersonal savvy? Jeffrey? C’mon, man! Joe Biden has NO game when it comes to this savvy. He does not know the dead from the living:

It’s true that there can be some cognitive declines starting in midlife, such as with memory and speed of response, particularly once people hit age 70. But long-term memory is far more robust than short-term recall. Furthermore, slower reaction time can be advantageous in positions where judgment and wisdom are valued over impetuousness.”-Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Politico

Long-term memories of getting ready to beat a “bad dude” named Corn Pop and kids playing with his hairy legs at the community pool? Those are some robust memories there that will for sure endear ol’ Joe to the American people and will aid in robust policy and governing our Republic, don’t you think? And those “slower reaction times”? Let’s take a look at Afghanistan. That withdrawal happened fairly quickly, eh? But, yes, Biden’s, rational foreign policy and slow reaction times can attribute to something. We have some nice wars in Europe swirling about right now.

But Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and the writers at Politico think Joe Biden is fit to run again despite his obvious dementia and mental decline. Why? We have to look at his “individual abilities”. You know, those ones Barack Obama said to not underestimate. Huh. Sonnenfeld supports his ideas by throwing in words like wisdom, perspective and continued creativity.

Some of the biggest names in corporate history showed they didn’t lose a step with age.”-Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Politico

Yes, but those are big names in corporate history. But Biden has missed steps in his prime. He was an incompetent disaster then. With a Biden presidency, we are less economically secure, more divided and, yes, DUMBER than we have ever been as a nation. Those are not the results of a “few missed steps”, dude. Just saying.

Youth is no guarantee of brilliance and age does not ensure wisdom — nor, however, does it guarantee dementia.”-Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Politico

There is some truth in that statement. Youth? See Exhibit One: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And yes, age does not guarantee dementia but the dementia is undeniably apparent in senile Joe Biden. Sonnenfeld of Politico can go on and on about how age bias needs to be retired but the obvious is still there, in front of our faces and in The White House.

But we can’t “retire” Joe Biden. Why? Well, Dr. Jill would not be able to play First Lady and would have to actually face the truth about her husband’s mental decline. Americans need to vote for him so “he has something to do“. Democrats will cry out, “Run, Joe, Run!” again for 2024. They’ll defend him and say “no one is perfect” and that he “missed a few steps”. Correction: There are no “missed steps”. Biden and his disastrous administration fell down the whole damn flight of stairs. And it is taking our country with them.

But age is just mind over matter. For crying out loud, Politico. We’re talking about JOE BIDEN. There is no mind and there is no matter here.

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  • Scott says:

    On Joes best day, and Bens worst, Joe was DAMN sure no Ben Franklin.. And while Pelosi is conniving and devious, that’s a far way from intelligent. Ad d in the obvious dementia you point out, and yeah, Joe isn’t qualified to lead a sing-along, let alone the best country on earth.

  • Deborah B. says:

    If you will excuse the joke, Sonnenfeld’s article will not age well. If we are all spiffy at eighty, why do car insurance companies jack up premiums at age 65 and again at 70?.There are certainly people at 80 and 85 who are sharp as tacks; I have known quite a few. Unfortunately Biden is not one. He was never sharp as a tack. Cunning is a better word. I will refrain from using the other words that come to mind.

  • Richard Conway Youghn says:

    Joe has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. He’ll croak soon enough then ALL of Washington will give an eulogy that will make him seem like a god.

  • BSmith says:

    Mindless over matter.

  • Cameron says:

    “At 72, John McCain is too old to be President!’
    “OMG, Biden is going to be 80 and he’s so dreamy!”

    Double standards are twice as good.

  • GWB says:

    At Biden’s age his mind doesn’t matter.

  • GWB says:

    age is a dangerously misleading disqualifier for key positions
    Correct. I come to that conclusion from knowing many elderly people on both sides of the divide.

    I come to this conclusion based on years of scholarly research, historical studies, cultural examples and my own firsthand experience with aging top leaders.
    Bullcrap. You came to that conclusion because you have a partisan interest in Biden and you have a partisan interest in making old people seem spry and nimble of mind. Or in getting bucks to do research on why they aren’t.

    It’s not like with inflation the way it is, most Americans could afford to buy what he is selling, anyway.
    Pfft. Even with Reagan’s economy we can’t afford what he’s selling. Now, when they cut off all fertilizer manufacture and eliminate cattle ranching, demand might cause the price to become more accurate….

    It’s true that there can be some cognitive declines starting in midlife
    Well, there was never much room for Biden to “decline” so….

    positions where judgment and wisdom are valued

    Because …
    1) They think Trump will run again, and in that case you don’t want to change horses mid-stream,
    and 2) They can’t figure out to how to rid themselves of Kamala so they can 25th the senile old dude.

    Some of the biggest names in corporate history showed they didn’t lose a step with age.
    There’s a name for this fallacy…. Is it “False Analogy”? I can never remember the names of those things.

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