pds lives in seattle

pds lives in seattle

have you seen this? apparently this street graffitti was stenciled onto the sidewalk in seattle’s greenwood neighborhood.

Abort Sarah Palin 1

palin derangement syndrome alive and well in seattle.

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  • Justin says:

    Why the green lips? Something enviromental since its Seattle? Just curious. Or maybe they didn’t have red paint?

  • Kyle says:

    So is this just made up or what? I mean wtf? You right wing psychos really start this crap and then blame it on people who don’t agree with you. And btw, Palin’s mom should have had the abortion.


  • Marsha says:

    I don’t suppose this would fall under ‘threats’ so that secret service could get involved? wishful thinking.

    And Kyle? You are the real loser because your hatred is bigger then our right to choose which ever candidate we want. Just don’t vote for her dude.

  • chi says:

    Kyle, does it make you feel good saying someone should have been aborted?
    i honestly dont “get” that hate.

    werent you the one saying that the barry chant “OOOO”, (snort), was a made up story by the republicans? haha! nope kyle, these are ALL assinine things your parties doing.

  • Spooky says:

    Palin is a stupid redneck who hasn’t got the intellect to run for VP. You republicans should consider it an INSULT that McLame chose her. You can tell that everyone is having second thoughts after her stupidity showed on interviews last week with Gibson and Couric.

    Republicans and Sarah are toast. Besides you are Losers.

  • kate says:

    spooky? yep you are…. spooky. first off don’t come in here and talk crap about rednecks. the way you just used it was a slur.

    secondly, palin is wildly popular among the gop with just a very few gop elites discontented so don’t come in here with wild statements like “everyone is having second thoughts” unless you can back it up.

    and finally spooky, the only stupid ones in last weeks’ interviews were the msm of gibson and couric who once again proved they were in the tank with barry and have totally forgotten unbiased journalism. remember their little magical mystery tour across europe as bo’s lapdogs. ya, i thought you forgot that one.

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