Pascrell and Dems Prove They Can’t Put Trump Behind Them

Pascrell and Dems Prove They Can’t Put Trump Behind Them

Pascrell and Dems Prove They Can’t Put Trump Behind Them

If you want to see the perfect example of a toddler pitching a fit because they didn’t get their way, take a look to the Democrats. Even with it looking like they’re going to get their wish of a Biden presidency, they just can’t let go of their hatred for Donald Trump. Worse, that hatred has spewed over onto anyone associated with his administration. We’ve had AOC and others threatening to make lists of thsoe who supported Trump’s re-election campaign. Others have said anyone supporting Trump should be blocked from teaching, serving in government and other roles. And all because they dared be evil conservatives who believe Trump is better for this country than Joe Biden. Now we have New Jersey Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr., demanding the Department of Justice investigate Trump and those serving in his administration in yet another fishing trip.

Yes, Virginia, Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to grow despite the purported results of the election.

In case you don’t know who good ole Pascrell is, he’s currently a member of the House Ways and Means Committee. He also demanded Trump be criminally investigated over the USPS “scandal” before the election. But that’s not all, he also demanded the IRS release Trump’s tax returns and the IRS chief testify about it before his sub-committee.

Let’s face it, we shouldn’t be surprised by Pascrell’s obsession. He shares it with a number of his fellow Democrats. Our country’s been held hostage these last four-plus years by Dems so upset Trump defeated Hillary that they put their own agenda of tearing him down ahead of the best interests of the country.

Now we have Pascrell simply putting into words the deepest desires of Pelosi and company: the continued persecution of Donald Trump and all those who dared work in his adminstration.

From Pascrell’s website:

Donald Trump and members of his administration have committed innumerable crimes against the United States,” said Rep. Pascrell. “He has endangered our national security. He ripped families apart. He poisoned the Census. He has personally profited from his office. He has attacked our elections and sought to throttle democracy. He was rightly impeached by the House of Representatives. He has engaged in treachery, in treason. He has all but given up on governing and protecting our nation and if he had a shred of dignity he would resign today.

“Therefore, in 2021 the entire Trump administration must be fully investigated by the Department of Justice and any other relevant offices. Donald Trump along with his worst enablers must be tried for their crimes against our nation and Constitution. Importantly, any further abuse of the sacred pardon power to shield criminals would itself be obstruction of justice, and any self-pardons would be illegal.

“Failure to hold financial and political wrongdoing accountable in the past has invited greater malfeasance by bad actors. A repeat of those failures in 2021 further emboldens criminality by our national leaders and continues America down the path of lawlessness and authoritarianism. There must be accountability.”

Let’s face it, if someone brought this sort of vague and unsubstantiate complaint into a DA’s Office, they’d be shown the door. But that’s not stopped the Dems before and I doubt it will going ahead. Nor will simply little things like the truth. How quickly the Dems forget Obama’s immigration policies that often separated children from their parents. I guess he thinks Clinton’s impeachment was just a bad dream.

As for his illusions that no Democrat has ever abused the pardon system, let’s take a look. Harry Truman pardoned former Boston mayor, James Michael Curley, after his conviction for fraud and mail fraud. He also pardoned former Congressman Andrew J. May who was convicted of accepting bribes. Then there was former Democratic Party campaign financier Seymour Weiss who was convicted of tax evasion and mail fraud.

Bill Clinton pardoned Henry Cisneros, his HUD secretary. Cisneros lied to the FBI. Then there was that bit of nepotism when Clinton pardoned his brother. Clinton also pardoned CIA Director John Deutch on Clinton’s last day in office–two days before the Justice Department could file charges against Deutch. And let’s not forget how he pardoned his former business partner, Susan McDougal. These are just a few of the “questionable” pardons executed by St. Bill.

And let’s not forget Obama. He pardoned Gen. James Cartwright who admitted to lying to federal investigators. Then there’s Chelsea Manning. If that isn’t enough to condemn Obama, I don’t know what is.

So why isn’t Pascrell demanding they be investigated?

The answer’s easy and comes in two parts: each of those presidents is Democrat and each one is NOT Donald Trump.

Add in the fact the media wants the Democrats to keep going after Trump and you have a good idea what the next year–or four–will be like.

I admit, I agree with Pascrell that there must be accountability by our elected officials. Where we differ is who must be held accountable. I suggest we start with those politicians who put their own personal agendas ahead of the best intersts of their constituents. And how about those politicians–I’m looking at you, Gov. Newsom–who prove by their own actions they don’t believe the rules they set out for the people they represent apply to themselves? Or how about those politicians who hang out to dry our troops and embassy staffs and others who have volunteered to serve our country?

In other words, I’d be much more willing to give Pascrell the benefit of the doubt if he applied the same standards to everyone, no matter what their political affiliation.

Scalito’s comment illustrates the most disturbing aspect of Pascrell’s, and other members of the Democratic Party who agree with him, actions. He wants Trump and those who supported him to be guilty of something, so he demands investigations be held until some sort of malfeasance is found. There is no presumption of innocence (funny how yet another liberal forgets that fundamental principle).

I don’t know which this obsession reminds me more of: the Salem witch trials or the McCarthy hearings. Maybe a bit of both. Either way, this obession is not good for the country. It hasn’t been good for the country for the last four plus years and it sure as hell won’t be in the coming years.

If the Dems have proof of malfeasance by Trump or anyone in his administration, turn it over to the appropriate authorities. If they don’t, then I suggest we remember Rep. Pascrell’s comment:

There must be accountability.

The 2o20 election is over. In January, we may have a new president and vice-president. The House of Representatives will begin a new two-year term. Let your representatives know how you feel about this waste of time and resources. Remember how they respond and step up to hold them acountable.

As for Rep. Pascrell, prehaps it is time for him to consider stepping down in favor of somone who will work for the benefit of his constituents instead of pursuing personal agendas that are every bit as reprehensible as the so-called crimes he accuses Trump and others of committing.


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