Parents And Truckers Lead The Revolution

Parents And Truckers Lead The Revolution

Parents And Truckers Lead The Revolution

Parents and truckers. The people who make the world work. These are the people who do the essential work. They bring the supplies and raise the children. Everything else flows from them. They are leading the revolution. The ruling class of elected officials, Hollyweirdos and Liberal writers should pay attention.

I read that Justin Trudeau tested positive for Covid-19. How is this possible? Vaxxed, boosted, masked and bubbled as Trudeau is, it leads one to think this is all pandemic porn theater. I am a big fan of the Convoy for Freedom, but the truckers protesting mandates and the losses of freedoms are painted as fascists. The World Socialist Website wrote:

Nevertheless, the vaccine mandate has been bitterly denounced by a small minority of owner-operator truckers, many already active in far-right politics and conspicuous in their opposition to all anti-COVID-19 containment measures, including mask mandates. Egged on by other far-right and outright fascist forces, including the likes of Rebel Media, they launched their cross-country Freedom Convoy.

The head spins when thinking of socialists calling those against block mandates “fascists”.

Parents have been taking on their local school boards regarding Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning and Covid lockdowns. Attorney General Merrick Garland “believes” that parents are threatening school boards. The truth is everyone has seen the damage the Covid lockdowns and mask mandates have done to our children.

This morning on Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade interviewed a Virginia mom with an asthmatic son, who had a mask exemption:

A Virginia mother is speaking out accusing her kids’ school of segregating her children for being maskless in the classroom, despite Governor Glenn Youngkin’s executive order granting parents the right to choose on the matter.

Loudoun County mom Abbie Platt joined “Fox & Friends” to explain why she believes the school is inflicting “psychological warfare” on children over COVID-related policies.

“It’s surprising that they would go to such effort when the risk is certainly not there and to be at a time where they’re segregating, discriminating, creating psychological warfare with children that have nothing to do with this conversation,” Platt told co-host Brian Kilmeade.

“They had put a mask on him and told us they would not honor it,” Platt stated. “So now he polices himself, and there’s a lot of anxiety that comes with [that]. The damage is done.”

Children complying and policing themselves. That is exactly what the government seems to want.

Reading about the truckers’ growing protests and the parents’ growing frustrations made me think about something Victor Hugo wrote.

Victor Hugo wrote “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Les Miserables”. A national hero in France, towards the end of his life, Hugo wrote a letter to The Rich. It was a warning to the rich. For our purposes, it is a warning to the ruling elite, Hollyweirdos and liberal writers:

“You, you are the dark clouds of privilege. Be afraid. The true master is about to knock at the door….I come to warn you. I come to denounce you in your own bliss. It is made out of the ills of the others. Your paradise is made out of the hell of the poor…The human race has been made by you slaves and convicts, you have made of this earth a dungeon. Light is wanting, air is wanting, virtue is wanting. The workers of this world whose fruits you enjoy live in death. Tremble ! The incorruptible dissolutions draw near; the clipped talons push out again ; the torn-out tongues take to flight, become tongues of flame scattered to the winds of darkness, and they howl in the Infinite. They who are hungry show their idle teeth, Paradises built over hells totter…It is the red dawning on Catastrophe. Ah! This society is false. One day, and true society must come. Then there will be no more lords; there will be free, living men. There will be no more wealth, there will be an abundance for the poor. There will be no more masters, but there will be brothers. They that toil shall have. This is the future. No more prostration, no more abasement, no more ignorance, no more wealth, no more beasts of burden, no more courtiers-but light.”

The ruling elite will keep pushing the truckers and the parents. They will shove them down and grind their boot heels into their necks. For now. We are tired of the lies. We are tired of the settled science.

Soon, the elites may hear the people sing:

Merrick Garland and Justin Trudeau truly represent the dark clouds of privilege. The parents and truckers represent the true masters.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    The communists in the cities think everyone who’s White and not like them are a human stain they can live without. Well if those ‘human stain’ truckers stop delivering to the cesspool cities they’ll soon see who can live without whom.

  • Cameron says:

    “The head spins when thinking of socialists calling those against block mandates “fascists”.”

    Why? Socialists and Communists (But I repeat myself) want Big Daddy Government to run everything. And they want to be holding the whip. They’re quite happy with the fear.

  • Stan says:

    Trudeau is lying about Canadians and is using the war dead in his lies about them.
    That isn’t honoring the men who fought and died to oppose fascism.

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