Pamela Anderson Victim Blames #Weinstein Survivors [VIDEO]

Pamela Anderson Victim Blames #Weinstein Survivors [VIDEO]

Pamela Anderson Victim Blames #Weinstein Survivors [VIDEO]

So Pamela Anderson thinks that the women who were abused by Harvey Weinstein “Knew what they were getting into”. Ms. Anderson survived sexual abuse as a child and yet has zero empathy for the women that Weinstein molested and/or raped because “They should have known better”. Well, Ms. Anderson, let me explain how you are an amazing hypocrite.

Ms. Anderson came to fame as an actress (and I am really stretching the definition of this particular word in order to include Ms. Anderson’s work) in soap opera’s and sitcoms in the early 1990’s. You may remember her in her break out role as C.J. Parker in the original Baywatch television series. Other credits include Striperella and something called “Superhero Movie” which she references in the interview with Megyn Kelly’s morning show on NBC. In short, she is not only short on stature, she is short on talent.

Ms. Anderson is also quite well known in porn circles from her infamous “Honeymoon tape” with former husband and Motley Crue member, Tommy Lee, and for her multiple appearances on the cover, and in the pages, of Playboy magazine. In the interview with Megyn Kelly, she seems to imply that the victims were to blame for their experiences with the disgraced movie mogul, even though she recalled her feelings about her own Weinstein encounter by saying, “He’s intimidating”.

Actress Annabella Sciorra was raped by Weinstein

I would ask Pamela to read actress Asia Argento’s recollection of her rape by Weinstein at a French hotel. From the New Yorker article that started it all:

“The actress said she was asked to attend a party thrown by Miramax at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc on the French Riviera in 1997, but when she got there, she found herself alone with Weinstein.

She—like many other women—claimed Weinstein then forced her into giving him a massage, threatening her career if she didn’t oblige. When she finally agreed, he allegedly pulled her skirt up and forced her legs apart to begin performing oral sex on her. Though she said she repeatedly told him no, she eventually gave in with hopes that it would come to an end—something she said has prompted years of guilt.”

Perhaps Ms. Anderson should read the comments that Annabella Sciorra, who starred in the HBO drama, The Soprano’s, made about her rape by Weinstein:

“At one dinner, in New York, she recalled, “Harvey was there, and I got up to leave. And Harvey said, ‘Oh, I’ll drop you off.’ Harvey had dropped me off before, so I didn’t really expect anything out of the ordinary—I expected just to be dropped off.” In the car, Weinstein said goodbye to Sciorra, and she went upstairs to her apartment. She was alone and getting ready for bed a few minutes later when she heard a knock on the door. “It wasn’t that late,” she said. “Like, it wasn’t the middle of the night, so I opened the door a crack to see who it was. And he pushed the door open.” She paused to collect herself. Weinstein, she continued, “walked in like it was his apartment, like he owned the place, and started unbuttoning his shirt. So it was very clear where he thought this was going to go. And I was in a nightgown. I didn’t have much on.” He circled the apartment; to Sciorra, it appeared that he was checking whether anyone else was there.  He shoved me onto the bed, and he got on top of me.” Sciorra struggled. “I kicked and I yelled,” she said, but Weinstein locked her arms over her head with one hand and forced sexual intercourse on her. “When he was done, he ejaculated on my leg, and on my nightgown.” It was a family heirloom, handed down from relatives in Italy and embroidered in white cotton. “He said, ‘I have impeccable timing,’ and then he said, ‘This is for you.’ ” Sciorra paused. “And then he attempted to perform oral sex on me. And I struggled, but I had very little strength left in me.” Sciorra said that her body started to shake violently. “I think, in a way, that’s what made him leave, because it looked like I was having a seizure or something.”

But hey, Pam, Annabella is to blame, right? And that Asia Argento, she was just stupid to go to a man’s hotel room alone, right? So, really, she deserved what happened to her. Ms. Anderson, allow me to explain something to you: You, madame, are part of the problem. People like you, who attack survivors of sexual abuse, who shame them publicly and essentially blame them for their own experiences are part of the problem. You are part of the reason that two out of three sexual assaults go unreported. In fact, 20 percent of survivors of sexual assault choose not to report out of fear of retaliation from the perpetrator, just as many of Weinstein’s victims reported in recent months when asked about their own motivations. So thanks so much for being such a wonderful example of an “anti-feminist”. Unfortunately, you have also proven yourself to be just plain anti-common sense.

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  • Bill says:

    Pamela Anderson. Just who I want my daughter to emulate. Her marriages and choice of lifestyle actually make it easy for me to ignore and not pay her any mind. A pretty gal in her early years not wrapped in flesh, but a trash bag. We actually need people like her to reaffirm that maybe our opinions an life decisions aren’t so bad!

  • Leland says:

    I’ll admit a bit ignorance here, but I really didn’t find it necessary to dig deep into what Pamela Anderson has to say about any subject. But the quote I originally saw was this:

    You know what you’re getting into if you’re going into a hotel room alone. When I came to Hollywood, of course I had a lot of offers to do private auditions and things that made absolutely no sense. Just common sense: don’t go into a hotel room alone.

    I know that is still considered victim blaming, but it is otherwise good advice. If they didn’t know, someone, like a parent, should have told them; you don’t have professional meetings in private hotel rooms. They should have known. Its always possible they didn’t know, but if everyone who might have offered such advice is called a victim blamer; who will offer it?

    • Jen says:

      Part of the issue I have with that is that these meetings were set up by their agents. There we reportedly female executives who would attend initially to make the intended victim feel secure. Then the women would leave. As a former model. I navigated odd meeting places quite a bit for go-sees. I was lucky because my agent was savvy and a little overprotective of her underage charges. Therefore I did not encounter these situations. It is good advice but when a woman has been raped-the last thing she needs is Monday morning quarterbacking in the press.

  • MSGTs daughter says:

    Sounds like Pamela Anderson was there herself. It is just common sense. And thank you, Leland, for the complete quote. Even with the qualifiers it is still the same. I was invited to a hotel room to work in a quiet environment by my boss, and I declined. Also declined meeting in a hotel room with a group of co workers (tech industry) to ‘work’ and once again declined. Was told later by one of the women who was disturbed, that they ended up watching porn movies and engaging in group sex. Though she did not want to do so, she felt pressured to join the activities.

    Ms Anderson has lived a hard life and made many bad decisions. She is not an armchair critic, she is speaking from her own experience.

  • GWB says:

    Pamela Anderson simply did what so many on the other side are doing: she spoke broadly, without care.

    While Harvey appears to be a rapist of the straight-forward variety (according to some accusations) as well as the ‘casting couch’ variety, there are a number of the stories where the women appear to be inordinately dumb and more concerned about getting their career under the big lights than about their virtue.
    Funny thing is, stories like Sciorra’s aren’t the ones making the media, for the most part. The ones initially published were an awful lot of the “oh, we knew we probably shouldn’t go to this guy’s room, but we knew he was a meal ticket, so we went anyway.”
    Which actually proves Anderson’s point, though she should have been more specific, so as not to tar those like Sciorra.

  • GTB says:

    One would think that no one has common sense anymore. Do go down a dark alley. Always use a condom. Always assume that a pistol is loaded. Don’t drive drunk. It makes two people to do something really stupid. When a boxer invites a young lady back to his room so that she can get his “autograph,” don’t assume its his autograph that he is after. The other half of not making yourself a victim, is to not make yourself a target. When a producer with a shady past invites you up to his room and tell you that you can win an Oscar if you just jerk him off, don’t lead “the pussy parade” and denounce sexual abuse when you voluntarily give into it. Start using some common sense, and you won’t become a victim in the 1st place. Is that so hard to ask?

  • GTB says:

    That’s don’t go down a dark alley (again..this site needs an edit button.)

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