Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Valor vs Spit” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Valor vs Spit” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Valor vs Spit” Edition

America is shackled to the corpse of modern Hollywood Culture. Imagine the Hanson Brothers  trying to run a racetrack or pro race team in real life and you’ll realize why so many of the cars fly off the curves. 

Nearly every movie or TV show released stinks. With the exception of nostalgia films, Saving Private Ryandespite that idiotic line “Someday we might look back on this and decide that saving Private Ryan was the one decent thing we were able to pull out of this whole godawful shitty mess.” Brilliantly delivered of course, and totally wrong.  Just ask a Concentration Camp survivor or Fascist occupied citizen if their lives were alsoworth saving out of this god awful mess.

And perhaps Hanks’ Greyhound – which Paladin hasn’t seen yet. The picture’s worth hangs on the Valor vs Weepy ratio.  Too much weepy, kills of the valor.  Alas, the horrors of war have to be staked through the heart, chained, and buried alive by valor, bravery, blind sacrifice, and nobility of a causeor nobody but the crazies would fight. And the Berserkers of our world are already fighting as evidenced by BLM and Antifa. Except in our modern age the Beserkers aren’t the elite guards of Norse kings but the elite pampered youth raging against their pointless lives and cunning, savage urban mobs looking for loot at any price, and prepared to blackmail the rest of us for it.

Honorable mentions go to Ford vs Ferrari , Moneyball and The Big Short.

Last year’s Motherless Brooklyn is solidand actually “about” something, New York’s urban brute Moses Randolph (Robert Moses ) crushing the old for the new in better planned post WWII New York City—but of course there’s the required Progressive Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah, speech, and transparent Orange Man Bad ref.

Truth is, if our youth were in charge of WWIIwe’d be speaking German, Japanese and Paladin would be a cake of soap. This generation of boys and girls is so useless they have to invent their causes. We have produced multiple generations who could not save their own civilization if their civilization depended on it.  And it does. And knowing this in their little shrunken heads and withered hearts, they seek to destroy it.  

The more ambitious among the Facebook and IG warriors seek purpose in physical, mythic beauty. Have you ever wanted to train with mighty Thor?  Well, Chris Hemsworth’s  fitness “team” wants your sweat, and some dough. 7 Day Free Trial! It was all Chris’ ideaof course it was.

Basically it’s a slick way of marketing nobility, grit and valor to those who need a cause but aren’t up to throwing paint in old ladies’ faces or kick a kid when he’s down. Frankly, the only point of being in good shape is to protect your home and hearth. And hopefully survive to tell about it.

But there’s no beach to storm, no Nazi to punch, no rainbow bridge to guard, just a couple of twerps in dress up, hiding theirman bun under a dingy pink pussy hat.



Antifa chic. Movie stars in their own minds . . . Last Tuesday Tucker segmented Cardi B into the viewership of Fox, and for those who hadn’t heard of this dung beetle, they saw a foul-mouthed twerker talking ho’ stuff in an imitation of life. Alas, as Tucker explained—you can’t broadcast the lyrics themselves on TV. Good to know somewhere we still have standards and practices. Luckily for VGirls’ readers, Paladin has none.

Cardi B’s WAP (Wet-Ass Pussy) lyrics took a mess of writers to create. Though to be fair, it’s not clear from the title whether she’s demanding vanilla intercourse, or sodomy. Paladin doesn’t think she actually knows herself, so he’s going with both. A sample here:

There’s some whores in this house (Hol’ up)
I said certified freak, seven days a week

Wet-ass pussy, make that pullout game weak, woo (Ah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah you fuckin’ with some wet-ass pussy

Bring a bucket and mop for this wet-ass pussy

Give me everything yout for this wet-ass pussy

I do a kegel while it’s inside

Spit in my mouth, look in my eyes

This pussy is wet, come take dive

Tie me up like I’m surprised.  

Paladin will spare you the rest, but it took nine contributors to get there.
Yeah-yeah-yeah. Nine “writers”. And not one of them, not one are worth the spit of the men and women who actually died, who actually lost limbs and body and blood, who actually saved this world from real Nazi hell. Hey, Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman do you play Cardi B for your own daughter or son?  Yeah-yeah-yeah?



Featured Photo, Men of the 16th Infantry Regiment, US 1st Infantry Division wading ashore on Omaha Beach on the morning of 6 June 1944, available under CC BY-SA 3.0 .


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