Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Suddenly” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Suddenly” Edition

Paladin’s AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ “Suddenly” Edition

Have you seen Greenfield’s Illegitimate Election piece? How about Michael Anton and Codevilla’s recent pieces? Sure, you have. You understand the stakes. And of course, the Illegitimate Election piece will be ignored or denounced by the Fifth Column Press, along with our own Cucks and Quislings. There is a great movement afoot now to legitimize the steal by any means necessary. This will not change whoever emerges from the legal battle of certification. And alas, it is being abetted by those who are supposedly on our side.

The clear point of Greenfield’s piece is that our Republic has been crucified on the altar of raw power, virtue signaling, political correctness and political criminality. How did this happen? Slowly and then all at once.

“How did you go bankrupt?”
“Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

Codevilla sees it: “The U.S. Constitution had codified as fine a balance between the powers of the Many, the Few, and the One” This balance has now been destroyed. And no Supreme Court ruling over an election can resurrect it.

“America’s ruling class, shaped and serviced by an increasingly uniform pretend-meritocratic educational system, claimed for itself monopoly access to truth and goodness. Virtue signaling its weapon, Hate Has No Home Here yard signs its flag. And now many of us are just catching up to the fact that we’re in a death match, Thunderdome Style. Two go in, one comes out.

“We would look back on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as relics from an age of moderation.” When Kamala takes over, you’re really gonna see a thing of two, and our Catamite Cucks and Quislings will wring their hands and cry Oh my! Oh my! Supine on their swooning couches of academia and legacy sinecures.

 “All signified solidarity by demanding that all Americans wear masks outdoors, and that those who don’t be jailed. Meanwhile, they insisted that persons convicted of rape, robbery, and murder be released. The world turned upside down. Make no mistake, if Biden gets in the first act will be to confiscate guns by any means necessary and destroy US gun manufacturing. Over-regulation, taxation, predatory insurance, mandatory buy backs, the whole puke stew of Prog Borg “process”.

While cities continue to descend into chaos, no one will be allowed to protect themselves. Wait for the first known-wolf massacre to drive it all down our throats.

“Yet the riots may be intersectionality’s downfall because ordering people to tell each other things they know are not true is the most hazardous of political power grabs.” Alas, there are so many who willfully cannot see it. Paladin can’t untangle the mess in Georgia, but how hard do you have to ignore this official criminality?   Dominion et. al, lawyer up with state of Georgia government lawyers? Clearly, no one in Georgia wants to get to the bottom of obvious fraud. And none of the Cucks want to either. Their pre-emptive surrender is dishonest, shameful, and cowardly. After Jack Rasputin, Zuck and the Googs decide who they will allow to read and write, they may well spare National Review, as their favorite house pets at least for now.

But the message to the rest of us will be—sit down, shut up, fork over your taxes, give us your guns, take whatever health care in our infinite wisdom we dole out, and give whatever else we want by way of fees and penalties for being deplorable.  Want to work? Sign the Hate Has No Home Here Pledge of Allegiance. And do it in public or face public shaming.

So, what in god’s name can be done? “Necessarily, the race for (conservative) leadership would center on the besieged deplorables’ plight. This would mean organizing nationwide measures such as tax strikes and other actions to protest or cripple major administration decisions. It would also mean nationalizing opposition to local instances of injustice, perhaps interposing conservative elected officials between citizens targeted by injustice and their tormentors. It would mean fostering and leading campaigns of civil disobedience.”

Angelo you think too clearly. But that may be a wish too far.

Can we, the last free Deplorables disobey widely enough toforce a truce? Alas, the Trucker rebellion that seemed to be inthe offing, fizzled out for now. Paladin knows untold millions are seething.  But will they actually stand up against this coup? There has to be a flashpoint. Some otherwise innocuous occurrence that galvanizes and unifies us into a stunning blow for freedom. A showdown. What that may be Paladin cannot guess.  But once the blow is struck and the forces of repression are thrust back on their heels, the warfare of supply and demand can rule the day.

Trucks must make delivering to the Big Blue Sewers conditional– payment for critical supplies must be made under a Treaty of Stalemate. Let’s call them Blue Sewer Sanctions. Want your designer water and crafted Vodka San Francisco, New York. Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles? Then neuter any DC effort to coerce the Great Plains of Freedom to your world view. Paladin knows this is going to be awfully hard on those whose livings are made in the big rigs. If we had a committed Soros on our side, we might start a relief fund for the truckers, maybe call it, Warriors on Wheels. But don’t hold your breath for the Koch brothers, or the Heritage Foundation, or our Cucks to put it into motion. It its going to have to come up from the bowels of the earth, like that marvelous sign above, as seen on Facebook.

Well done, Sir. You’ve struck a blow harder than you know. On this we can build.





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  • Jeffrey T Powell says:

    More and more, it is apparent that Kurt Schichter’s novels about the fictional American split-up were too optimistic. The Republic won’t go out with a bang, but a whimper.

  • VW says:

    I’m just an informed deplorable, but I have been thinking that the times are ripe for a Tax Revolt. Initially, my thoughts were around our pugnacious debt and the absolute irresponsibility of our “leaders” of the past thirty years that created it. How can they escape culpability for such an obvious disaster? Well, they have.

    If you give your child a credit card and they spend willy-nilly, what’s the first thing you do? CUT THEM OFF! It is way past time to do the same to the government leviathan, until they can prove fiscal sanity. Their power is derived from the $2 trillion we dutifully and willfully send them every year. Take it away and their power is greatly limited. If 80++ million people decide to stop paying taxes, what possible recourse do they have? They can’t jail all of us…

    Today, my thoughts are around stopping the coming destruction our republic, courtesy of a Biden administration. Any power they have needs to curtailed, immediately. A Tax Revolt is an obvious avenue. The People are still in charge, constitutionally, and therein lies our advantage.

  • VW says:

    Tax Revolt. It’s the only way to make an impact on these bastards.

  • Strelnikov says:

    See you on the barricades.

  • Teslaca says:

    It now seems unfortunate that us deplorables are generally against disobeying, disrupting and otherwise going against lawful behavior to shout our opinions to the world. Perhaps the vocal, cheating liberals have always counted on that. We just want to get on with our lives with a minimum of disruption, interference and red tape. But everyone has their limit and that last straw is near to being loaded on our backs I suspect.

  • mrsizer says:

    But how does one revolt on taxes? Most people are employees and have taxes withheld.

    • Paladin says:

      True, but everyone files. Maybe there’s a huge downturn in filings. Hard to say where the flashpoint will occur.

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