Outpouring Of Support After Identity Thieves Drain WWII Vet Richard Overton’s Bank Account [VIDEO]

Outpouring Of Support After Identity Thieves Drain WWII Vet Richard Overton’s Bank Account [VIDEO]

Outpouring Of Support After Identity Thieves Drain WWII Vet Richard Overton’s Bank Account [VIDEO]

Richard Overton, is 112 years old as of last month and going strong. This amazing man, a WWII veteran is very much a national treasure. He credits his longevity to three things: God, whiskey, and cigars.

However, it seems that even he isn’t immune to identity theft.

America’s oldest man, a 112-year-old who served in World War II, had his bank account compromised by thieves, his family said.

Richard Overton’s account was infiltrated and used to purchase savings bonds without his knowledge, his cousin, Volma Overton Jr., told KVUE. 

He said he noticed on June 27 that there were several debts from Overton’s bank account for savings bonds. He wouldn’t say how much was in the account, or how much was taken, but Overton Jr. said a very large amount of money was taken from Overton.

A police report was filed Friday. Overton Jr. said both Social Security and banking account numbers were used to make withdrawals.

Can you imagine the look on Mr. Overton’s face when he was informed that some jackass used his Social Security number and bank account information to steal from him??!! I can only imagine the look of shock, disappointment, and pain on the face of a man who served with honor and distinction in World War II.

From 1942 to 1945, Richard Overton served in the U.S. Army on Guam, Hawaii, Palau, and Iwo Jima, where he saw the water along the beach turn to blood after one of the most gruesome battles of the Second World War claimed the lives of 6,800 Americans. Overton himself killed 30 enemy soldiers during the war and emerged, miraculously perhaps, unscathed.

Overton credits his military service with building his character, and he credits his survival during the war to God. “Made you more braver, stronger—I can sleep with every door open here without a lock on it,” he explained to National Geographic. He recalls of battle:

When you go in there, you just say, ‘Well, God has got me now. He gonna take care of you. If it’s your time to go, that bullet gonna get ya. If it ain’t your time to go, that bullet’s goin’ over your head. It ain’t gonna hit you. Man will kill you, but God is the one keep you alive.

Understandably many are NOT thrilled by what happened to him.

Yes indeed, whomever did this sunk to the lowest of low and deserves every ounce of scorn and derision. Not only that, but the legal consequences should come with the absolute mandatory sentence possible.

There is a major bright spot in all of this. The GoFundMe account set up in 2016 to provide Mr. Overton with 24 hour in-home medical care has received an amazing influx of donations since the news broke two days ago.

The fund originally raised about $300,000. In-home care costs about $15,000 or more per month. Over the weekend an additional $80,000 has been raised!

Mr. Richard Overton served with honor and distinction in World War II and has gone on to live an extraordinary life. The outpouring of support for him in the last few days is a prime example of how good can override the bad in very short order.

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