ABC News Throws Stink Bomb, Hits Self

ABC News Throws Stink Bomb, Hits Self

ABC News Throws Stink Bomb, Hits Self

There must be a certain level of desperation in the ABC News (and I use that term loosely) Room to attempt making possible SCOTUS Nominee Justice Don Willett an untrustworthy monster via his Twitter account and actually reveal a charming, thoughtful, humorous human being.

Here is a screenshot of ABC’s headline:

And here, the dark concern over Willett’s “odd” tweets:

[W]ith Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement on Wednesday, and Willett’s name appearing on a list of Trump’s potential Supreme Court nominees, the judge’s frequent tweeting last year raises questions of judicial impartiality.

Oh dear! I’m verklempt to know what tweets he’s made taking sides in a court case, demonizing people who may be before his court, admonishing followers on how they should vote…!!!

Wait, what? The first tweet ABC highlights to demonstrate how unqualified this judge is to even be considered is a riff on Rick Astley?

Author Adia Robinson Rick-rolled herself on that one.

We should all have Willett’s joie de vivre

Honestly, take a meander through Justice Don Willett’s twitter feed. You’ll find a man who loves his family, the military, his state and his country. Puppies, kids and Calvin & Hobbes make frequent appearances. He liberally (heh) sprinkles his feed with famous quotations and “on-this-day” historical references. Dad-jokes and self-deprecating humor also make appearances.

And stuff like this:

That’s right. Don Willett was raised by a single mom who waited tables for a living. What an odd, out-of-touch patrician, amirite?

Last thought. Would someone please order up a big box of sense-of-humor to the ABC Newsroom?

PS Don Willett previously covered here.

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  • Scott says:

    Hmm, i don’t know about a box of sense of humor, but I’m happy to offer them a big steaming cup of STFU….

  • JPD says:

    What Scott says, but make my offer a double.

  • GWB says:

    There really are no editors in charge, anymore, evidently. You know, adults who say “Why would you think this is a good story to run?” *smh*

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