#Olympics2018: Best and Worst of the PyeongChang Games [VIDEOS]

#Olympics2018: Best and Worst of the PyeongChang Games [VIDEOS]

#Olympics2018: Best and Worst of the PyeongChang Games [VIDEOS]

Well, it’s over. The least-viewed Winter Olympics in history is now in the record books. But for die-hard lovers of the Olympic Games, as I am, it’s a bittersweet end to a mixed bag of sheer joy and pure, unadulterated annoyance. With that, here’s a bit of the best and worst of the PyeongChang Games:

Men’s Curling Team Winning Gold

It’s got to be one of the strangest Olympic events in existence. But it’s also weirdly fascinating, and entertaining, and the sport has gained tons of fans this Olympic season. Even newly-minted SuperFan, Mr. T., weighed in:

John Schuster’s Team are the ultimate come-back kids. Down 2-4 in the round-robin event, it looked like they would, for the third straight Olympics, finish near the bottom of the pack. But John and his dedicated team swept the remainder of their games, propelling themselves into the gold-medal round against Team Sweden, whose leader is the world’s top-rated skip. To make a long story short: they won, in epic style, keeping Team Sweden on the defense through most of the match. Here’s the shot that cemented their historic win:


Lights. Out. Shot!

Women’s Hockey Team Winning Gold

The women’s hockey team also made history this year. They, too, took home the gold medal after knocking off Team Canada in a shootout after ending the game tied following overtime. Here they are in the final shot of the shootout and then celebrating their well-earned win:

It was their first gold medal win in twenty years. Bravo, ladies!

Athletes Who Welcomed Ivanka Trump

The Women’s Bobsled Team of Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs earned a silver medal this year. And while they performed admirably, it was the gracious way Gibbs interacted with Ivanka Trump that truly displayed the essence of the Olympic Games. Here she is with Ivanka, sharing her shiny new Silver Medal:

UPDATE: The original tweet has been deleted. I’ll assume due to the massive amount of hateful comments Gibbs was receiving. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Kudos to her and the other athletes, including U.S. Curler Matt Hamilton’s sister and Mixed Doubles teammate, Becca, for the grace and class they displayed throughout the Winter Games, and for their cordial interaction with Ivanka in an environment that’s currently hyper-politicized. Cheers to you all, including the awesome Red Gerard, the phenomenal Chloe Kim, and every one of you who proudly sang along to our National Anthem. The NFL could use a heavy dose of YOU.

And now, for the not-so-great moments of the PyeongChang Games.

The Opening Ceremony

American athletes enter the arena during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. (Photo Credit: NBC)

The Opening Ceremony was the most exasperating of any opener in recent memory. But it wasn’t the fault of the hosts, South Korea. It was NBC. Not only did commentators Katie Couric and Mike Tirico make stunningly ignorant comments, but the pair of them TALKED OVER the entire ceremony, as if somehow their banter was 1) necessary and 2) more important than what was happening on-screen. Even folks on Twitter slammed their irritating commentary:

Yeah. It was THAT bad. Fortunately, the Closing Ceremony did not include Katie Couric.

The North Korean “Cheerleaders”

Their presence was a huge distraction from many of the events, and that’s precisely why they were in attendance: to focus everyone’s attention on them, and by extension, North Korea. Check out their reactions when a Kim Jong-un impersonator appeared before them, and how their handlers handled him:

I guess they didn’t get the memo that they’re not in North Korea any more.

Meanwhile, as reported in the New York Post, when not spreading propaganda, the cheerleaders are used as sex slaves for the North Korean elites:

And the liberal media slobbered all over them.

Overall Performance of the American Athletes

The U.S. Olympic Committee has a chart. And this year, it predicted that the U.S. athletes would win approximately three dozen medals. They ended up with 23, short of the projected wins. Most notably, viewers were stunned when Nathan Chen, a solid contender for the Gold Medal in the individual portion, performed even worse in the Short Program than he had in the Team Event. But he came back like a phoenix, rising from the ashes to absolutely kill it in the Free Skate, solidly landing FIVE of the six quad jumps he attempted. But it wasn’t quite enough, and he left the Games with only his Team Medal.

Still, Chen showed us what persistence and dedication to excellence looks like, and he did it with class and grace.

Athletes Politicizing the Games

If the grating Opening Ceremony banter wasn’t bad enough, a handful of athletes just couldn’t refrain from dragging into the Games their left-wing politics and personal hatred of the Trump Administration. It started with Adam Rippon, and then on to a boneheaded freestyle skier who questioned why Ivanka Trump was in attendance:

Apparently he’s painfully unaware of the ongoing conflict with North Korea and the need to show that there’s no daylight between us and South Korea. Someone hand him a link to the Wall Street Journal.

So there you have it. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. But I’ll be watching again in two years nevertheless, when the Summer Games begin. Because I love my country, and I love her athletes, in all their grit, tenacity, and commitment to excellence. Nothing is more quintessentially American.

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  • Scott says:

    Well done Jodi.. My own opinion on the idiot athletes who had to talk smack.. the US team paid their way there.. if they did not feel the need to compete in all events, or bash the country / leaders that sent them, they should have been told to find their own way home…

  • CJ says:

    We watched very little of it. The commentary seemed more contrived than usual, and the athletes who could/would not get past their political hatred were tedious. They thought they were being brave or making a name for themselves, but they simply showed their immaturity and lack of self-awareness. Mostly, though, it was boring. We’d turn on the TV most nights and start watching – my husband would fall asleep and I’d get involved working on other stuff, and we’d turn it off. Even the closing ceremony was dull. I’ve always loved the Olympics, and it was sad to see it become humdrum with so many athletes being such spoiled, self-centered asses. I read a headline of one who dropped out because there was no chance of her medaling. If true, she wins the dubious “top bad sport” award.

  • GWB says:

    Someone hand him a link to the Wall Street Journal.
    No. Just a large cork. And then he can sit down.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    The best way to watch the Olympics is to boo the obvious idiots no matter what their country is and otherwise tune out the politics. There were some nice things to see so I figure why let the idiots ruin it? The Olympics definitely have lost something from the Cold War era where booing the commies and calling them cheaters was pretty much a must and always fun but they’re still interesting. Watching those crazy athletes doing their dangerous sports makes me feel a bit sane-the curling team HAS to be the most sane bunch as that sport looks like the safest!

  • MEO says:

    Diggins / Randall deserves mention as a great moment!

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