Of Course: Clinton Foundation Says It Won’t Return $250K in #HarveyWeinstein Donations

Of Course: Clinton Foundation Says It Won’t Return $250K in #HarveyWeinstein Donations

Of Course: Clinton Foundation Says It Won’t Return $250K in #HarveyWeinstein Donations
Hillary Clinton says she fell and broke a toe while running down stairs with a cup of coffee in her hand, requiring her to wear a special boot. (Photo Credit: The Telegraph)

Hillary Clinton will not go away. She’s everywhere. She’s hocking her book, and she’s hocking her victimhood, and she’s doing so internationally. Not even yet another face plant resulting in a broken toe—she slipped on stairs doncha know, wink wink, nod, nod—could stop her for long. And not only is she selling a book chocked full of blame and lies, the foundation that bears her (husband’s) name—because, really, who would she be without little Billy and his willy—now says it won’t return Harvey Weinstein’s blood money:

Why? Well, duh, obviously, because the money’s been spent on those in need!! or something:

A Clinton Foundation spokesman told the Daily Mail that Weinstein’s money was used to fund programs to help lower the cost of HIV medication and supporting women and girls in developing countries. Weinstein’s most recent donation was made in 2014.

Ah. The donations—aren’t they a commingled pool, not categorized by donor?—went to fund programs for women and girls. Gotcha. I wonder if any of that cash went to help said women and girls in oh, say, Gulf nations that brutally oppress women and girls, yet donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation? Hmm…

Though Clinton herself claims she’ll match Weinstein’s campaign donations made over the course of her political career—amounting to about $13,000—it pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of dollars contributed to the Clinton Foundation itself, purported in 2014 to have spent just six percent of its donations on charitable grants.

Here’s a reminder, in case you need another one, of the kind of person who donated that money. Warning: it’s graphic.

Creep factor: ten bazillion. The price for Hillary’s soul certainly comes cheap.

Oh, and did you hear that? That’s the sound of crickets coming from the pink-hatted gals who are just so darned verklempt over Donald Trump’s words that they just can’t pull themselves into the streets to protest a woman who doesn’t walk her talk.

Birds of a feather: Weinstein donated $10,000, the maximum allowed by law, to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund during the Lewinsky scandal. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

Certainly Weinstein’s money wasn’t to buy Hillary’s silence on Harv’s open secret, right? She’d never accept pay-for-play, would she? No, not the ever-altruistic Queen Hillary and her family charity. The same Hillary whose husband was a direct beneficiary of Weinstein’s money, in the form of legal defense donations for Bill’s own sexual predation problems dating back to his Oval Office days. (After all, sexual predation is all about power and control, the very definition of liberalism; thus they are natural allies.) No. Hillary is everywoman, and she’s just here to help. That’s her story and she’s stickin’ to it.

But here’s the truth:

If we’ve learned anything about power-hungry Hillary Clinton in the past ten-plus months—tens of millions of us told her this loud and clear on November 8th—it’s that she’s greedy, she’s entitled, and she’s utterly devoid of any personal responsibility. And now we know for certain she’s also no friend to her fellow women. Because if she were, she’d reach into her ugly, deep-pocketed pantsuit, remove 250 grand—a mere pittance of her ever-growing fortune—and donate it to a women’s shelter or a local non-profit dedicated to assisting survivors of rape. But she’s not. At least she hasn’t offered to as of this writing. Nope. The money’s spent, people (perhaps on the self-serving foundation itself; is Princess Chelsea in need of a romantic honeymoon?), and I predict no amount of cattle prodding will make this “champion of women” release the death grip she has on her own fat wallet. No, she’s no champion of women; she’s a sexual predator enabler. She’s a walking casting couch pimp. And she’s telling us who she is. We’d all fare well, regardless of political persuasion, to listen, and thank heavens every single day that a woman bereft of anything resembling a moral compass is not leading this great nation.

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