October Surprise? WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Tells Megyn Kelly “Significant” Hillary Docs Coming

October Surprise? WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Tells Megyn Kelly “Significant” Hillary Docs Coming

October Surprise? WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Tells Megyn Kelly “Significant” Hillary Docs Coming

Whether you agree with his tactics or not, whistleblower Julian Assange has thrown a major monkey wrench into the Clinton Machine, potentially jamming up the gears of their well-oiled engine. Starting with posting a searchable database on his website containing tens of thousands of Hillary’s infamous private-server emails, and following up with a treasure trove of embarrassing email correspondence within the DNC itself, the WikiLeaks email dump has proven to be a Summer Surprise. And now, according to what he told Megyn Kelly last night, he’s prepping to release what may prove to be an October Surprise for the ages. And Assange has been teasing it for days:

And again last evening, appearing via satellite on the Kelly File. Here’s the whole segment (starts at 11:12):


Could it have something to do with this:

…or this:

…or is it another scandal we’ve yet to uncover?

Hillary Clinton is hands-down the most corrupt, dangerous politician in recent memory ever to seek the office of the presidency, possibly in the history of the United States. And I, along with Assange, am not alone in that sentiment:


caption: Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange (Photo Credit: DailyMail)
WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange (Photo Credit: DailyMail)

I remember not so long ago the Oval Office, along with many in the office-holders’ administration, was filled with people of integrity, class, and substance. People like George W. Bush, and Condoleezza Rice; like Colin Powell, and General Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf; and, of course, Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Whether you agreed with their politics or not, their character was never in question. Then along came Barack Obama, and his potential successor redux, Hillary Clinton, ushering in the most lawless, secretive administration perhaps in our nation’s long history. And a promise to fundamentally transform America.

As I sit here typing, I find myself frightened, and profoundly saddened, for the future of our nation. I see her slipping away into the hands of people who bear no love and respect for her. I see an emboldened Iran, a Middle East aflame, and an increasingly belligerent North Korea. I see a growing mountain of debt, an ever-expanding federal government doing everything but national defense, and ever-decreasing civil liberties. And I find myself, despite my staunch support of our bedrock right to privacy, hoping beyond hope that whatever Julian Assange has in his possession will stop Hillary Clinton from occupying an office she has forever disqualified herself from holding.

We’re at a turning point in history, one that will likely forever define who we’ll be as a nation, or whether or not our Constitutional Republic will even survive. And it looks more and more likely that Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks may be the only vehicle that may help steer us from the deadly cliff to which we’re barreling toward. And I find myself cheering him on, while at the same time struggling with wanting to view whatever it is he has, yet concerned with the way in which he obtained it. Still, for me, the next batch of documents cannot come soon enough.

In the meantime, stay tuned for Part Two of Kelly’s Assange interview this evening, which she promises will be the most fascinating of the two-night chat.

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  • J walter says:

    I get so sick of this crap. In ten days something will happen and it never happens. If you have something, release it or shut up.

    Stop trying to gin up more interest, it is already the biggest story out there.

  • No matter what is released it won’t make a difference. Hillary! could be shown on national TV feeding live kittens into a burn barrel while wearing a KKK robe, and it would not cost her a single vote among her brain-dead groupies. First! Woman! President! is all they care about.

  • Kevin Donegan says:

    Actually, Donald is the one seen wearing the KKK robe.

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