Objectively: No Such Thing As “Trans”

Objectively: No Such Thing As “Trans”

Objectively: No Such Thing As “Trans”

On January 1, 2021, California’s law SB132 (2020) that state prison inmates are to be housed according to their declared gender, regardless of biological anatomy, went into effect. Six months later, it’s working out about as expected.

There has been numerous complaints of assaulted, abused, and traumatized women at the hands of male inmates transferred into their prisons.

And one group of traditionally progressive activists – the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) – has sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom, accusing the state of violating the constitutional rights of incarcerated women by allowing men into their living quarters to “prey on women.”

The radical feminist organization, WoLF, has been pushing back at the aggressive Trans agenda that is dedicated to erasing women. Their letter to Mad King Newsom contains disturbing incidents that, in the microcosm of prison, demonstrates how the Trans agenda is to work in society-at-large.

Under the law as written, there is no method to screen out males who genuinely self-identify as transgender from those who are using the system to prey on women. Even if sincere self-identification was the criterion for transfer, however, it would not mitigate or remove the danger posed to women. A 2009 report found 20% of trans-identified men in California are sex offenders, and 50% have committed crimes against persons. Based on the known criminal histories of the men who have been transferred thus far, this study appears to understate the problem. We’re informed that at least one of the trans-identified male prisoners is on death row, and a considerable number of the others are serving life sentences for brutal crimes. We’ve also learned that just recently a new arrival punched his female cellmate in the head so hard that she couldn’t chew for three days.

The letter goes on to state that the abuse of women prisoners isn’t just limited to trans-identified males, but that while many corrections officers are rightly concerned about the violence there also exists at least one known CO who used the threat of putting a male into a cell with females as a form of control.

Even in a puff piece from the hug-a-thug Los Angeles Times can never fully answer the question they raise …

Some prisoners are also concerned that inmates are making false claims about their gender identity in order to transfer to women’s prisons and say staffers have told them that this has slowed the process. (snip)

When asked whether inmates in the men’s prisons trying to manipulate the transfer system has been a significant issue, Thornton said that “a person’s gender identity is self-reported and CDCR will evaluate any request submitted by an incarcerated person for gender-based housing.” She said that the prison system has requested several million dollars from the state to help implement the law.

And that’s the elephant in the room. It is something I have asked again and again of the trans women are women acolytes. Give me clear, objective criteria to be able to distinguish between someone who actually suffers from Gender Identity Disorder Gender Dysphoria and a male who claims to be trans for ulterior motives — whether it is to access females – adults or minors – or win sports titles and scholarships.

Outside of prison, the real #WarOnWomen has been going on for sometime. Natal women are being erased.

Only a few years ago, the idea that people would not only support a male waving his twig and berries in front of non-consenting women and minor girls, but attack any woman who would complain would have been considered insane.

But here we are. Objectively, natal women are losing their right to their own sex identity.

Objectively, Left-feminists don’t give two hoots about women’s rights if they are all in conflict with the Left dogma. Women should “get used” to the female penis and little girls should be taught to just accept adult male genitals in the same shower or locker room. Women are not to be allowed to object to anything a male demands of them – as long as he has said the Magic Phrase “I’m a woman”.

Objectively? Not all women prisoners are in prison.

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  • Chalk this up to dumbfuckocrats getting what they deserve at the hands of rich white marxists trying to destroy the country because they think it will make them rich. LOL you useful idiots are so predictable. You will be ignored because marxist cheat at elections and you no longer have any say. Arm up and start shooting, that is literally your only option. Welcome to the team morons.

  • davedutchess says:

    Any male who ascribes to be a woman is an environmental fuck up. They should be shot on sight to help rid society
    of this entire abomination. There is too much latitude in how people profess their sexuality!
    as far as the LGBTQ: if they don’t know which sex they are by age 12……..they are an abnormality! THEY need to be “re-educationed”.
    These “freaks” are not going to re-wire the rest of the world.

  • no name says:

    we used to have very nice places for crazy people called insane asylums.

    it is cruel to them and to society to let them wander around causing trouble.

    crazy people need to go back to the mental hospitals where they belong.

  • YerJerkinMe says:

    What? An imprisoned criminal rapist would lie about his gender identity just to get into women’s prison?!! Noooooo!

  • ROP says:

    You are either MALE or FEMALE PERIOD.
    If you believe otherwise you are either a liar or need some, alot of therapy
    It is amazing to me how for many years women have fought for equality. Now the optics have changed and these creeps are supposed to have all the rights over women and society, by the same ones who fought for women !
    I have not seen any sports athletes who are female and excelling in male sports ? Are there women who are identifying as male being moved to male prisons ?

    In the Last days Right will be wrong and Wrong will be right

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