Biden Bombs In Presser On Afghanistan Drawdown

Biden Bombs In Presser On Afghanistan Drawdown

Biden Bombs In Presser On Afghanistan Drawdown

Joe Biden held a press conference yesterday afternoon to inform the American people about the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan. Biden sputtered and mumbled through the half hour plus presser. He set up straw men arguments and generally bombed. Then, his press secretary came out to clean up and insulted our military personnel. The day was a complete and total Schiff show.

President Donald Trump first announced his plan to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan back in August, 2019. When Joe originally announced his plan, he said the withdrawal would be concluded by September 11, 2021. Someone must have reminded Joe that that date was the 20th anniversary of the attack on the U.S. by the Taliban and the new date is now August 31.2021. Yesterday, Joe gave no credit to his predecessor for beginning the plan.

Next, Joe told us:

Our military commanders advised me that once I made the decision to end the war, we needed to move swiftly to conduct the main elements of the drawdown. And in this context, speed is safety.

And thanks to the way in which we have managed our withdrawal, no one — no one U.S. forces or any forces have — have been lost. Conducting our drawdown differently would have certainly come with a increased risk of safety to our personnel.

To me, those risks were unacceptable. And there was never any doubt that our military would perform this task efficiently and with the highest level of professionalism. That’s what they do. And the same is true of our NATO Allies and partners who have supported — we are supporting, and supporting us as well, as they conclude their retrograde.

According to the Military Times, no service personnel have died been killed in action since March of 2020. There have been vehicle accident deaths. But, we had primarily secured the country of Afghanistan. How would having a small ceremony and leaving the power on endangered any troops?

More from the White House transcript:

As I said in April, the United States did what we went to do in Afghanistan: to get the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and to deliver justice to Osama Bin Laden, and to degrade the terrorist threat to keep Afghanistan from becoming a base from which attacks could be continued against the United States. We achieved those objectives. That’s why we went.

We did not go to Afghanistan to nation-build. And it’s the right and the responsibility of the Afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country.

Let us all remember that Joe Biden was against the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden. Biden has even bragged about telling Obama, “Don’t go.” Thank you Rob O’Neill, Navy Seals and the Joint Special Operations Command.

You cannot get the real feel for the awfulness of Joe Biden unless you watch just a few minutes of the video:

It was bloody awful to watch live. Biden talked about the Afghan interpreters and others who we need to get out of the country to ensure their lives are safe. Biden said staying in Afghanistan was not an option because we would have taken more casualties. And, then he said something that really burned me up:

So let me ask those who wanted us to stay: How many more — how many thousands more of America’s daughters and sons are you willing to risk? How long would you have them stay?

Already we have members of our military whose parents fought in Afghanistan 20 years ago. Would you send their children and their grandchildren as well? Would you send your own son or daughter?

After 20 years — a trillion dollars spent training and equipping hundreds of thousands of Afghan National Security and Defense Forces, 2,448 Americans killed, 20,722 more wounded, and untold thousands coming home with unseen trauma to their mental health — I will not send another generation of Americans to war in Afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome.

Listen you, quockerwodger and tell this to your puppet masters:

I am the mother of an Afghanistan veteran, still active duty. If you let our soldiers do their job, this war would have been won a decade ago. Don’t you dare set up a straw man argument about sending the next generation to Afghanistan. If we were ensuring our national safety, it would be necessary. And, by the way, tell us what you know about Extortion 17. The Chinook shoot down of August 6, 2011 in which my friends lost their son, Staff Sergeant Patrick Hamburger.

Joe got testy with the reporters who asked, for once, real questions. Joe actually denied that the country of Afghanistan will collapse after we have gone. The collapse that is already happening as the Taliban takes over.

The White House knew that Dementia Joe performed badly, so they sent out Jen Psaki out to clean up. Jen insulted our brave military personnel:

Listen you Raggedy Ann wannabe, our troops won. Every time. If the Generals in the Pentagon and the wimps in the Executive branch didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to back them, it’s not the troops fault.

I doubt they will let Joe back out after this performance and, hopefully, someone will ask Jen for an apology for our troops today.

Featured Image: The U.S. Army/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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