#ObamaCAN: Three Amigos Summit Of Awkward Handshakes, Lectures, and Bromance [VIDEOS]

#ObamaCAN: Three Amigos Summit Of Awkward Handshakes, Lectures, and Bromance [VIDEOS]

#ObamaCAN: Three Amigos Summit Of Awkward Handshakes, Lectures, and Bromance [VIDEOS]

President Obama’s 13 hour jaunt to Ottawa, Canada was a fascinatingly cringeworthy spectacle. It was intended as a summit meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto, and Obama covering such serious topics as Brexit, the ISIS terrorist attack in Turkey, trade between the three countries, immigration, and more. There was some of that, but the rest was just…

AWKWARD. But that’s not all. Oh no, there is definitely more. Which one next? *flips a coin. Ok – lets take the lecture for $500 Alex.

Yeppers. Obama couldn’t resist himself a lecture. After wrapping up a summit meeting between the three leaders, they took to the podiums for a press conference.

Three Amigos?? Given how the day progressed, the moniker is apt because they are almost as bumbling as a certain other group of Three Amigos – but nowhere near as funny.


Once the awkward handshakes and three amigos podium jockeying finished, the pontification and lectures began. The full text of their remarks can be found here. During the Q&A, the reporters couldn’t resist asking about Trump and Obama took the bait BIG TIME. One asked President Pena about his comparing Trump to Hilter and Mussolini…Obama just had to jump in.

I’m actually going to help out my friends a little bit on your last question, even though it wasn’t directed at me, and just say when I visit other countries, it’s not my job to comment on candidates in the middle of a race just because they may end up winning. And the relationship between governments tends to transcend whoever is in power at any given time.
So, it’s a tough question. It’s — I’m not saying they shouldn’t answer. I’m just — I’m helping him out a little bit.
Because there’s no doubt that when I visit countries, there are times when I’ve got preferences, but I rarely express them.

Wait WHAT?? Then what was that op-ed in the UK’s Telegraph about? You mean that was someone else threatening Britain to the back of the queue if the vote turns LEAVE???

Oopsie! Did any of the reporters at the press conference pick up on that? I doubt it. Not long after that, Obama took off on his rant. Without explicitly naming Trump, he slammed the presumptive nominee up oneside and down the other, and threw in an additional lecture on populism.

Pretty evident that Obama just Does. Not. Like. The Dude.  In fact, Jake Tapper nailed it. Trump is living rent free in his head. But never mind that, Obama went on the rant because…

Obama acknowledged that he went off on a “rant” and that he has that freedom now since he’s nearing the end of his two terms in office.

Oh that’s rich. What is he? Twelve?

And now on to the Bromance for $1000 Alex. I kid you not.

EWWWW.  If crap like this is what passes for leadership these days, we are in big trouble. Oh but wait, it does get worse.


The reactions to Obama, to his 8 min. speech that ran for 54 minutes instead, and the aftermath… Well, you can’t make this stuff up.

Excuse me while I go hurl…

Just HAD to get a selfie in there didn’t you?

And last but not least… there was THIS.

Really? REALLY?? Here’s a President grandstanding his way through a summit, taking over the press conference, giving 2 min of lip service to the terrorist attacks in turkey, lecturing ranting on climate change and populism, has failed immigration policies here in the United States, killed the Keystone deal (and they are suing Obama for $15 billion because of it), and those in the Canadian Parliament want him around for four more years??

You know what? If those in the Canadian Parliament are that wilfully blind regarding Obama’s horrendous domestic and international track record, then yes. You can have him.

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