Gersh Kuntzman: “God Bless America” Is Bad For Baseball [VIDEOS]

Gersh Kuntzman: “God Bless America” Is Bad For Baseball [VIDEOS]

Gersh Kuntzman: “God Bless America” Is Bad For Baseball [VIDEOS]

The Gersh strikes again!! No really. As if his oh so “scawy” encounter with a wee little AR-15…which Jenny took apart so brilliantly here, here, and here wasn’t enough…now he’s decided that specific parts of our national pastime Must. Go. According to him its one strike and Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” is OUT!!

It’s time for God to stop blessing America during the seventh-inning stretch.

Welcome to the July 4 holiday weekend — when once again, baseball fans will be assaulted by the saccharine-sweet non-anthem “God Bless America” at stadia all over this great land.

But no matter which home team you root, root, root for, “God Bless America” should be sent permanently to the bench.

Wait what? Boy howdy, this guy just really invites it doesn’t he? According to him, all the patriotic “God Bless America” renditions right after 9/11 weren’t immediately objectionable, that came later. Got it.

So this beautiful tribute by Diana Ross was fine.

But this isn’t?

Nor is this?

Wow. That’s just plain sad. Unfortunately he doesn’t stop there. He continues his rant by stating that asking everyone to stand and remove caps in honor of our country while the song is sung is somehow Mussolini-esque. WTH??!!

Basically he’s comparing this:






WOW. Where oh where is a clue bat when you need one??

Unfortunately he doesn’t stop there. He digs the hole even deeper. Basically, in the Gersh’s view, this song is for all the white people (ooooh….there’s that racist tag!), its self-righteous, atheists hate it, and so do those from foreign countries. According to him, Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” and “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” are MUCH more appropriate than this bit of drivel. Which leads one to inquire…

Maybe Gersh needs a warning label if he attends a game?

Maybe he thinks baseball is kinda like a battle zone?

Gersh, the more you continue to show the world how much of a finger-wagging nanny-esque scold you really are, the more pitches/flack will be headed your way at fastball speeds of 100mph. But go ahead and keep swinging that bat. Multiple strikeouts are about the only that you’re good for.

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  • GWB says:

    So, why do you keep giving Kuntzman press? The guy is a total idiot.

    Though, I do like saying his last name. With a short ‘u’ sound. It’s just so appropriate.

    (BTW, Kuntzman, God didn’t even laugh at your stupidity. He’s just sadly shaking His head at your pathetic rebellion. Because He also knows 6yo girls who aren’t scared by the AR-15.)

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