Obama Says World Should Care About “Grievances” of Terrorists

Obama Says World Should Care About “Grievances” of Terrorists

obama idiotA few days ago State Dept spokesman Marie Harf said that job creation would stop ISIS and Islamic extremism. Yes, you read that right. Someone from the Obama administration was actually stupid enough to state that the way to stop crazed Islamists is to help them find a job.

It gets worse, though, friends. Yesterday President Obama defended the policy, and once again threw out his favorite defense of Islam – that ISIS and other radical terror groups don’t represent Islam.

Now this laughably bad administration would have us believe that although an estimated 300 million Muslims support – if not involve themselves with – terror groups like ISIS, we can’t “kill our way out of this war”. We have to find a way to provide them with jobs. Hey, Obama, how about we just send some of those “shovel ready jobs” we heard so much about during the campaigns over to the Middle East?

Obama pressed those at the White House summit on Wednesday to see that poverty alone doesn’t cause terrorism, and that “resentments fester” and extremism will grow when millions of people are impoverished.

There these libtards go again – trying to make Americans feel some type of guilt for being born in the developed world.

“We do have to address the grievances that terrorists exploit including economic grievances,” said Obama.

I’m a mom. I have a daughter that will be two on Saturday, and two sons (5 and 7). I’ve been through the toddler years twice, and I have another one entering them now. If you have a toddler, you know some days it feels like you are living with a little terrorist. Demanding crap all the time. Destroying stuff when you have just cleaned it. Throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way. I don’t indulge them when they are acting badly. I don’t give them what they want until they calm down and ask nicely because I am teaching them to be productive human beings – not jerks that have no care for human decency.

I believe the same policy should apply to ISIS and all other terror groups. If you want us to listen to you, you better stop beheading people and burning them alive. Until you do that, I won’t give a damn about your “needs”. If you don’t respect human life, I won’t give your thoughts a second consideration. Period.

And, that is how American leadership should feel about ISIS. Why should we care about the needs and wants of a radical group? In my mind the only thing they are asking for is a massive warhead up their rears, but I digress, I guess.

He also said that no single religion is responsible for violence and terrorism, but he did add that he wants to lift up the voice of tolerance in the US and beyond.

Yes, we always have to be tolerant – even when someone is chopping off the heads of thousands of innocents. Well, unless you are a Christian – in which case we will bring up the actions of your predecessors from literally hundreds of years prior to your birth.

So, basically he repeated the same crap he has been saying for months, and he threw his support behind some idiotic policy that encourages us to spend even more money in the Middle East. Isn’t it ironic that one of the only issues that Americans want the federal government involved in (war and defense) is the one area Obama and his administration are unwilling to go?

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  • Harry says:

    The problem with Obama’s thinking on this is that their grievance is our existence.

  • Merle says:

    It’s difficult to imagine how people that stupid lived so long! Oh wait; it’s due to the nanny state!


  • Appalled By The World says:

    My dream is a simple dream. We ship all of our Lefties to ISIS land so that they get what they deserve because they clearly refuse to take them seriously. Then in gratitude for cleaning up the mess that the American voters seem to refuse to clean up we neutron bomb ISIS right out of existence. Then we finally have a better world to live in.

  • Penny says:

    Right on, Appalled!!

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Only thing we NEED to worry about concerning terrorists isn’t their “grievances” but the fact that they’re found and exterminated like the cockroaches they really are. We already know what their main “grievance” is-that we aren’t following their particular brand of totalitarianism. And I really don’t give’s a rat’s ass about that or any other they may have.

  • JadedInSanDiego says:

    Let me just comment by saying that it is fascinating to examine the man’s thought processes. Truly, our Emperor Obama has never owned any clothes and yet he has succeeded in cocooning himself in a fantasy world where his fashion sense has become the standard. But I digress. The fact is- it is the very politics of Islam itself that has created the economic impoverishment in the middle east that our President talks about as being the impetus for terrorist expression. Sorry, folks, but the glories of ancient Persia are gone. The middle east today under the flag of Islam is a turd-world hellhole of filth and economic depression and the only bright spot in the sandbox- the only bright spot- is the beautiful garden country of Israel.

    And to assert that job creation will combat terrorism are the words of a man whose connection to reality is tenuous at best. All over Europe and America, young men and women are leaving their posh, middle class affluence and existence to go to Syria and Yemen and other places to train up and join ISIS. Economic prosperity does nothing to stem the tide of radical Islam. In fact, Radical Islam is DEPENDENT on economic prosperity around the world for it’s recruitment and support and countries like America are perfect breeding grounds for Islamic radicalism. All America needs to do is to bump up our numbers from the 7 million Muslims that currently live in this country to, say, 30 million or more. If this happens, the tail will wag the dog as it does in Europe and radical Islam will become America’s most pervasively deadly domestic problem.

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