Obama Requests Authorization for War Against the Islamic State

Obama Requests Authorization for War Against the Islamic State

Last night the AP reported that President Obama, as expected yesterday, has formally requested war powers from Congress to go after ISIS, claiming that they would “lose.”  The same man who gave a speech in 2002 calling Iraq “a dumb war” has now asked for authorization for military action irrespective of national borders to fight ISIS.  (In case you don’t remember, that’s also the speech where he falsely claimed his grandfather enlisted right after Pearl Harbor, etc.)

Perhaps we should be happy he’s asking at all.  This isn’t Obama’s first military action, if you’ll remember, and folks were calling foul last November over his making the Middle East look like a deadly version of Old MacDonald’s Farm: Here a drone, there a drone, everywhere a drone drone… and that’s not even counting Libya.

Of course, Republicans and Democrats are falling into the same old fighting positions of their own:

Republicans expressed unhappiness that he had chosen to exclude any long-term commitment of ground forces, while some Democrats voiced dismay that he had opened the door to deployment at all.

So the Republicans want a long-term war, and the Dems want to sit on their hands.

Is there no one around who’s willing to just do one Enola Gay-style flyover and be done with it?  Of course not, because that’s not how we fight wars now.  Instead of going in and demolishing the enemy, we tweet about how mad we are.  We talk about really hard sanctions.  We send troops with impossible rules of engagement and media crews who will fry them for any misstep.  We imprison troops now for things that 70 years ago came under the heading of “War is hell.”  We don’t fight wars anymore.

Perhaps that’s because the Commander-in-Chief is both devoid of testicular fortitude and bereft of any belief in the principles that this nation once stood for.  The only balls President Obama has are small, white, dimpled, and carried around in other people’s pockets.

And if Congress authorizes that military action, God help the men and women who will be sent—some of them to their third war.  God help the families who will say goodbye again, some of them forever.  God help those who come home forever changed, desperately in need of support.  And God help those of us who must fight the ever-tightening stranglehold on our liberties while they’re gone.

God help us all.


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  • Appalled By The World says:

    This will be a convoluted, half assed mess because that’s all this inept, clueless maladministration knows. I think at this point we’d be better off in leaving the whole ISIS mess alone for 2 more years and hope we get a real administration in place at that point to deal with that scum in a truly effective manner.

  • Jodi says:

    “Is there no one around who’s willing to just do one Enola Gay-style flyover and be done with it?”

    EXACTLY, Kit. And unfortunately, your answer is spot on. We are staring at WWIII.

  • jay lessing says:

    Really? First your mad because count chocula won’t fight and now your mad because he will. It don’t mean nuthin. We have been fighting this fight since Iran took hostages. It don’t matter what we do-Bush or Obama. They can make em faster than we can kill em. This won’t end until the A-rabs take em on.

    • Jodi says:

      Jay, that’s not at all what Kit is saying. She wants, like much of America wants, Mr. Obama to annihilate these sick bastards, not tie the hands of our military and tell ISIS what we WON’T do, as this request does. Either destroy them, or don’t go in. Our military deserves no less than the full backing of the President. But all this one does is hobble them, endangering their lives, and ours.

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Yuppers, Ozone-man has been elected to END wars, dontcha know, and by-golly he finally pulled the plug on that nasty ol’ Eye-Rack thingy that WMD “W” got us into and brought us Peace In Our Time ™.

    So….. how’s that been workin’ out for ya, Sparky? Let’s see: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt’s Arab Spring, Iran’s cradle-death democracy movement, the “success story” of Smart Diplomacy in Yemen, invisible-red-line pin-prick-airstrike Syria…

    Oh, about that war that I ended and strutted about celebrating with great fanfare? Well, er, um, I’d like a Note From Home granting permission to (in a half-@$$ed fashion) sort of like restart festivities. Ooo-rah, or something…

    Actually (tragically), per the worldview of “The Fool On The Hill” everything actually IS a roaring success — Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

  • Penny says:

    I wish it were possible to give “likes” in this format….you’d definitely get one from me, Chris in N. Va. You nailed it!!

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