Biden’s Bubble Was Never Level

Biden’s Bubble Was Never Level

Biden’s Bubble Was Never Level

Joe Biden, currently in his third Presidential run, is looking like he is going to be the 2020 Democrat nominee. There are claims that the media and his handlers are protecting him because he isn’t at the top of his game. His gaffes are legendary. He held a disastrous Virtual Town Hall on Friday night. The truth is Biden’s bubble was never level.

In case you don’t know what a bubble or spirit level is, here is a picture. I like to build walls and paths, so I use a bubble level a lot. If the bubble is not center, your build will never be straight. I submit that Joe Biden’s bubble was never level.

National Review has a post up that addresses Biden’s current mental state and noting his lapses:

Joe Biden is clearly not well. The comeback front-runner for the Democratic nomination hasn’t lost a step; he’s lost the plot. You’re not supposed to diagnose or psychoanalyze people from afar, I know. It is rude. Having any conversation about the frailty of an elderly public figure always feels rude. Such conversations are difficult to have even about elderly family members, behind closed doors.

Although I personally loved him calling a questioner a “lying, dog-faced, pony soldier.” Generating insults the Biden way is far easier than the Shakespearean insult: Present participle + animal + body part + animal + occupation = insult. Easy peasy.

Biden’s disastrous Virtual Town Hall wasn’t all his fault. Many of the issues were technical. That begs the question, “What type of personnel is his team hiring?”. I asked this question when Jill Biden and campaign aides had to save Joe from “Lunging Vegans”. The Biden Campaign has lax security and no technical expertise. The best advisers can’t make Biden’s bubble level. Here Joe walks off camera:

And, only neurological issue can explain this:

That’s sad and I feel for Joe. Even though he has always been a nasty piece of work. People go on and on and on about Donald Trump’s character. I’ll take Trump over Biden any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Nearly four years ago, Bully Biden was campaigning for Hitlery and threatening Donald Trump.

Here Joe Biden acts like an angry bully in 1988:

I bet after the first 10 seconds Frank was wishing he had stayed home.

Other signs of Biden’s bubble issue have been known for years. Like his habit of swimming naked. Good for him except that the female Secret Service Agents didn’t appreciate his naked, old man body. Ewww! Joe plagiarizes often. And, he has always overlooked the corruption in his own family.

Biden’s bubble has never been level. That’s why his construct is crumbling.

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  • 370H55V says:

    One can feel for all the family sorrow that he has experienced in his life without letting him off the hook for such displays–which have continued unabated from then up to the present moment.

    • njc says:

      But none of it has made him a better person. I suspect he dropped his moral compass when he entered politics and hasn’t seen it since, couldn’t recognize it if he saw it and wouldn’t know what to do with it if you gave it to him. Now his bubble level’s gone dry. He’s a loose pop gun looking to run the biggest armada on the seas, and a corrupt cabal of careerists and closet communists wants to give him the helm.

  • James Raclawski says:

    joey b is an ADULT -lifer political animal who has NEVER been off the govt feeding tube for any stretch of time… he and his “family” have enjoyed the “slush over flow” while joey did stints as POINT MAN managing foreign assistance programs in such places as Iraq…. Ukraine… China and, technically speaking, no laws were split asunder… but quite the haul (mostly consisting of good old taxpayers “contributions” to the U.S. Treasury. ..

    yes… he has been exhibiting very marked loss (not degraded) cognitive skills and he’s in trouble and the grotesque DNC machine will in no way drop him from their clutches… tragedy is in bound…

  • Paul from GA says:

    With Joe Biden’s mental and physical health at issue, it is not just COVID-19 that we should be concerned about.

  • Contrarian View says:

    Only one small tweak: Joe hasn’t ignored the corruption in his family. He has been an integral part of it as sponsor, organizer, and fixer.

  • You should learn what begging the question means.

  • steve walsh says:

    Saying that Biden’s bubble has gone off level as he’s aged, or that his moral compass needs re-calibration following some tragic event(s) in his life is giving Joe Biden, the man, too kind an excuse. The available evidence indicates he has always been a bully and a grifter, willing to say or do anything to keep himself and his family well attached to the public teat.

    • Dave says:

      Yes, but only four years ago he was an eloquent bully and grifter who completed sentences and didn’t slur words, babble incoherently, or get disoriented and confused. That Joe is gone now.

      I’ve heard that statin drugs can do that to people. I’d rather have a heart attack.

  • firefirefire says:

    Joe Biden deserves every bit of the humiliation he’s suffering .

    every bit of it,

  • It’s tough watching someone lose their mind daily.

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  • Merthin says:

    There hasn’t been enough questions about the brain aneurysms he had back in 1988. From news reports, he had a ruptured aneurysm and an unruptured one, both repaired.

    When a brain aneurysm ruptures,several things happen. Blood flow is reduced to the area of the brain the aneurysm supplies because the artery goes into spasm. This persists for some time even after surgery. The surgical approach can cause pressure to be put on the brain and damage to the brain. Biden had an aneurysm on each side of his brain.

    The most common arteries for aneurysms to develop supply the frontal lobe, and damage to the frontal lobe can cause labile emotions, confusion and other behavioral consequences. If you recall, there were questions about Biden’s mental status in 2012 when we was in the VP debates.

    I would like to see ‘journalists’ ask Biden to release the MRI and CT scans. It is possible he cannot have an MRI because of the kind of surgical clips used in 1988, which is unfortunate since they are more sensitive to brain injury,but he certainly has had many CT scans of the head.

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