obama all wee wee’d up

obama all wee wee’d up

ah yes. the most gifted speechifier of our time is now saying that “everybody gets wee wee’d up” over obamacare. which just goes to show what happens when The One strays from his beloved teleprompter.


an utterly tasteless graphic that shows exactly how obamacare works

yes, kids, the magic that was obama no longer exists.


and something fun from nice deb:


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  • micky says:

    heh heh, see the smile on all their faces ? they all already pee’d.

  • Jane says:

    Rude and disrespectful as usual. I am coming to expect nothing less from you Kate.

  • Jane says:

    BTW nice bashing of senior citizens Micky.

  • Ken says:

    Yes, Jane, because the trolls on this site never said anything like “Once Obamacare is in place we can kill all the seniors”, nor did they tell the seniors to shut up and sit down at town hall meetings.

    Your hypocrisy is growing tiresome. The left was pissing all over the seniors for the last few weeks, please don’t come here and feign outrage over a harmless post.

  • Marsha says:

    Ahahahahahah! Hannity just called it “Wee Wee-gate”. Obama has just lost it.

  • micky says:

    Jane, put your head back on, whats left of it.
    Its mostly the seniors that Obama has disrespected and scared the crap out of with this bill as it will deduct from the coverage they have and raise costs. Not to mention hes discounted and disrespected their speech at the town halls.
    If I were a senior I’d pee in the pool if I saw him getting in it.

    Get it ?

  • Max says:


    oh, how silly. did you and your pals not refer to our last President as “the chimp”? Were you folks not 100% behind depictions of our last President as a Nazi?

    Don’t go getting all rude and disrespectful now. You sound like a whore who’s suddenly found religion.

  • Tim V says:

    great stuff Kate ! Keep up the good work .

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