NYT Writers Shift Blame For Kavanaugh Fail

NYT Writers Shift Blame For Kavanaugh Fail

NYT Writers Shift Blame For Kavanaugh Fail

New York Times reporters Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin are in a lot of hot water today, trying to clean up a mess of their own making. Of course, it’s someone else’s fault at the NYT, not theirs, they say.

Kelly and Pogrebin appeared on “The View” today to try and untie the Gordian knot. It didn’t go well, as they admitted to several problems.

Kelly and Pogrebin have drunk the Kool-aid on the “believe all women” line. So, even though Deborah Ramirez has no witnesses and no evidence, Brett Kavanaugh is at fault for her unhappiness at Yale. The entire point of their book is to be a smear job on Brett Kavanaugh (even though they deny that), with no additional evidence to be had. How do we know that there was nothing new? The NYT itself refused to run the story as a news article, and instead stuck it in the “news analysis” section. And other news outlets passed on covering their supposedly “new” story!

Also, the alleged victim of the Max Steir account did not want her name publicized. So even though Kelly and Pogrebin NAME HER IN THE BOOK (how considerate of them!), the NYT removed the line containing her name from the review – which also removed her denial that anything happened. All together now: HOW CONVEEEEEEEEENIENT! And who needs to actually review the work before it’s published? Hmmmm…

Another fun fact: Politico reported that Robin Pogrebin wrote the tweet that ended up being deleted by the NYT Twitter account. Pogrebin confirmed that today on “The View.”

However, “The View” appearance failed to cover a lot of interesting stuff that we keep finding out about Robin Pogrebin. Let’s have a look at what we’ve learned about this NYT reporter who just spontaneously decided to write a book with a colleague.

First, we’ve found out that Robin Pogrebin has been invested in the Ramirez story ever since the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings – including trying to lean on Kavanaugh classmate Karen Yarasavage by calling her up without identifying that she was a NYT reporter, and trying to “feed” her quotes that could be used in a story.

Wow, that sounds like someone really interested in reporting fairly on only the facts, right? Isn’t it just smashing when a journalist ends up making herself part of the Senate Judiciary record by trying to push a narrative on a character witness?

Second, Pogrebin was a classmate of Kavanaugh’s at Yale. Don’t you kind of think that should have been disclosed up front? And not only that, her college roommate was really quite anti-Kavanaugh? So much so that she led efforts against him?

You know, call me crazy, but it doesn’t really sound like Robin Pogrebin is an objective journalist who could write a fair book about Brett Kavanaugh, no matter what lip service she is paying today on television about Kavanaugh having been an “exemplary judge” who may have “matured” since college. That sounds like damage control, not a compliment.

I’m also going to go out on a limb here and predict that Pogrebin and Kelly’s new book will not see the same sales numbers as Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino’s “Justice on Trial.” But it might sell more copies than Jim Acosta’s book.

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