Nurse Kaci Hickox’s 15 Minutes Are Up and She Is Moving

Nurse Kaci Hickox’s 15 Minutes Are Up and She Is Moving

All she had to do was wait 21 days to make sure that she was clear. That was ALL.

Instead, Nurse Kaci Hickox dug her heels in, insisted that she wasn’t sick, and that the CDC’s timeline on incubation periods – which the Army is enforcing on soldiers returning from Ebola-infected countries – shouldn’t apply to her, because she KNEW that she wasn’t sick.

Well, the 21 days are up on Monday, and Hickox will probably be right.

Kaci Hickox with boyfriend Ted Wilbur, outside their home in Maine
Kaci Hickox with boyfriend Ted Wilbur, outside their home in Maine

She will also be moving away from the state of Maine with her boyfriend, as her 15 minutes of fame and notoriety has pretty much cost both of them a lot of goodwill and general disapproval from the public.

Her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, withdrew from an accelerated nursing program at the University of Maine at Fort Kent on Friday and said the couple will stay through Monday, after which a state court order expires and Hickox will no longer have to submit to daily health monitoring, inform state officials of travel plans and let them know if her health changes.

Wilbur said the couple will depart Fort Kent in the middle of next week, drop off some items in storage in southern Maine, and then leave the state.

“We’re going to try to get our lives back on track,” Wilbur said Friday night.

Now, the reasons behind Hickox taking this “stand” on refusing the quarantine are still muddled – especially considering that she is a CDC employee, and somehow got a lawyer with quite powerful ties immediately representing her. But even if her entire fight against the quarantine was an orchestrated show – and one that the media got to pin on Governor Chris Christie – no one seemed to inform Hickox just how badly she was coming off in the court of public opinion. Because even while media like Saturday Night Live was mocking Governor Christie, they raked her over the coals as well.

And while the media poked fun at Christie, they didn’t seem to care over much that Governor Paul LePage of Maine (who just won reelection on Tuesday) also took Hickox to court to impose the quarantine. Hickox herself, after making a big show of breaking quarantine, seemed to realize just what people were thinking when she announced that she would stay out of “crowded public places.”

But the damage had already been done. Her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur, claims that he is withdrawing from the University of Maine nursing program because he had to agree “under duress” to stay away from campus while Hickox (who he is living with) was in the 21 day monitoring period, and that other students did not want him there.

Wilbur said he withdrew from the nursing program because university officials – who told him there had been threats against him – refused to communicate to students that any harassment, threats or demonstrations against Wilbur would not be tolerated.

Wilbur said school officials pointed out that those acts were prohibited, and said they wouldn’t act ahead of Wilbur’s return to school to reinforce the prohibitions.

Wilbur was concerned about the threats and also about potential silent protests, such as students getting up and leaving a room when he entered.

Now, while I don’t agree with or condone threats (and hopefully any that threatened danger were acted on by the university immediately), if he is concerned about being shunned by others, well… none of us are ever free from the consequences of our choices. Wilbur, at least, has a chance of disappearing back into anonymity. Hickox, on the other hand, has no chance of that at all. Every time a future employer Googles her name, guess what they will find?

21 days. That was all that was being asked of her. She could have complained, she could have protested, and she could have done all of that while sitting in a tent in New Jersey. After all, she had the media’s complete attention.

But now, she will have to live with the stigma of her actions a lot longer than those three weeks that seemed too long and arduous for her to handle. I wonder if she now thinks public opinion and her professional reputation was worth leaving New Jersey and going on a bike ride in Maine. I’m glad that she is clear of Ebola. It’s a shame that she was a willing party in playing a round of Russian roulette with the American public’s health.

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  • A.Men says:

    The National Nursing Associations should have condemned Hickox.

    The hairdressers of America should condemned her Wasser-man Shultz hairdo.

    Hickox should be shunned by everyone for endangering innocent Americans.

  • Carol says:

    She was a know-it-all and considered herself above precautions required of others in her situation. And the precautions were reasonable. The other Americans who contacted Ebola followed precautions and were unsure how they got the disease. It’s all attitude. She could have considered it a 3-week vacation – sleep late, relax, catch up on reading, writing, TV, internet – whatever. Instead, she wanted to make a name for herself – and she did – just not the name she intended.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    3 words-what an idiot.
    This idiot is typical of the new breed of “noble people” in a messed up nation-go volunteer overseas, come back home and then make an ass of one’s self over their act of “selflessness” by getting their name all over the media. No class whatsoever and would rather risk exposing the public to a deadly disease than shutting up and doing the right thing.

  • Ironwolf32 says:

    As I am a Maine Resident, I suggest that she not let the door hit her on the behind.

  • Merle says:

    What a self-centered bitch! Typical of younger liberals who think they are so important, and the rules don’t apply to her. I’m glad to see she is getting a little of what she deserves!


  • Amy says:

    I’d welcome a 21-day precautionary quarantine at home. Nothing to do but hang out, surf the Web, read, sleep, and putter around the house? Sign me up!

  • J. Marie Wilder says:

    She’ll more than likely become a poster child of the moronic left, cosseted and given backing, like Sandra Fluke. These people don’t know what the terms “courageous” or “selflessness” mean.

  • Audre Wellman says:

    I don’t understand why she didn’t handle this with some grace and understanding. If she had gone with the flow and quarantined herself for 3 weeks, she would have come out looking fine, and people would have thanked her for her spirit of cooperation. She could have smiled for the camera and given the thumbs up when she was checked in on while in quarantine, and she would have become the media’s darling. Dumb choices are made by immature and self-centered people.

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