Who Will Trump Pick as his Running Mate?

Who Will Trump Pick as his Running Mate?

It’s no longer just a potential strategy in the primary. Now it’s real. Trump must pick a running mate, and consistent with his own unpredictable jibs and jabs, no one knows how this move will go either.

Former rival, Ben Carson was tapped to lead the search for the Vice Presidential nominee. Carson was a direct target of Trump’s fluidity of derogation, but showing how forgiving he is, Dr. Carson quickly jumped on board the Trump Train and refreshingly admitted that he had been promised some role in a Trump administration. In the search for a VP, Dr. Carson is dutifully fulfilling his end of the deal, though some speculate that he would really prefer to be the subject of the search himself. Dick Cheney led the search for George W. Bush, and look how that turned out. Dr. Carson can only hope.

But let’s say a whole slate of potential running mates is assembled. Who would likely be on that list? Who wants to be on that list? Not everyone as it turns out. Trump has not given us much to indicate what he’s looking for, though he has said he wants someone with political experience, which I take to mean someone good with the Establishment (which is odd since I thought Trump was going to blow up the Establishment). Other than that, all we have to go on is the tired conventional wisdom of lining up the benefits that certain candidates can bring to the ticket – be it needed votes in a valuable state, or particular characteristics that appeal to special interest groups.

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