Now There Are Six: Bombing At Schertz FedEx Linked To Austin Bombings [VIDEO]

Now There Are Six: Bombing At Schertz FedEx Linked To Austin Bombings [VIDEO]

Now There Are Six: Bombing At Schertz FedEx Linked To Austin Bombings [VIDEO]

Texans in the Austin and San Antonio area are understandably on edge right now. Within less than a month, four package bombs have detonated across Austin injuring four and killing Anthony Stephan House, 39, and Draylen Mason, 17. Now, as of this morning, the number of package bombs has jumped to six.

A package ‘containing nails and pieces of metal’ destined for Austin has exploded and injured one person inside a FedEx facility in nearby San Antonio in the fifth bombing to rock the state this month.

The wounded employee was taken to hospital after suffering a mild injury in the explosion at the distribution center in Schertz, about 65 miles south of Austin, shortly after midnight.

The package detonated as it was moving from one conveyor belt to another and the female staff member, who was not hit by the contents, was treated after reporting ringing in her ears.

Given the timing and location of when the package bomb went off, it is an absolute miracle that more FedEx employees weren’t seriously injured. Particularly since the bombs include nails and other sharp damaging materials that are specifically slated to maim and kill people. 

But, to make matters worse, there were reports of another bomb at a FedEx facility near Austin’s airport. 

Austin police say they’ve called the bomb squad to investigate a suspicious package at a FedEx shipping center outside of the city’s airport.

Not only that but it was potentially the second of the two that were shipped out of a FedEx store in Sunset Valley area of SW Austin 

FedEx confirmed that the person responsible for shipping a package that exploded in the company’s sorting facility in Schertz also “shipped a second package that has now been secured and turned over to law enforcement.”

The tension level has to be ramped up to eleventy billion right now, and for good reason. Some jackass mad bomber is injuring and killing people across Austin for reasons no one knows. The bomber is placing the lives of the homeowners, and every person across multiple FedEx facilities at risk.

Crap like this doesn’t help.

Nor does CNN’s wish that the bombs are all racially motivated.

The following is a very concise timeline of the bombings thus far.

Law enforcement and federal authorities are warning everyone to be very vigilant, especially regarding any unknown packages that would be out of place.

The White House is monitoring the situation as well.

And of course, folks are going to jump on that blathering about how terrifying this is. Of course it is! But does that mean there’s a nexus to terrorism as in ISIS or any group like that? We and I mean everyone in this country has NO idea because the jackass bomber(s) have yet to be identified!

There is a small bright side to this, we hope.

Considering it was going through the conveyer belt when it exploded; a couple of things had already happened. It had been scanned in at the Austin store, and then likely scanned in again at the Schertz facility. Therefore that would, hopefully, mean that the package can be tracked back to the bomber.

As local, state, and federal authorities work overtime to identify and find the insane jackass who is doing this, please keep the families of those killed and injured in your prayers.

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  • GWB says:

    I saw something earlier today that said there was definitely no second package. But that seems to have disappeared, and everyone (the media, that is) is saying there is one.

    I hope this guy pulls a premature detonation and does himself in. Otherwise, I hope he meets with some TX justice.

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