#NoCollusion: Media Can’t Handle The Truth

#NoCollusion: Media Can’t Handle The Truth

#NoCollusion: Media Can’t Handle The Truth

The majority of the mainstream media has been all in against Trump since he first announced he was running. They ramped up their animosity to eleventy when he was elected. They’ve been salivating for two years over the thought that Mueller would find obstruction and collusion. Today Attorney General William Barr emphatically said there was absolutely ZERO collusion by Trump, Trump associates, or any Americans. That truth has sent the media into a collective tantrum.

How many times did Barr emphasize no collusion and no obstruction? I lost count. But, as you can see above or read below, he was blunt in his assessment of the Mueller Report.

“As you know, one of the primary purposes of the Special Counsel’s investigation was to determine whether members of the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, or any individuals associated with that campaign, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election. Volume I of the Special Counsel’s report describes the results of that investigation. As you will see, the Special Counsel’s report states that his “investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

I am sure that all Americans share my concerns about the efforts of the Russian government to interfere in our presidential election. As the Special Counsel’s report makes clear, the Russian government sought to interfere in our election. But thanks to the Special Counsel’s thorough investigation, we now know that the Russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of President Trump or the Trump campaign – or the knowing assistance of any other Americans for that matter. That is something that all Americans can and should be grateful to have confirmed.” [Emphasis Added]

In watching the press conference, one can literally see and feel the media tantrums begin. WaPo’s Aaron Blake must’ve had this ready to go before the press conference started.

“In a lengthy opening statement, Barr found just about every way possible to say that there was no coordination, cooperation or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. He also said Trump was right about “no collusion,” expanding the Mueller report’s clearing of Trump to a more nebulous term with little legal significance.

But perhaps more importantly, on obstruction of justice, he seemed to go to bat for Trump personally, offering a sympathetic take on the president’s state of mind and cooperation.”

Oh for Pete’s sake. Get a grip. Barr was blunt and matter of fact in his statement. But sure! Let’s spin it in such a way as to protect your PRECIOUS!

CNN’s Brian Stelter is not a happy camper. He wanted everyone to pay attention to what the report actually says, not what partisans try to tell us it says. Umm dude? LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

Barr dunked a reporter who tried to claim he was protecting the President.


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin not only claims that Nixon was impeached (he wasn’t), he channels Legally Blonde in a laughable attempt to assert that Trump obstructed justice somewhere somehow!

Jim Acosta takes to his Diary again.

Brian Williams and especially Nicole Wallace just cannot deal. Their only recourse is to take potshots at Barr’s character.

Media types are SAD!

Key members of Congress will get to see the entire report minus the redactions. Others, along with the rest of the American public, will get to read all of it with the exception of the redacted areas. You can bet the commentary, the slams on Barr’s character, and spin based upon cherry picking will be epic.

You see, the report was just released – read it all here – and already the media is pouncing on phrases and words in an effort to salvage their narrative.

Exhibit A: The President said in the report that he was “F**KED” now that a special counsel was in place. Media takes that to mean there was something there! And doesn’t bother to read the rest. OOPS.

The media will continue their spin because their precious narrative must be protected at all costs! Hope everyone has stocked up on popcorn and tinfoil. You’re going to need it.

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Feature Photo Credit: Screen Shot of Barr Press Conference via YouTube, cropped and modified

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  • Thomas Moore says:

    I dealt with religious and sexual insanity (a Sicilian wife) for a very large part of my life and exact same here. The 100% conviction from an insane person was such that if the truly-held belief was somehow shot full of holes and ALL the accusations turned out to be 100% false then their entire “story” would fall apart and one day it did. Also the 7 Stages of Grief come to mind here and we today are in the Denial and Anger stage. Will those insane ever get to acceptance and calm? Likely not for there is no way to reason with insane people.

    • SDN says:

      Of course, there’s also no way to live in the same house with them, either. It’s either homicide or suicide.

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