New York Times Smears Sarah Palin, Then Puts Up Tiny Correction [VIDEO]

New York Times Smears Sarah Palin, Then Puts Up Tiny Correction [VIDEO]

New York Times Smears Sarah Palin, Then Puts Up Tiny Correction [VIDEO]

After the terrible shooting yesterday in Alexandria, it didn’t take long for the crazy people to find their Twitter accounts. Nor did it take long for politicians, pundits and commentators to offer their opinions.

And then there’s the New York Times editorial board.

The Times editorial that ran yesterday regarding the shooting was execrable. Here is the money quote of what they wrote.

As David French points out in his commentary, this is only made worse because the New York Times ITSELF investigated Loughner’s motivations when the attack that wounded Gabrielle Giffords and killed six people, and showed, very conclusively, that Loughner was mentally ill and had become obsessed with Giffords herself.

But why would the editorial board bother reading its own investigative journalists’ work when Sarah Palin could be smeared wholesale yet again?

Fortunately, Palin is having none of that.

And then the Times issued a teeny tiny little correction at the bottom of the editorial, and added that same caveat to the Palin paragraph.

This is also called the “please don’t sue us” CYA correction. Because what the NYT editorial board did could definitely be proven to be libelous in a court of law.
People were less than impressed with the weak effort by the Times.

Of course, the damage is definitely done and the smear is out there.

Palin has been out of the spotlight since about midway through the 2016 election, when she was campaigning for Trump. Now she’s back, and the New York Times can only blame itself.

The chant used to be “run, Sarah, run.” Now it should be “sue, Sarah, sue.”

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  • parker says:

    Always remember that the left has no sense of shame. Everything they accuse the right of doing is exactly what they themselves do. There is no possibility for meeting the left in the middle. Harry Reid is as far from the late Patrick Moynihan as you are from Pluto. Give them no quarter or mercy, for they will give you none.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    The correction was on page 21, underneath the weather report.

    (Just kidding, but it might as well have been,)

  • GWB says:

    “Run, Sarah, run.”
    I think it might be an absolute joy to watch if Trump stepped down in 2020, with Pence running at the top of the ticket, and with Sarah for VP (again). Then have Sarah run in 2028, maybe with that midwestern sheriff as VP.
    “Unpossible!” you say? Well, if the left keeps up its deranged “resistance”, 2020 will be a case of “Do you want more Trump Palin? Because this is how you get more Trump Palin.”

    (I don’t think she would be that great a president, much like my opinion of Trump. Nor very conservative in many things. But she would fight, and she would anger all the correct people in the Technocracy. That may be the best we can hope for from here on out.)

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