New Hampshire Primary Prediction: Swamp Wants Biden; It’s Getting Bernie or Buttigieg

New Hampshire Primary Prediction: Swamp Wants Biden; It’s Getting Bernie or Buttigieg

New Hampshire Primary Prediction: Swamp Wants Biden; It’s Getting Bernie or Buttigieg

Last night, perhaps the greatest political strategist in recent history held a raucous campaign rally in New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday’s primary where he is assured a second landslide win in as many weeks. Yes, today is the First in the Nation ™ New Hampshire primary, and as of just after midnight eastern time, Dixville Notch, the first of New Hampshire’s towns and cities to cast its ballots, had tallied the votes of all five of its primary voters.

Perhaps even the Iowa Democrat Party could have handled that vote count. Or not.

But the Swamp really wants its puppet president back. And by “swamp,” I mean the establishment in both parties and every American voter who has yet to be red-pilled. In other words: the Swamp desires a return to the days when it controlled the White House occupant, which every single one of the Dem candidates—especially Joe Biden—would provide, save for perhaps Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who can’t seem to climb past a few percentage points of support. And its first choice was the very same man whose star is quickly fading.

I’ve said since he jumped into the race that, as the media-awarded “front-runner,” he had nowhere to go but down. And he’s delivered.

Joe Biden had his hat handed to him in Iowa (we at least knew that much after the fiasco that was the Iowa caucuses) at the hands of a relatively unenthusiastic and diminutive caucus crowd. And he’s facing the same humiliation in today’s New Hampshire primary, where he’ll likely be consumed either by the other old and wrinkly white guy, one Bernie “No I Won’t Show Voters My Health Records” Sanders, or the “fresh-faced,” truth-challenged, far-left, Christian-shaming newb, also know as “Mayor Pete,” who has even less experience for the office he’s chasing than did Barack Obama. And for the love of God, he is not a “centrist.”

And then there’s this chick—also looking to make waves in Live Free or Die New Hampshire—who, like Joe Biden who routinely insults potential voters…

…seems to have channeled Hillary “Deplorables” Clinton:

I had to watch that twice as I thought Sen. Klobuchar was better than that. Yeeeeah, people who question other people’s patriotism based on their voting history are the same kinds of people who eat salads with a used comb.

I wonder if she supports forcing all of us “un-patriotics” into Bernie Breadlines’ gulags. You know, for re-education.

Aaaaaand speaking of authoritarian leftists. In the past week or so alone:

  • > Likely inspired by the words of irresponsible politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a man attempted to assassinate two NYPD police officers.
  • > A man intentionally crashed his van into a GOP voter-registration tent in Florida:

Translation: Republicans POUNCE! (in response to attempted murder). **eye roll**

  • > A man stood outside the White House gates threatening to assassinate the president.
  • > And…the left is demanding that anything that shows them in a bad light be censored.
  • > They’re unabashedly calling for the harassment and shaming of anyone who thinks differently than they.
  • > They’re terrorizing urban cities without opposition.
  • > They’re accepting film awards while openly quoting and applauding Karl Marx (and one must ask: Why are they continuously alienating half their audience?).
  • > And they’re pushing draconian gun control bills whose true goal is to disarm law-abiding Americans like you and me.

And it’s no coincidence that they want us all defenseless.

And it’s no coincidence that the Latin-American-model-of-socialism-loving Bernie Sanders—regardless of the fact that he’s a big, flaming fraud—is a serious contender for the Democrat nomination. And did I mention several of his paid campaign staffers want actual resisters housed in gulags?

It’s true.

And it’s where the Democrat party’s at. After all, what are they “progressing” toward if not the ideology of envy: communism?

Yeah, ya know, why not three whole pies, like the number of houses Captain Communism von Millionaire owns.

Just stick to communism, Bernie. Art is not for you.

Posted by The Patriot Post on Saturday, February 8, 2020


So the questions are: When will the swampy corruptocrat that is Joe Biden finally throw in the campaign towel? And when will his party finally admit it’s moved beyond the Joe Biden establishment branch of its party and is racing full-steam ahead toward the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing?

But the biggest questions are these: Are the American people paying attention? Do they recognize that the Democratic party is screeching from the rooftops what it truly is? And will they punish them for it, with extreme prejudice, throughout the primaries and into this fall? Make no mistake: conservatives don’t need to just win; we need to crush the Democratic party like the cockroach it is, just as the Brits did to the Labour party just mere months ago. Because if my theory is correct, all their incoherent bloviation, their unabashed embrace of the most genocidal ideology in world history, and their increased violence against anyone who dares oppose them, is a pretty good indication that their party is in a self-destructive free fall…hopefully right off an extremely tall, heavily saw-toothed cliff.


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  • GWB says:

    Joe Biden had his hat handed to him in Iowa
    Said Biden in reply, “Don’t come to me hat-in-hand, mister!”

    people who question other people’s patriotism based on their voting history
    Actually, I think that’s the best measure. Of course, she and I disagree on what sort of votes count as “patriotic” or not. My criteria is alignment with the actual written, signed, passed Constitution.

    (and one must ask: Why are they continuously alienating half their audience?)
    Because so many keep going back and giving them money.

    Hey, we’re starving in this country.
    Is Bernie having flashbacks to the country of his honeymoon? Or some other communist nation? Venezuela?
    Because there’s one thing very few people in this country are experiencing: starvation.

    When will … Joe Biden finally throw in the campaign towel?
    “I had one of those once. The Baltimore Steelers had towels you swung around and yelled. Maybe we should do that for the campaign. Get a bunch of old Philadelphia Packer towels to give out. We could snap them on women’s butts like when I was in college.”

    As for crushing the Democrats? First you’ll have to convince a larger number of voters to understand the Constitution, federalism, and the duties of liberty. Given how many are voting for Bernie in the Dem primaries, we’ve got a long haul in front of us.

  • Dietrich says:

    “…hopefully right off an extremely tall, heavily saw-toothed cliff.”
    I’m here to offer a gentle nudge…

  • Joe in PNG says:

    I suspect that the Democrat Establishment has long written off this year.
    Notice that we’ve not yet seen endorsements from big players like Obama or the Clintons?

    The biggest possibility is that they’re planning on pulling a repeat of 72. McGovern and his radicals seized the nomination from the establishment, and they deliberately let him crash & burn during the main event.
    For the establishment, this was a win, as they were able to purge out the radicals and keep their jobs.

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