My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell Steps Up for America

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell Steps Up for America

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell Steps Up for America

During Tuesday afternoon’s coronavirus briefing, Mike Lindell—aka the My Pillow Guy, who’s become a household name—stepped up to the plate in America’s time of need in at least two significant ways.

Now if you know anything about Mr. Lindell, it’s that he overcame decades of addiction to found and grow what has become one of the most iconic businesses in the world.

He may even have a future in politics.

But the world doesn’t need more pillows, or politics, right now.

It needs, among other items, millions of face masks for our front-line doctors, nurses, and other medical providers.

And that’s exactly what Mr. Lindell’s company is now producing. And he and his employees deserve our great and endless thanks.

But what he offered yesterday was more than a physical product: in what both he and President Trump insist was an unplanned message, Mr. Lindell pulled from his pocket a hand-written note, read it live on-air, and offered us something that’s been drastically lacking in our world as of late: faith.


Amen, sir.

Now I’m not a particularly religious gal. But for those who’ll just quiet themselves and listen (I know, that’s asking a lot), anyone can hear the messages being delivered to the world. For me, they include: socialism doesn’t work; border enforcement is crucial; our over-dependence on China is dangerous; and perhaps most significantly, far too many of us have placed our faiths in things that just don’t matter.

As I said, I’m not a particularly faith-filled person, but I do believe things happen for a reason. I believe that Mike Lindell overcame drug addiction so that he’d be where he is today to help during the time of a global emergency. And I believe my husband—who has professional connections with a fellow inventor who’s now focused on creating ventilators, and has had a long-time production relationship with an inventor of saliva testing-devices, an item that’s in desperate need right now—has walked a decades-long path that’s lead him to a point where he can be of help to his country, and maybe even the world.

So even I, a heathen in some people’s eyes, can hear the messages we all should be heeding: far too many of us have placed our faith in government, or celebrity, or are drowning our anxiety in substances. Far too many of us have become selfish and entitled and expect others to fix what ails us. The list is endless, and personal, but the wake-up call we’re all receiving right now is as clear as day.

And that’s not to say that we can’t also acknowledge the scientific side of the current crisis we’re all facing, and we should all be proactive in helping ourselves and others as best we can. And as Mr. Lindell and so many others are modeling, that’s exactly what we should all be doing in this time of great need, in whatever ways we are able. And we should also be thankful that we have the best scientific and medical communities in the world, filled with the finest, most-innovative and dedicated minds imaginable, and that we live not in a socialist nation that places political correctness ahead of national security and the health of its citizens, but rather in a nation full of opportunity, where people, and businesses large and small, are stepping up to the challenge.

And we should be thankful that in America we can pull ourselves up from rock bottom and rise to fulfill the needs of our nation.

So what Mike Lindell expressed from the White House Rose Garden yesterday afternoon was a message America—amid great heartache and personal struggle, no doubt—needed to hear. And millions of us heard it, without the biased, disdain-filled filter of social media and their liberal media counterparts bellowing from the cheap seats.


Mr. Lindell recognizes the lessons buried within the current crisis loudly and clearly and he’s doing exactly what the difficult path he’s walked for decades has lead him to.

And that’s a path on which we can all walk alongside him.

So rise, America. This is your time.


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  • Scott says:

    As my mother (God rest her soul) used to say, God gave people the intelligence and self motivation to come up with solutions to the problems we face.. That’s why I see no conflict at all between faith (many times different from “religion”) and science.

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