MSNBC’s Touré: “Talk to Terrorists!” – and Weekend Links

MSNBC’s Touré: “Talk to Terrorists!” – and Weekend Links

MSNBC’s Touré:  “Talk to Terrorists!” – and Weekend Links

You know our War on Terror? Well, apparently we’ve been doing it all wrong. Do we want to end terrorism? Then we need to “talk” to terrorists; we need to “give them a job”; and really – most importantly – realize we can’t “kill our way out of this War on Terror”… Yes. All this wisdom from one of the members of the co-host brain trust at MSNBC, aka Touré Neblett, in the aftermath of the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange.

Here’s the unbelievable video.

Note to Mr. Neblett: Terrorists do not have time to go look for a job. They’re simply too busy terrorizing (see what I did there?) by kidnapping, maiming, and generally beheading innocents around the globe. Personally, I prefer the FOAD method, myself. Thanks, though.

Pure jackassery over there and the stupid hurts.

Our “Weekend Links” are below the fold!

Great Weekend Blog Reading Links!

Teach at Pirate’s Cove is blogging about this…“Oops: Farmer’s Abandons “Climate Change” Lawsuit.”

The Other McCain has many good blog posts up including this one by Stacy on “Terrorism and Euphemism.”

ST at Sister Toldjah has up this post on “Exhibit A from @Politico on how the media manufactures “outrage”.”

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has up this post today on “Voter ID law wins big in Mississippi primary, even though not on ballot.”

V the K at Gay Patriot has up this blog post called “Government Union Demands Luxury Offices for Bureaucrats.”

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, has many great posts at his blog hub from all over the blogosphere so go check them out! And you can read Glenn’s latest article in USA Today on “VA scandal exposes greedy socialism”, here.

Dana at The First Street Journal has up a great post called “Perhaps the left’s ideas about addressing income inequality might not be the better ones?”

As always, Michelle Obama’s Mirror has up a great post called “Moral Narcissism in a Week of Anniversaries.”

Jammie at Jammie Wearing Fools has up this post “How Bad Are Things For Obama? Even Mike Lupica Shreds Him Over Bergdahl.”

This Ain’t Hell has up a lot of great posts this weekend, but I especially like this post by Jonn called “Blue Falcon: I make too much money as a vet.”

Evil Blogger Lady has this post on “The Winding Down of the Presidency.” 😉

Donald Douglas at American Power has up this blog post on “’Think Progress’ Blames #Berghahl Desertion on Army’s Failed Efforts to Treat ‘Combat Stress and PTSD'”.

Neo at Neo-Neocon is writing about “They were for Bergdahl before they were against him: those terrible GOP flip-floppers.”

Jeff at Protein Wisdom has this post up, “Pre-dry wall inspection today. Plus, societal upheaval at every level.”

Mr. Wolf at Blackfive has up this post, “About That Bergdahl Thing…

Ann Althouse has up a number of great posts, but I like this one – “Love is all around.”

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air has up this post up… “Another 1st grader suspended for a toy gun.”

and finally, Ace at AoSHQ has up this post on “Dianne Feinstein: I Have Never Seen Nor Heard Any Claims That the Taliban Told Obama Not To Inform Congress About The Bergdahl Swap.”

Have a terrific weekend!

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  • Roman says:

    A big problem with jobs for terrorists is there are only so many openings for morally challenged “journalists” at MSNBC.

  • VALman says:

    I doubt he would last one night on the streets. When I was a young boy, a buddy and I were confronted by a gang of five others. They were known to be in trouble a lot, often in fights, and carried switchblades. We were on a deserted street, late evening. We expected that this would be trouble. To their demands for money I attempted to respond with some words which only resulted in a punch in the face. Fortunately, my buddy placed a strong hand on my arm, pulling me back. Otherwise, there might have been even rose of an injury than our pride.

    Out this I was faced with questions about when to fight? For what? And, how far is a person willing to go? Is a bit of painful humiliation better than a shallow victory? Some years later, the ringleader of that gang was outside of a bar. He got into a fight. During it, he hit the guy over the head with a beer bottle (they were real solid in those days). The guy slumped to his knees and fell over, dead.

    There are some people with whom you can have discussions. Some you can arguments with and even heated ones. Yet, there are those who only understand one language: the exercise of power. That’s the difficulty with people Neblett. Their arrogance leads them to believe the kind of “fluff” he espoused in the clip. That will, given the wrong circumstances, will get him and anybody with him in a whole lot of trouble.

  • Bill says:

    This guy hasn’t a clue. Sounds like he has never seen the wrong side of the tracks here, much less been overseas. It has been a few years, but I rember seeing dead wagons picking up bodies in Aden. I saw open Seward in Abbadan, Iran. Those people would just as soon kill you as not and the only education they saught was memorizing the Quran. Shari’a was the only law that applied. From what I understand, things haven’t changed much.

  • Xavier says:

    Touré, progressive Grizzly Man.

    “At best, he’s misguided. At worst, he’s dangerous.”

  • VALman says:

    Reminds me of someone else.

  • Kate says:

    We need to simply send him to talk with the terrorists. Over.

  • VALman says:

    Oh, yeah. Leave it to Kate to get to the heart of the matter!

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