Monterey Park Shooting Doesn’t Fit Narrative

Monterey Park Shooting Doesn’t Fit Narrative

Monterey Park Shooting Doesn’t Fit Narrative

The horrific shooting in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday evening that killed ten at a dance club during Lunar New Year celebrations set off the usual wave of speculation.

Politicians proudly proclaimed their condemnation of anti-Asian hate (thank you very much, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff), which looked very awkward when the shooter was identified as an Asian male. Oops. But never fear, you can always find someone willing to stretch that preferred narrative for all its worth!

And as the day went on, that precious narrative of some kind of white supremacist shooter using an “assault rifle” to target the Asian community just kept falling apart. By Sunday evening, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was prepared to give a press conference on the now-confirmed deceased shooter.

Huu Can Tran, 72, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a white cargo van in Torrance that law enforcement officers had surrounded and forced their way into about 30 miles from where the massacre occurred, authorities said.”

Authorities said they found a handgun and other evidence inside the van. An investigation is ongoing, and authorities said they’re still working to determine the motive.”

Tran is also the suspect in an incident that took place at a dance studio late Saturday in the nearby city of Alhambra, authorities said.”

In the Alhambra incident, which occurred 17 minutes after the Monterey Park shooting, an Asian man entered the dance studio with a gun, and several people there wrestled the weapon away from him before he fled the scene. Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said Sunday evening that were it not for two community members who jumped in to disarm the suspect, there could have been more victims, calling the two people “heroes.”

The weapon recovered from the Alhambra location was a “magazine-fed semi-automatic assault pistol” that had an extended large-capacity magazine attached to it, Luna said.”

The sheriff said he believes the handgun found at the Alhambra location was not legal in the state.”

“California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but yet look what we just had today,” Luna said, “the status quo is not working.”

Okay, let’s back up the narrative track just a little bit. The shooter was not white – strike one. An “assault rifle” wasn’t used – strike two. The shooter is an older man – strike three. What’s left? THE GUN! Let’s call it by a big scary name, and lament that California’s gun control laws are clearly not working. Is that the narrative the police and the media are truly going to go with now? Well, CNN actually identified the “magazine-fed semi-automatic assault pistol” that was recovered in Alhambra, where the shooter was disarmed.

The gun wrestled away from the man in Alhambra was a Cobray M11 9mm semi-automatic weapon according to a law enforcement official. This firearm is designed to take 30-round magazines that allow for rapid fire without having to frequently change magazines.”

In response to a reporter’s question, Luna said, “I believe the weapon that was recovered at the Alhambra location is not legal to have here in the State of California.”

Which led to this commentary on Twitter.

Let’s also point out that this particular 9mm handgun is not exactly popular, but it looks big and scary. Is it legal to own in California? I’m sure we will find out in short order. Does the Monterey Park shooting represent a failure of California’s gun control laws? The Cobray M11 9mm is a handgun that happens to look like something you might see in a movie, but if it is a legally owned gun, what will the sheriff have to say for himself? With all their precious narratives gone, the gun is the only thing left that the media and the left will be able to keep harping on.

I know that few people remember the Laguna Woods church shooting from last May, but the Monterey Park shooting shares some strong similarities with that one. An older Asian man decides to use a gun to kill those he disagrees with. In Laguna Woods, one man was murdered and the shooter survived after the congregation fought back and disarmed him. It was later determined that the shooter had a political motivation against this Taiwanese church, which resulted in hate crime enhancements being added to his charges. Right now, we have no clear idea what motivated the Monterey Park shooter, though it was alleged earlier that it was a domestic dispute.

Now, am I suggesting that we have an emerging problem with older Asian men using firearms? No, but if these were two white men, you can bet your bottom dollar that these shootings would be added to the list of “angry white men” shootings and we would not hear the end of the “white supremacy” narrative.

With ten people dead, it will be a lot harder to memory hole Monterey Park the way that the media quickly forgot Laguna Woods. However, if it truly was a domestic dispute and the shooter knew the victim or victims, and the gun ends up being legally owned, and there are no massive red flags that should have tipped off authorities, then the media will do its absolute best to make Monterey Park nothing more than a “local crime story.” Unless they can find a narrative hook to beat the right or those who support the Second Amendment over the head with, then there’s no point to keep bringing it up. Only shootings that are politically useful continue to get media coverage, as those of us who watch the media know. The ten people who died deserve better than that.

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  • Cameron says:

    I wonder how many hours of OT the journalists had to work in their desperate need to make the shooter a white man. Of course to liberals, Asians are “White Adjacent” but they probably couldn’t use that.

  • Kevin says:

    I agree … and I’m a liberal.

    All too often “suspicions” are espoused and then something/someone else is discovered to be the culprit.

    My first thought was one of two things when I heard about this shooting and where it occurred … it was either “gang” related or a disgruntled family/friend/spouse. Living in Portland, there’s been a few instances of Asian on Asian shooting crimes and it was usually attributed to drug deals gone bad or family/friends wanting to take retribution on their community/family.

    As for “assigning blame” before the facts are known, sadly, that’s what humans do. When you encounter a situation, you overlay your experience to try and explain what happened; you’re not going to wait a week/month/year until all the medical reports, witnesses are interviewed, police finish their investigation to make an informed decision … you’re going to make some assumptions. That sad thing is if you’re a public/political figure, you should keep your assumptions to yourself.

    One other thing, I’m also assuming Victory Girls has tons and tons of articles written when TFG (the F%^king Genius) came out and said, “Mexicans are rapists, Muslims are terrorists, and the other infinite number of false, stereotypical comments “it” made.

    • Darleen Click says:

      Oh, dear. You were sounding rational right up until the last paragraph where you slipped into the same DTS as other orangephobics. Candidate Trump didn’t say that.

      So, I give you a C+ overall. Do better.

    • Cameron says:

      You know you could just use the search feature for the articles you want. No charge for the assist.

  • Darleen Click says:

    “magazine-fed semi-automatic … pistol”

    IOW, it’s not a revolver.


  • Scott says:

    “With ten people dead, it will be a lot harder to memory hole Monterey Park the way that the media quickly forgot Laguna Woods.”

    That’s the only part of an otherwise great post that I’ll disagree with Darleen. To explain that, I’ll ask this.. Have you heard anything about the Vegas shooter recently??? He killed far more than 10 people, but when it came out, very briefly that he had recently converted to islam, that his wife had ties to muslim groups, etc, the left memory holed every damn thing about the shooting except bump stocks ( the ban on which just got overturned because… wait for it… It was UNCONBSTITUTIONAL!! (just like every other gun law in history)..

    OOh, and don’t be too hard on Kevin, he can’t help his TDS.. The fact that he managed 3/4 rational paragraphs should be counted as a win..

    • Blackwing1 says:

      All that the lame-stream media has to do in order to memory-hole the story is…NOTHING.

      Don’t report it, don’t repeat it, don’t ever mention it again, and, PRESTO! It never happened.

  • Cameron says:

    His meds wore off by the last paragraph.

  • GWB says:

    This firearm is designed to take 30-round magazines
    Most any firearm that takes magazines can take a properly designed 30-round magazine.

    The real problem is that there’s a “narrative” at all, whether it be guns or race or anything else. But, Progressivism is a religion, and cognitive dissonance is almost always resolved in favor of the espoused religious doctrine. Since it was a shooting, by definition, they have a fallback doctrine on which to rely if all else fails (and it did).

  • GWB says:

    A quick comment on the M11:
    The original Mac-10 (officially the M-10) was one of the drivers of the 1994 Assault Weapons* Ban. It was used all over cinema any time bad guys needed a compact automatic weapon. It was carried inside coats and briefcases (and I’m pretty sure in at least one purse). It was in the scene in True Lies when Jamie Lee Curtis drops one and it goes bouncing down the stairs, flipping end-over-end, going off every time it hits a stair tread, laying waste to bad guys as it tumbles down. It was available in .45 ACP and 9mm Luger. The design went to other companies when MAC went bankrupt.
    Evidently, for the 1994 AWB, they did manage to design the magazine release so it wouldn’t accept anything over 10-round magazines. I’m not sure how you do that without making its function unreliable, but there it is.

    So, I’m guessing this weapon is NOT valid under the CA gun list unless it was long ago grandfathered. If so, yet another demonstration of failure in CA’s gun laws. And, of course, if any of the people in that dance hall (or the second one, where they attacked him bare-handed) had been legally armed, this would have had a less tragic outcome. So, TWO failures of CA’s gun laws, really.

    • Hate_me says:

      About the only good thing to be said about a “semi-automatic” MAC-11 is that it’s not quite as useless as a fully-automatic one. The action simply cycles too fast for any human being to accurately utilize any round beyond the first one (and, if memory serves, it was designed for a 32-round mag).

      I’m 99.9% certain the weapon is illegal under California statutes, with the remaining .1% reserved for possible alterations on the original design specifically to be legal.

      I’m unclear as to how the weapon being legally owned would be bad for the gun-grabbers. That just seems like argument for even more draconian control. If not legally owned, it’s just more evidence that more laws don’t have more impact.

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